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The Star Class Association at Erith was set up many years ago to help preserve the fleet of Hamble Stars at Erith Yacht Club. Initially all the boats were all privately owned. They were bought and sold through the class to ensure they remained together as a fleet. The profits on these sales being used to set up a fund for purchase of communal tools for working on the boats, bulk purchases of materials needed such as ash for timbers and copper nails and roves were also made. While some of the boats are still privately owned and some now belong to the Michael Robinson Sailing Trust the rest are now owned by the class and 'stewardship' granted to those who will be sailing them and taking on the responsibility of maintaining them in the manner to which they are accustomed.

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As most of the E.Y.C. members will know the Star Class members, friends of Stars, interested parties and not forgetting the occasional would be member who we managed to hold on to for a while and some monies raised via several means, Michael Robinson Trust, Mick Bodsworth adventure, members donations buying and selling various items of equipment as well as various non class boats and of course the Star Class members themselves bullied by Bob Saunders who have spent the last 10 years refurbishing the Star Class fleet, repairing, timbering, varnishing, rebuilding, caulking not to mention the hours spent rubbing off years of old varnish and bringing them up from four very sorry craft held together by the efforts of Paul Gladden and a virtual rebuild by Bob Saunders and his team to a total of 13 viable sailing boats. And now we have received a grant of £5.000.00 from Awards For All Lottery (thanks to the help in completing the application form from Dudley Davies and George Reynolds) to assist in buying new sails, this is the icing on the cake so that EVERY STAR ON THE FILL will have a new suit of sails, albeit we were given a grant for 10 suits as we had the cash in hand we were able to negotiate and get two extra set for the same cost, we now have the sails and a presentation day and race was held on Sunday 10th JULY 2005 when the Stars all sported their new sails provided by a grant from Awards for all. Full report and pictures

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Star 115 the last one built (1965) winning the Erith Leg of the 2003 London River Travellers Trophy
Stars displaying their new "Awards for All Sails"
Star 84 shows off her new sails
Star 54 - Photo A Hunt Star 113

If you have any questions about the Hamble Stars at Erith e-mail erithstarclass (click for link)