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The Tour at Willemstad, Holland Diep, Holland ('Willemstad' 1-12)

The entire cruise complement together on a rare occasion,this hot evening, swigging EMMA's cold beer within minutes of rafting up on the town quay. The assembled company was, in fact , spread between C-HARP and EMMA, but the latter had more comfortable seat-cushions, so only the bony arses of KANSKA saw fit to join her skipper aboard C-HARP (and consume her fine Jamieson's Whiskey, after which they felt compelled to entertain the entire town with salty accordianism)

MICK KEMP, C-HARP. August 2007

<--- Kanska, wheel attached

Earlier in the tour, Kanska had developed a serious habit of leaving it's wheel in the hands of its helmsman, apparently without warning. C-Harp, unaware of this interesting eccentricity, was nearly run off the Walcheren canal, saved only by her skipper's swift awakening and application of violent throttle movements.

Later Kanska's crew found out which nut to tighten, solving the problem for the time being…

<--- Pro Seagull, Volkerak (or Gravellinesmeere)

Somwhere between the Roompot bridge and Brouwershaven, this highly professional seagull perched on several outboard covers and proceeded to demand nourishment in exchange for photo-opportunities. Contact was broken in favour of the next boat the moment the food ran out.

I suspect this little bugger works this stretch of the river during the holiday period and winters somewhere in the South of France.