Star News


May 2005.


We are back with the latest news and views from the Star Class and our plans for the coming season apologies for the delay in this newsletter BUT we have been awaiting news! . You must have heard by now that we were successful in obtaining a grant from “AWARDS FOR ALL” for £5.000.00 to buy new sails for our fleet of Stars, we searched the internet, boating magazines, local contacts and found a supplier of sails to our specification – remembering how old a class our Stars are, Lucas sail offered to supply, with a discount for quantity, a total figure of £5,600.00 for 10 suits of sails, this was accepted by the members, grant applied for, granted and just about to order when “Del Boy” Darren Leigh found a contact in the Hamble,  Sobstad Sail makers who not only knew of the Stars but the owners  Father used to own one over 40 years ago and his Uncle also owned Star 106,  raced it in the last National championships which were held, won the coveted “three stars sewed on the jib”and the cup which his Aunt still holds ,  you can imagine !! The discounts came fast and furious as soon as the suppliers knew we had the money in the bank, Darren took over the negotiations and so we now have 12 new suits of sails, one set of good older sails cleaned and refurbished, all with battens, slides, sail bags, numbers and of course the coveted three Stars sewn on the Jib of 106, ALL for £5000.00, I leave you to guess who is the owner of 106.   Well done Darren, you can have a sit in 106 when it is rigged.


  I am sure you are as pleased as I that after 40 years or hard wear and 10 years of refurbishing the Stars we can start all over and look for another 40 years of life of the boats – I am confident both Robbie and Chittenden are sitting on their clouds looking down on us. Bet Chitty will be looking at Robbie and saying “ But what about the other 4 boats in the storage rack “


As a result of this we plan a super re-launch, The Commodore Adrian and Secretary Val are the overall organisers but we need to get very involved if we wish to make the launch a day to remember.   The overall plan, albeit not yet fully confirmed is to invite a very wide audience, the club members are already invited, we are looking for all of the youth organisations, friends and families, old and new members and their families, so, if you have anyone in particular you would like to invite to this event then PLEASE tell Valerie as soon as possible, she will


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Be sending out an official invitation, the date SUNDAY 10th JULY 2005. Time to be confirmed but we expect it to take place 10am to 3pm or there abouts.

The plan is to put all of the Stars on the fill, rig them take photographs and then a mass launch, anyone wishing to go for a sail could be taken out for a trip around the bay, it’s a bit more involved of course but we can discuss this nearer to the day, in the mean time we hope to launch the boats during the coming weeks on to a buoy and allow them to take up


As for the Star members I will E mail, write or telephone as soon as I have the sails, arrange a fitting and refurbish of the Sheets and Lanyards, we have a few bits in the Dinghy shed so look at your sheets, lanyards and halyards.  We also have 100 new shackles so NO boat should have old shackles; I am also trying to repair some of the buoyancy bags, bottom boards, renew painters so we all look as good as new – Bob Saunders is going around with the Caulking to stem the leaks with which he is having a lot of success, we have just 1 tin varnish left and we are all spent up! So please use sparingly!!  There are just 9 weeks to the big day; lots to do so please any help you can give will be most welcome.     We have

Been leaving it all to Bob Saunders but even though Bob just gets on with the refurbishing all the boats that stay ashore long enough we should be helping.



Having got that out of my system I can bring you up to date with the rest of the news since our last newsletter.   We welcome new Star Bailers Alan and Pam Hunt who have taken over 57, Eve Peyto who has taken over 84 and of course Darren “the boy” Leigh who has, at last refurbished 113 despite everyone’s efforts to get him into a Cruiser, I also have it on very good authority (they looked at the boats and came back) we may have new members to the Stars, Sarah and Darren Fletcher who, not only LOOKED at 29 but put it into the water.. Then there is Clair and Andrew Keeler, Andrew looked at Star 97 but we didn’t get around to telling Clair yet so we live in hope.  We appear to have lost Joe Simms to a life of luxury in France but if Karen gets her way I am sure she will send him back to us,

Our London correspondence Mary Robinson has been in touch and says all is well and she looks forward to another sail – if only we can keep her dry, I am also very please to report our other Mary, Mary Field is well but having moved to a new home no doubt she is up to her neck in paint and paper, we are still hoping to pay a return visit to the Hamble and meet up again.



 Attached is a list of what you should have in you Star, all the boats were checked last July and all had these items of equipment, however, things do go a missing and if we wish to show off the boats then we ought to have all the bits in situ 


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   Peter keeps a supply of some of the items and Bob keeps other bits, should you find any bits missing please get a hold of one or the other and get kitted out.




We still have one item of equipment to sell to raise money, the Mini Tractor; you will have seen the advert For Sale where we asked £300.00?   I looked on E Bay and found an identical machine, which had all the cutting equipment intact, they were asking £66.00!!   So I do not hold out much hope raising money here. Should you know anyone interested please let me know?  I also think it is time to try selling off the Snipe?  Emily G – Any offers?



You will all have noticed a lot more activity “ sailing” the Stars over the past few weeks, in fact George Mees an avid Snipe helmsman and his very young Daughter Sara almost won the Coronation Cup at Erith, it has taken several years to get George into a Star, the next big event is to get his wife Sara sailing one!  the ex Commodore Dudley Davies and Senior RYA Instructor Paul Gladden  were seen racing Star 98,.  Didn’t win, blamed to indoor swimming pool we haven’t seen Bob Taylor out in a Star this year so if you have any sway speak to the man,

Adrian Reeves our new Commodore and his Son Peter, or did he have two youngsters in the boat? Did very well, although what do you expect competing against Richard Banner – we live in hope…. Our very grateful thanks to our guardian angels Peter Dornan and Robert Harle who always seem to be on call when we try to bring the River Thames ashore in the Stars!!   Did you know we have a trophy for the Stars The Cyril Schofield Trophy?  I confess I didn’t, perhaps the Sailing Secretary would give us a date and let us race for it?



At the moment we have only 108 spare, Dennis King doesn’t know it yet but he will take on 112 – would you please therefore take a good look at you Star, see it is up to standard for the launch day, as you would expect there is a lot to do but together it not such a big problem  - hope to discuss the plans in the very near future




Fingers Crossed and a quite prayer…………106.




           DON’T FORGET SUNDAY 10TH JULY 2005.