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EYC is lucky enough to have a selection of fine trophies to present to the winners of sailing races throughout the year. Traditionally these were presented at the Annual Gentleman's Dinner, while this still takes place in these enlightened times the main presentation takes place at the Annual Laying Up Supper and Prizegiving normally held in November on the Clubship. In days gone by the winner would take the cup home and be able to keep it on display in their home for a year. Nowadays difficulties with insurance and worries about damage to the cups means they are returned to safe keeping and the members only get to see them at these two occasions. Some of these cups are almost as old as the Club and a lot of Club History is contained in the name of members and boats that have won them over the years. In an attempt to compensate for this we have added this page to the web site, we are developing the page at the moment but hope in the fullness of time to have a picture of each cup, a list of previous winners and a description of when it was presented to the Club, by whom and why. If any members have any additional information on the cups, or any anecdotes about a cup or a race for it please pass it to the Webmaster and we will add the information to our site


Current Holder

Boat Description
Aslett Cup Shane Butcher Presented in memory of Ron Aslett in 2002. Awarded to the youth sailor who has shown most improvement over the year.
Bill Smart Trophy Colin Twyford Hiran Presented to the Club in 1964. Often known as the 'Ovens' has traditionally been presented for a race to the Ovens Buoy, at the bottom of Gravesend reach, and back. <more>
Bryan Waite Cup Not Sailed    
Brunton Cup Richard Sheridan Laser Presented by L E Brunton in 1931<more>
Coates Cup Robert & Sara Taylor Bolero Erith Yacht Club Challenge Cup presented by Sir Edward F Coates Baronet in 1911 <more>
Commodores Cup Adrian Reeves The Act First awarded in 1913 <more>
Coronation Cup

Richard Banner

Hamble Star 115 This Cup was presented to the club to commemorate the Coronation of King Edward VII by Mssers Greeless Brothers and since 1956 has traditionally been given for the Hamble Star Championship <more>
Diamond Trophy James & Michael Chapman Blew Moovee

Some years ago the Club had a number of Jack Holt designed 30' Diamond Class open dayboats on station. A class racing series was organised for the summer evenings and a Trophy presented by Graham Campbell in 1984. There are no longer any Diamonds at the club but the 'Diamond' Trophy is now presented for an evening series of handicap racing for cruisers. <more>

Foot Mitchell Cup Richard Banner Marlin Erith Yacht Club Challenge Cup. Presented by W Foot Mitchell in 1909. His first subs are recorded as paid 30-October-1910 so he must have joined around this time, his wife Hilda joined 15-Feb-1917. <more>
David Frater Cup Peter Reeves Topper Presented 1965 in Memory of David Frater
Graham Taylor Trophy Richard Sheridan Laser The Graham Taylor Trophy was presented by Robert Taylor in memory of his brother Graham (1944/1965) who was trained to sail in Hamble Stars by Michael Robinson and Ron Chittenden as a very small boy. Brian Eliston crewed for him in a Star for a time.
Sadly he died following an accident whislt serving in the Royal Navy when
stationed in Malta. <more>
Hansen Cup Tim Bailey Gigi Presented in 1923 by F J Hansen KD DM, who was, Danish Vice Consul at one time. He joined the Club 23-July-1919 was Commodore 26-29 and President 31-39. <more>
Henriette Cup Brian Elliston Nokomis of Kent Awarded for the best Cruising Log <more>
  London Bridge Trophy Not Presented Re the London Bridge Trophy is for the best EYC boat in the Gravesham trophy. It was presented to EYC by G Parsons in 1988. First won by Dolly, R Taylor 1988, won in 1990 and 1999 by The Act, Ross Elliston
  Pin Mill Trophy Not Sailed Presented for the fastest passage from Erith to Pin Mill - currently missing
Piper Cup Gino Daghini Laser First sailed for in 1913, presented by James R Piper, who joind the Club on the 3rd Feb 1905 and was the owner of Pipers Wharf, Greenwich.<more>
  Tongue Trophy Not Sailed Originally presented for a race from Erith round the Tongue Light Vessel
Wheeled Keel Trophy Richard Banner Marlin A half model of a yacht with wheels mounted on the keel, made by Alan Rosam and first presented in 1980. Awarded by the Sailing Committee to the yacht which ran aground in the most spectaular or conspicous manner during the season! <more>

Additionally the Club has a Windmill Cup,

A number of Tankards.

CYRIL MONK. 1 - Originally for a points series "A" Class Cruisers.
CYRIL MONK. 1 - Originally for a points series "C" Class Cruisers.
KELPIE 2 Originally for a cruiser race EYC-GREENHITHE-EYC.

2 for Cruiser Motorcraft Races! dates 1926 and 1927

Some shields

SCHOFIELD TROPHY - Presented by Mayor Schofield was for Team racing in Stars, Port Watch verses Starboard Watch