Meeting held on Monday 24th April 2006 @ 20.00 hours

on the Clubship Folgefonn

  1. Present


Adrian Reeves


Vice Commodore

Paul Gladden

PR    9.20

Rear Commodore

George Mees


Vice President

Fred Finck


Vice President

Robert Taylor


Hon Secretary

Val Torreggiani



Colin Twyford



Roger Lambell



Ann Finck



Sarah Taylor



Alan Cooper



John Edmonds

JE   8.30

                                         Vic Mitchell                  VM

  1. Apologies

                  Hon Treasurer          Iain Buckland                  IB

                  Sailing Secretary      Sarah Mees                       SM

                                                    Dudley Davies                DD

  1. Minutes Monday 27th March 2006

Minutes accepted and signed.

  1. Matters Arising

a.       Request from the President that renovation of fairy lights will not interfere with

                        raising Club burgees etc.

b.      12h)  Members should be reminded that the Biffa bins should ONLY be used for    domestic waste generated at the Club not brought from home.

  1. OOD and Cleaning Rota

a.       Trevor Armstrong reported his boat was entered to OOD Richard Szcez..

                         Gates left open after 18.00.  Locked at 19.30

b.      Clubship doors open. Alarm not set.

c.       Many youths on motorbikes reported at the gates.

d.      Gates left open by Members who drove through after 19.00 hours.

                         AF and FF had to return to Club to lock gates.

e.       Ron Dott reported main gates open at 5.45 

f.        OOD reports indicate that Club Security is in breach. Members are reminded of the need to ensure the gates are locked and remain so after 18.00hrs on Sundays.  During the week the gates remain locked at all times.

g.       The Commodore will speak to the Members noted as not locking the gates after 18.00hrs.

h.       Richard Cosburn and Family are thanked for their energetic Ship Cleaning.  No other members have carried out cleaning duties during April. 

i.         Ray Raddon apologised for his inability to carry out cleaning duty due to his wife’s illness

                  i.    05.03  D. Newbury       (Non-member 2006)

12.03  Mick  Downs      ?

19.03  Bob Saunders      ?

26.03  Godwin Grima    ?

02.04  Alan Seal             ?

09.04  Ray Raddon /Richard Cosburn and Family

16.04  R. Sloper              ?

23.04  Russell Stevens    ?

30.04  Hendrick Fedderson  (duty this week)

6.  Membership

a)      Discussion took place concerning reinstatement of Members with late fee payment.

b)   Flag Officers will meet with individual Member. Member to be notified. AR/GM/VT

      7.  Secretary

a)      Insurance for hand-held radios and whiteboard in place.

b)      Committee reminded that Alan Beckett’s donation needs to find a project.  A suggestion    was made that this might be put towards the proposed new pontoon.

c)      SGM requested for 21st May - Proposed that £1000 be allocated for planning and obtaining licences for proposed pontoon and brow.

d)      PLA holding an open meeting - Your Tidal Thames - today and tomorrow -10th May.

     All river users invited. Any questions to be asked should be sent to the Secretary so      questions are not duplicated.

                       e)  Brian Elliston’s ashes to be scattered, 13th May from 2pm.  Rev. Dane Batley-Gladden to officiate.

      8.  Treasurer

a)      Alan Hunt continues to put data into SAGE.

b)      Bids for grants need information in particular formats which will be facilitated by                SAGE

c)      2005 accounts need attention to format.  Treasurer to discuss.

                9.  Wine Committee

a)      May 8th Monday,  bar open 12.30 for Multi-cup Race.

b)      First quarterly report shows that receipts are well down on last year but profit margin

      is higher.

c)      Request from VT for surprise 60th birthday party (ex River police officer) on Sunday                                                                                 18th June at approx. 6 - 10pm. Agreed                                                                  IB/VT

    10. Sailing Committee

a)      Piper Cup - First racing of the season started at Easter.

b)      Total of 13 entries over the 3 days – good turn out.  Lots of new members involved.

c)      New volunteers for rescue craft – the list on the notice board seems to work well.

d)      Report for local newspapers – appeared in Bexley Times, lookouts required for the Newshopper.

e)      Star and Fuoreen (Bob and Nigel) went to Greenhithe on Saturday 22nd April – beat all the way down, to the pub and got back quickly.  Again, new members showing distinct keenness (Jane and Duncan).

f)        Coming up – Bank Holiday this weekend.

g)      Brunton Cup (dinghies) and Hansen Cup (cruisers).  AR and JE overheard in bar plotting a trip to the Medway – hope to have enough to race.  Several are on the water already – including the Commodore’s new baby……..

