Erith Yacht Club

The finest sailing water on the tidal Thames

Erith Yacht Club
Anchor Bay,
Erith, Kent, DA8 2AD
Tel. 01322 332943
Secretary (PO Box 231, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 9AZ)
Tel 0208 310 2686

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Apr 20 2012
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Many varied boats are sailed at the club. The Club has the only remaining fleet of Hamble River Stars in the county. These were designed in 1925 and originally sailed on the Hamble River. The first one was brought to the club by the late Michael Robinson after the war who started training boys to sail in them. The Michael Robinson Sailing Trust, a Registered Charity set up to support the training of youngsters in the sailing and maintenance of traditional boats often supports the the Club.

The Club has a fleet of four Bosuns, some Toppers and Topazes.

Members have a selection of other dinghies including Snipes, Solos, and Lasers. On our moorings you will find a wide variety of sailing cruisers ranging from 18 to 36 feet in length.