Erith Yacht Club

The finest sailing water on the tidal Thames

Erith Yacht Club
Anchor Bay,
Erith, Kent, DA8 2AD
Tel. 01322 332943
Secretary (PO Box 231, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 9AZ)
Tel 0208 310 2686

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Apr 20 2012
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Erith Yacht Club was formed in 1900. The Royal Corinthinan Yacht Club originally had it's headquarters at Erith and when it moved to Port Victoria a number of members who were local residents formed the Erith Yacht Club. The Club was very different in it's early days, reefer jackets, steam yachts and paid hands.. Eventually it moved from Erith Town to the present site wher a sucession of Clubships have served as headquarters. In 1975 on the Seventy Fifth aniversary of the Club a Souvenir Review was produced detailing the history of the Club. It was further enhanced 25 years later as the Club's Centenary arrived. It is reproduced here and makes interesting reading.

Erith Yacht Club Souvenir Review

Over the years many members have had interesting adventures and anecdotes of the Club which are also available here

Anecdotes and Memories of Erith Yacht Club

Not all the memorable adventures and exploits of EYC members are in the dim and distant past, here are links to some of the more recent ones.

South until the butter melts, Fairtrade's 2005 Atlantic Voyage

Hendrik Feddersen's Race Officer Experience