h)      Henriette Cup

i)        Do not forget if you have done or are going to do a cruise/passage, your log can be entered for the Henriette Cup.  There will be a few interesting logs this year, so far.

j)        John Edmonds continues to work on Harvester – looking good, thanks.

k)      Race Office now has power – Jim Freeman – and flag halyards now tidied up – Sara Taylor.

l)        Hooter fixed – George Mees.

m)    We had a meeting here with Greenwich and Gravesend on 13th April re London River Travellers Trophy.  We will provide rescue cover for Gravesend and Greenwich.

n)      1st race 14th May – Gravesend.  Rescue helm and crew required and competitors.

o)      Sailing committee will have to meet soon to discuss EYC open meetings.  Sail Sec has some sample “Risk Assessments” and advice – we will need to prepare these.

p)      The blackboard seems to work well for information about racing, I have revamped the Sail Sec notice board and people seem to use that (volunteers for rescue etc.).  The web site is very up to date for those that have it.

q)      Ron Dott thanked for mending the klaxon - Sailing Sec. has in hand.

r)       JE said Thurrock has new Committee which may be interested in more interaction with EYC.  Commodore to make contact    AR/VT

s)       EYC appear to comply well with PLA requirements for responsibility and safety of high speed RIBs.

Sarah Mees, Sail Sec, 24.4.06.                                                                     

    11. Moorings

a)      Second list now distributed many requests despite three months notice!

b)      Atalanta (Greenhithe Sea Scouts) have permission to use the fill for two to three weeks in order to ready the boat for launch.  Robert Bushell is the responsible Member.  Colin Twyford has volunteered use of his cradle.

c)      Bea (Ray Leaske) is to be placed on the website again.

12. House Committee

a)      First weekend of May Paint Weekend.

b)      All items purchased by Bosun, Colin Watson.

c)      Staging to be hired for one week.

d)      Road roller to be obtained for Paint Weekend.

e)      Door to winch shed needs attention (Mike Downs to be approached)                      AR/MD

f)        Bid to Henkle for toilet block underway.  Management accounts required              IB

g)      Testing of equipment may incur a fee this year.  Certificates required for renewal AR/VT

h)      Central area for non-domestic waste CREATED AT THE CLUB to be laid out.

i)        Members to be reminded that no items should be donated to the Club without discussion with a Member of the Committee.

j)        Members to be reminded to flatten waste for the bins and encouraged to take home rubbish if possible to reduce costs.

k)      RL requested that an electrician be organised to wire water heaters.  Agreed         RL

l)        Knotweed to be sprayed again this week.  Steve Brown.

m)    Patrick Shanahan to organise tasks Paint Weekend.

      13. Social Committee

                  No report

      14. Youth Section

            No report

15. Rules Committee

a)      Sub-committee to meet soon and present draft to General Committee.

b)     Sub-committees will be asked to look into bye-laws ‘rights and responsibilities of  


c)      Confirmation that Upriver Members during their infrequent visits may sail with a full

      Member but may not use the Club sailing facilities (launching etc.)

d)     It is anticipated that a SGM be held to discuss/confirm Rules by October 2006.



        16. Membership Committee

                 Printed Prospective Member Pack is now to be found behind the bar. 

  17. Training Committee


        18.Project/Club Development

a)      £5,700 (ODPP)  and £2,000 (EYC) now ready to be placed in new Account for Managing the Marshes. Signatories PG, AR and Alan Hunt.  Payment will be staged and on behalf of Bexley Council.

b)      The above monies will pay contracts to Groundwork who are creating plans and strategies.

c)      The marsh management is required to both satisfy Planning and as owners of marsh land to preserve and enhance EYC land.  Costs are much less if we approach this as a group.  The Groundwork work will cover the marshes from A. Bacon’s land to Crossness.

d)      Regeneration Group.  Group is led by Janet Stone based at old Police Station to undertake regeneration of Erith Town Centre.  This is part of Bexley L.B. Regeneration Plan.  They are seeking funding for EYC on our behalf.

e)      Access road - history to be investigated.                                   Brian Crickmore/VT

       19. Security


       20. AOB (Emergency Matters only)

                  a)   Bikers are undermining the seawall.  Environment agency to be approached.    VT

                  b)   Letter heading proffered for comments by General Committee.  VM felt that a Club

                        logo was required for Project business which indicated more about the Club.   

                        Comments required at next meeting.


Meeting finished     23.00 hours

Next meeting          21st May 2006

vmbt 02/05/06