Erith Yacht Club

The finest sailing water on the tidal Thames

Erith Yacht Club
Anchor Bay,
Erith, Kent, DA8 2AD
Tel. 01322 332943
Secretary (PO Box 231, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 9AZ)
Tel 0208 310 2686

Site Updated
Apr 20 2012
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This site is provided for the benefit of EYC members, prospective members and visitors, like the club it is owned by the members. It is under continual development but as the site grows keeping it up to date becomes a more and more time consuming task. We do our best to keep it regularly updated to provide a portal to current up to date information to members. If you have any comments, or better still, have or could write, any articles/information which would be of value or interest to members if published on our site please e-mail webmasterEYC (click for link). You are brought to this page by a click on the "Site Updated" link on the top of every page. Every time we make a change to the site we will add a comment in here to enable site users, should they be interested to see, what has changed (and if we've broken anything let the webmasters know)

Site Update Notes

Dynamic Updates - Club News - Apr 20 2012

Main Updates


Sailing Programme Updated


2011 Fees added


2011 Sailing Programme Posted to Site


October Treasurer's Reports and minutes added to members section


Treasurer's Reports for August Added to members section


Results of Persil and Ovens


Updates to training and activities pages


Coronation and Windmill Cup Results Posted


Events report on Grand Opening


Adverts page updated


Racing results updated


2010 Handicaps Posted

09-07-10, 02-07-10

Racing Results Updated


Joining page updated


Racing Results Updated


Homepage updated, new text and picture showing new Clubhouse


Racing Results updated Diamond and Brunton


Racing Results updated, sailing programme updated, Club Adverts updated


Watch Club News page Ed now assisting with keeping up to date :-)
New OOD list in members section


Picture on index page changed


Report on Easter W/E sailing added to racing results. EYCPurchace Request form now downloadable in members section. Spring and summer dinghy series dates addded to sailing program


Proposed Training Plan for 2010 linked into the training page


Folglefonn's move on the Club Events page


GC Minutes for Jan 25th added in members section, Brass Monkey Results from Sat 20th


Accounts for 2009 loaded to members section


Racing Results updated


Nominations for General Committee added in members section


Changes to the sailing programme Bosun Open & Windmill Trophy moved


New Racing Results Page for 2010


AGM Minutes & latest Newsletter added to Star Class Pages


2010 tidal data loaded to database for display on header bar of each page
Members Forum now working again after password changing issue
Thanks to all those who notified Webmaster of pages no longer working after previous change


Oh sh...., EYC website got hacked, someone inserted links in our site to divert users away to a shopping site so we had to change master password
Unfortunately the web pages can then no longer connect to the database, which brings the site down, had to modify and re-upload 52 pages Ah!!!!


Webmaster advised of error displaying on Adverts page, thank you, corrected by file name change


Photographs of Annual sail to Greenhithe


Contact form added


Sailing programme code modified to flip background colour on change of mont for easier reading
Pictures and Video links of Christmas Lunch and Farewell to Folgefonn Party posted in events page


2010 Sailing programme posted


Photographs of Prizegiving added to events page


Photographs on Home and Club News page updated showing progress of new building


Racing results updated with provisional Ovens results. Picture on the Club home page changed to show the building going up behind Folgefonn


Results of Coronation Cup and Graham Taylor Trophy


Results of Windmill Cup


EYC Trip On Kingswear Castle in events page


Final Foot Mitchell Results


Final Diamond Results


August Bank Holiday results

24- Aug 2009

Racing results updated, Committee minutes for June in the members section

10 August 2009

Results of FM 3, latest cleaning rota in members section

7 August 2009

Diamond 7 Results

5th August 2009

Sailing programme ammended Saunders Cup moved

01 August

Diamond 6 results

21st July-2009

Diamond 5 results


Photos from EYC boat in Round the Island race added to events page. Racing results updated with Diamond 4


Racing Resuts updated with FM 2 result Club News Updated


Racing Results Updated


Sailing Programme changed St Kats Cruise now Lime house


Racing results updated with Kelpie and Diamond Series, Sailing programme corrected (Thames Trophy EYC Leg removed) LRTT Docs loaded for links from news page


Racing results updated with weekend report, PY numbers updated


Our boats page updated with details of Schulp, and results of first Diamond Race


Star clas Page updated


Training dates added to Sailing Programme and Training Page


ICC form linked into Training Page


Members section - General Committee minutes for March 30
Notice from Committee to members on the acceptance of grant and their commitment to produce agreed outputs


Results of Brunton Cup


Minor modifications to Sailing Programme


New directory structure for Racing results in new site layout, conversion of racing results pages to new template then report on Easter Weekend and Results for Piper and Bryan Waite Cup posted. Committee minutes posted


