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1.      PRESENT. Richard Banner, Darren Leigh, Nigel Field, Hendrik Feddersen, Pamela Hunt, Alan Hunt, Sid Gascoyne secretary.

Visitors: Adrian Reeves (E.Y.C. Commodore), Peter King, Jane Bryer, Duncan Byrer, George Reynolds, Jeremy Michell, and Alan Cooper.


2.      APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. Valerie Torreggiani E.Y.C. Secretary, Bob Saunders, Eve Peyto, Dennis King, Iain Buckland, Sara Mees, George Mees, Dudley Davies. Sarah Fletcher, Darren Fletcher, Bob Taylor. Paul Gladden was supervising sail training.


3.      ELECTION OF A NEW CHAIRMAN. Darren Leigh was proposed unopposed by Richard Banner, Seconded by Nigel Field. All present were in favour.


4.      FINANCIAL REPORT. See (1a) attached. This statement was presented with a full breakdown of income and expenditure. Proposed as a true record by Richard Banner, Seconded Nigel Field accepted by the meeting.


5.      MINUTES FROM 26th Jan 2005 MEETING. It was noted that Pam and Alan arrived late to this meeting so were not fully aware of the content otherwise accepted as a true record.




a)      Sarah and Darren Fletcher took over Stewardship of Star 29,

b)     Boats booked into workshop went as planned and refurbished,

c)      New equipment purchased from funds as ordered,

d)     Small amount of accessories still in the stock cupboard

e)      No progress made visiting other clubs,

f)       Stars prepared for sail training as agreed,

g)     First Aid course was run as planned,

h)     We did not visit Hamble this year due to other commitments,

i)       M.R.S.T. was thanked for their support with supplying Sixaflex,

j)       Peter Minch was thanked for his efforts with the tool locker,

k)     The major result was the acceptance by Awards for All who granted us 5,000.00 for new sails,

l)       Secretary to submit final report to awards for all before 22 February 2006.


  1. ELECTION OF A CLASS CAPTAIN. Bob Saunders proposed by Sid Gascoyne, Seconded by Darren Leigh. Accepted. Bob Saunders had previously agreed to stand for Class Captain, as he was not sure he would be able to attend the AGM.




  1. The final report for Awards for All was discussed, Secretary to submit the relevant documents to A.F.A. as they request. In their last communication 01 November 2005 (copy attached) awards for all informed us we could apply for another grant. The meeting were very keen to follow this up BUT as our fleet of wooden boats take large amounts of money to and varied items of chandlery to keep them maintained in a way so that we can continue to allow new, young, older and inexperienced members of the club and public on our open days to learn sailing skills it would need some discussion which items of equipment were of the greatest priority in order to keep them up to standard. We have new sails which have given the boats an extended 10 or more years sailing life but other items of equipment we replace on an ongoing basis like the list attached would prove very expensive so we need to prioritise and itemise which we could apply for a grant to help in the long term improvement and in line with our regular replacement items we usually afford from our own source of income. Agreed a further meeting to discuss thus to be held on SUNDAY 26th February 2006 12 noon in the upper bar of the club ship in the mean time members will consider the items in order of replacement priority.


  1. No report from the Michael Robinson Trust at this meeting. Paul Gladden was running a sail-training course.


  1. Peter Minch our Bosun was otherwise engaged on the Mooring Barge but asked to remind members their tool cage fees are due.


  1. Alan Cooper will make another attempt to set up an off club visit to the East Coast


  1. A very warm welcome to Jayne and Duncan Bryer who will be taking over Stewardship of Star 98 any help with the refurbishment will be very welcomed.


  1. The Awards for All day was well supported BUT as this falls in November, not really the time due to the colder weather, for young, new or even regular dinghy members to be sailing and especially introducing new members to the sport it was agreed to carry out this event at the same time as the Cadet Weekend in July which also falls in the school holidays and when there are more of the young members and friends involved.


  1. As reported the next Boat Jumble where we get the bargain offers on chandlery is on SUNDAY 19th February 2006 The Hop Farm Country Park, Paddock Wood. 10.00am to 4pm. Please check you boat. Let me know is their any chandlery items need for this years refurbishment I already have a request for buoyancy bags. As you know we can save money by buying from this sale so PLEASE CHECK YOUR BOAT. In the past we met up at the Club around 0900 hrs and doubled up in the cars, saves petrol and the like, if you are going would you pass on the information.


  1. Just as a reminder if you do find any photographs taken of the Awards for All day, which I can add to our information brochure, would you pass them on to me please.


  1. We all wished to send our very best wished to Darren Fletcher and wish him a very speedy recover his boat needs varnishing. !! Sara did it last year !!


The meeting closed at 1200hrs.




Sid Gascoyne


Star Class Association