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Sunday May 11th 2008 Cruise to Greenhithe

Sunday the 11th of May saw the scheduled cruise to Greenhithe take place. Early morning signs were not good with clear skies but the river the river like glass but by 11am a very light breeze had started to fill in from the SE. Half a dozen dinghies set off, two Hamble Stars, one Bosun, a GP14 an Albacore and a Dart 16 catamaran, Hendrik and Sid kindly assisted providing Safety boat cover and John filled Loucha will all the prospective member who couldn't be found space on the dinghies. The SE breeze gave us a dead beat down Long Reach and gradually increased to F 2/3 providing an excellent opportunity for instruction in the art of sailing to windward. Greenhithe then provided the choice of a picnic on the foreshore or a welcome in the pier hotel followed by a pleasant run back to EYC

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