Erith Yacht Club

The finest sailing water on the tidal Thames

Erith Yacht Club
Anchor Bay,
Erith, Kent, DA8 2AD
Tel. 01322 332943
Secretary (PO Box 231, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 9AZ)
Tel 0208 310 2686

Site Updated
Apr 20 2012
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Welcome to the membership page, which aims to explain how to join Erith Yacht Club, along with the fees and benefits of becoming a member

You do not need to own a boat, as EYC has a number of its own dinghies which can be hired when available, and many cruiser owners are usually looking for crew.

We recommend that you come to the club to view the facilities and get to know the members as often as you can. We also encourage you to take part in club activities so that you are aware of what we do, and how your skills can support our aims.


Our club night is Thursday evenings when the bar is open and members get together. It is a great way of introducing yourself and becoming involved in club events. We are also open on Sundays where you will generally find a variety of activities happening, from racing and training to boat maintenance.

At these times you can pick up a membership pack from the Hon. Secretary, or from the reception area of the clubhouse. If you are in any doubt, just ask and someone will help you. This pack will give you further details on applying for membership.

Membership Type Definition Fee (2011)
Full Member Aged 18 or over, and has one vote. £177.00
Family Member One full member and spouse or partner. The full member has the right to vote £269.00
Youth Member Up to the age of 25 on 1 January of each year Free
Up-river Member A member of other sailing clubs or a previous full member not making regular use of the club. They have no vote. £34.00
Contingency Fund To be paid by non-tax payers £29
Gift Aid Donation refer to contingency fee if you require a guidance figure £?
Joining Fee Applicable when you initially join the club £68.00
NOTE: All subscriptions and mooring fees are due on 1st January every year.
The General Committee's consent must be obtained by a member before a boat is brought on station. Moorings are allocated to members as they become available, and are not transferable on the sale of a boat between members. You will be informed of any waiting list.
Mooring allocation fee (once only) £184.00
Cruiser mooring £400.00
Unused cruiser trailer/cradle £168.00
Dinghy £110.00
NOTE: All trailers and equipment must be marked with boat name or membership number.


There are a number of great benefits from joining Erith Yacht Club and taking part in the activities that it hosts or supports. Some of them are listed below to illustrate the breadth of what we offer members:
Deep water moorings for cruisers
Mast crane and winch facilities
Shore space for over-wintering cruisers
Fully stocked workshops
Discount on the many training courses run by our professional coach
Discount on hiring club dinghies
An active sailing, racing and social programme
Opportunities to develop new skills and qualifications though assisting training, the race officers, safety boat, maintenance, and bar/galley work.
Above all, it is an excellent way of making new friends with common interests

Information about the club in PDF format for download and printing