28th Feb 2010, Moving Folgefonn out of the way of the new Club House a selection of Photographs

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28th February 2010 - Many members enjoyed the wind, rain and river today in an attempt to move Folgefonn downstream to make way for a pontoon to be installed in front of the new Clubhouse. With weather conditions against the move Folgefonn put up fierce resistance (she didn't want to go!) she was however at least turned, but would not budge. The problem was seen once the tide dropped, a large piece of rope tied through the rudder strut and on to a holding chain. Some thought it might have been the original barge chain!!

Very many thanks were offered to Thames Pilot John Freestone, who couldn't quite Free the ship.... the bargemen and their firm (Montgomery's I think but I am not sure of this).

Anyway she was turned before the tide left her. The Commodore then assembled a crack team of volunteers, took them to the pub to plot the campaign then crept back as she lifted on the 01:00am tide and successfully moved her while she was asleep down to new moorings by the bottom creek.

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