Photos of RYA Level 2 course added to events page and linked in from RYA Training


Updates to Sailing Programme


Postal Address added to template2 which should now display on all pages, Sailing Links page, link added to Godwin's Malta trip blog. Page about Clubship converted to new template and moved to EYC background pages. All associated photos moved


Photos from Adrian's Party added to events page


In members section, January minutes added, committee page updated with names of new committee and officers, OOD and cleaning lists posted


Photos from 2009 Frostbite added to events page


Sailing Programme updated with date of TYC Cruiser Travellers


Additional photos added to Paint weekend display in Club Events


Nomination forms for Committee and 2007 Accounts posted in members section. Secretaries Notices page converted to new template


Minutes of GC meeting to discuss project updates posted in members section. Project updates page converted to new template. Minutes of committtee meeting of 25 November posted into members section. Photos and reports on New Year saila added to Club Events


Club events page reformated to look neater, Paint Weekend photos and added to events page. Barge Weekend report, Snipe Open weekend page and Bosun Open report converted to new template, also photos added to events page and all associated files moved to logical sub directories


Christmas Lunch 2006 photos re-linked in to Club Events page


Photographs from 2007 London River Travellers Trophy, 2007 Open Day and report and Photos from 2007 Holland Cruise added to Club Events page. Photos of New years Eve added.


Ourboats page and EYCCruisers page converted to the new template, hundreds of links from these to images and files all over the site reorganised into more sensible places. Files left in odd places from yesterdays Star Class page move tidied up. EYC Members forum goes live, link added to more options page. Link for visiting yachts moved to higher on the page. StarDay converted to new template and moved into Events page


Star Class page reorganised in site and converted to new template


4 more old events added to Club events page, 2 pages which had "lost their links" Fairtrades voyage, Hendrick's experience recovered, converted to new template and now linked from the Club History page


Additional Christmas Lunch photos uploaded (A Hunt)


Started working through lost pages which exist on the website but have no easy links to. Added RYA training day in August and Cadet weekend to events page. Sailing links page converted to the new template. Club adverts page converted to new template


About 40 images relating to Club History moved from general image directory to background image directory. Template corrected to take out space at top. New page Club Events created. Menu buttons changed to include link to Club Events, Link to Clubship page moved to more options. Club news page changed to dynamic!


In preperation for dynamic updating of Clubnews this page changed to show latest update of Clubnews page as well as latest manual site update described on these pages. Club History, Club History Review and Cutting and Reminences converted to use new template. Copied "as is " as a time saving measure so the text format is random rather than folllowing Club style. Also reorganisation of photos to more logical sub directories still outstanding


Club news updated more details added for New Years Eve Party. Dynamic updating tests


Template tides script corrected to show just hours and minutes. Yesterdays change that had corrected the colours in templates had mucked up the colours in index page, that corrected. Joining page rebuilt using new template. The slideview pages cannot be built from the standard template because we need the top ot the screen free. On the Folgefonn 70th party page tried putting menu buttons at bottom to see how it looked.


Template modified now displays (hopefully!) todays tides for London Bridge in head of all pages. New template incorporates a 'style sheet' to ensure a consitent look to text all across the site. Noticed that different sizes of text displayed in slightly different colours- corrected. Modifications made to PHP script displaying slide show for Christmas Lunch 2008 and Prizegiving 2008 to try to give it a more 'EYC consistent' feel. Photo display from Folgefonn's 70th Birthday party added to Clubnews page


PHP script in template modified, hyperlink to this page now works from within script! Past events 2008 Prizegiving added to Club News page. "Our Boats" Link seemed to have gone missing
during template change now re-instated on More Options page


Clubnews page rebuilt from new template. To save webmaster having to re-create a new "Site Updated" gif file manually in paint every time anything on the site changes. PHP script added to template page to calculate the update time automatically. This involves updating and renaming every page to .php Report and photos of 2008 Christmas Lunch added in a "slideview" presentation format (Photos H Pethers).


RYA Training page rebuilt with new template and updated, how to use website page updated, but format of pictures in this page outstanding


Handicaps page and moreoptions page recreated from new template.


Index page pictures reorganised, visiting yachts and activities pages rebuilt from new template. References in activites page to traditional dinner removed. Template modifed to make page title editable and correct titles created on previously rebuilt pages


The webmasters trying to keep the site up to date have had issues changing some of the template on which the pages are based so have built a new template and will have to rebuild every page on the website with the new template. The new template is similar in appearence to the old one but includes a search engine. EYCupdatenotes page (this page) rebuilt using new template, information on previous site changes removed from bottom. New page EYCsearch created to host search engine results. Sailing programme rebuilt from the new template. Index page built from new template but linked in pictures not yet re-organised