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Here are some pictures and information on some of the sailing cruisers we currently have on station. If any member would like to see a photo of your yacht on this page, send us a photo and a description and some information and we will put it up. Click on any of the thumbnails to display a bigger picture. We have initially put up some photographs of some yachts we had, if you can supply any more details of interest please do Alternativily if you would prefer details of your yacht not to be on the website please let us know and we will remove it.
Maid Marion

Maid Marion - A Westerly Longbow, current Club Flagship as she is owned by Dudley Davies.

Westerly Longbow L.O.A. 31ft (9.5m) L.W.L 24ft (7.3m) Beam 9ft 6in (2.9m) Draught 4ft 6in (1.38m) Sail Area 442 sq ft (41.2 sq m) Ballast 1.8 ton (1810 kg) Displacement 3.8 ton (3800 kg) Builder Westerly Marine Construction Designer Laurent Giles and Partners
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Bolero a Rustler 31. owned by Sara Taylor

Rustler 31 L.O.A 31ft 5in (9.6m) L.W.L. 24ft (7.3m) Beam 9ft 1in (2.8m) Draught 5ft 6in (1.7m) Sail Area 557 sq ft Displacement 5.7tons (5792kg) Designer Holman and Pye
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Fairtrade a 34' steel Van de Stat design built by Duncan Thomson and sailed across the Atlantic, now owned by Guy, Phil and David

Marlin a Jouet Tarentelle 27. French built in 1973 we have not come across many other Tarentelles in the UK. Owner by Richard Banner Marlin came to the Club in 1997. She had been left unused in a UK marina for some time before that but charts aboard suggested she was kept in the Mediterranean prior to that.

Jouet Tarentelle L.O.A 26ft 5in (8.0m) L.W.L 22 ft (6.6m) Beam 9ft 5in (2.86m) Draft 4ft 10in (1.5m) Sail Area 470sq ft (43 sq m) Ballast 1800lb (800kg) Displacement 2.2 ton (2230kg) Builder Yachting France Designer Philipe Harle

Firkin a Maygar.
Mystic a Mystere 26 L.O.A 26ft (7.85m) L.W.L 18.6ft (5.65m) Beam 8ft 6in (2.6m) Draft 4ft 6in (1.4m) Sail Area 207sq ft (19.2sq m) Ballast 1.2ton (1220kg) Displacement 2.25ton (2288kg)
Incisor a Gallion 22, medium displacement fiberglass cruiser / racer designed by Ian Hannay. LOA 22ft 0in LWL18ft 0in Beam 7ft 3in Draught 3ft 3in Sail area 207sq ft Displacement 3400 lb Ballast 1700 lb Website
Kaliph an Halamatic 30 Designed as a smaller version of the Nicholson 31, the Halmatic 30 is very much the same style - a heavy displacement long-keeler with a high ballast ratio. They are strongly built and have an excellent reputation as a serious seagoing yacht. Designed for Halmatic by John Sharp the Halmatic 30 was built from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s.
LOA: 29' 6" LWL: 22' 10" Beam: 9' 6" Draught: 4' 6" Rig: Sloop Cabins: 2 Berths: 5 Engine Volvo MD7a Displacement: 9,866 lbs Ballast 5,040 lbs Keel type: Long Sail area: 471 sq ft main & genoa Inside view 1, Inside view 2



Van de Stat 36 "Zee Hund" (SEAL) Sail No. ZH224

Built by owner Jim Freeman. Steel hull with teak laid decks.

After buying the plans Jim Freeman set to and lofted the drawings. At the time Jim had a workshop as he was running his own business. Evenings and weekends or whenever he had time he was busy building Schülp. From setting the frames and then rolling the steel he knows every inch of her. The decks are teak and took approximately 2 years alone to lay. In all it took Jim over 10 years to build. The sails were ordered and bought before she could go near the water and anytime there was any spare cash then an instrument, the mast or something was bought. She was finally completed in 1999 and one of the hardest things that Jim found was to find a name for her. She was finally named after a small village off the Kiel canal where Jim's mother in law was living at the time.
The cushion covers were made by Jim and he would check them out as to how comfortable they would be on the lounge floor, dreaming of where he would go once the yacht was finished.
Mind is a yacht ever 100% finished? Especially a steel one each year there is always so much to do.

SEAL is a true flush-deck yacht. The hull is brought up to a height that gives standing room below deck without a long coach-roof. The compact form and the large area both on and below deck appeals to many sailors. The high freeboard ensures that less water comes on deck. The roomy interior offers a completely separate aft cabin which is safely reached below deck. For those looking for a sturdy yacht with a lot of deck area the SEAL is the answer to their dreams.