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Erith Yacht Club RYA Level 1/2 Course August 2008

An RYA Level 1/2 course was run at the Erith Yacht Club on two Saturdays in August. On the second Saturday, August the 9th the training was combined with a cruise to Greenhithe. Trainees and instructors prepared an launched a selection of dinghies including Bosuns, Topaz and the newly aquired Laser Stratos training boats. After a short sail in the vicinity of the moorings while everyone got ready the fleet set off down river on the ebb tide. A fresh and gusty F4/5 from the SW meant hard work for the instructors and the trainees learning quickly. The dinghies brought up on buoys off Greenhithe and the rescue boats ferried eveyone ashore for a well earend break in the Pier Hotel. An impromptu race was organiseed on the way back from Greenhithe to the QE2 bridge where trainees were able to test their newly aquired skills. From there back the the Clubship Folgefonn for a lecture and debrief.

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