Michael Robinson Sailing Trust

Registered Charity No.102599


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Hamble Stars Racing
Maintaining Traditional Boats


Michael Robinson came to Erith Yacht Club just after the war ended in 1945. He was born on the banks of the river Hamble in Hampshire. He arrived at Erith with one of his much beloved Hamble Star Dinghies. Other members seeing the qualities of this dinghy for tidal waters a fleet of them was soon built up. Michael Robinson affectionately called 'Robbie' spent much of his free time in teaching young people how to sail and maintain these boats.

The trust that bears his name was set up with a donation from him in 1993 and is controlled by four trustees. The objects of the trust are to advance the education of children and young people in the art of sailing and maintenance of sailing vessels.

The trust is very active in it's training programme in association with Erith Yacht Club. Since the inauguration of the trust has grown with help from sponsors and donations. At present it has it's own fleet of six Star Dinghies, a Bosun Dinghy and a Rib Rescue Boat.


Achievements of the Trust


Four of the Hamble Star dinghies, which the Trust helps to preserve for the training of young people in the sailing and maintenance of traditional boats. RIB Rescue Boat purchased with the aid of the Trust being recovered A donation was made to the Trust by Local company Henkel for the purchase of Lifejackets to be used for Sail Training