Erith Yacht Club Folgefonn/John 70th/Halloween 2008

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The70th Birthday party for Clubship Folgefonn and Commodore

Saturday evening the 1st November 2008 saw a fantastic social gathering aboard the Clubship. Both Folgefonn and Commodore John Edmonds were launched in 1938 so celebrated their 70th Birthdays.

The time of year lent itself to a Halloween Theme, so the bar was decorated in a suitable erie style and many members made some splendid efforts dressing up, with witches, werewolves, grim reapers and Princes of darkness. Janet Hall had worked hard making a "Folgefonn" cake. Live music was provided by Mick Kemp's band, Folgefonn had joined in giving a slight roll of her own to the dance floor on which dancing went on till the early hours.


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