Meeting held on Monday 27th February 2006 @ 20.00 hours

on the Clubship Folgefonn

  1. Present


Adrian Reeves


Vice Commodore

Paul Gladden


Rear Commodore

George Mees


Vice President

Fred Finck


Vice President

Robert Taylor


Hon Secretary

Val Torreggiani


Hon Treasurer

Iain Buckland


Sailing Secretary

Sarah Mees



Vic Mitchell



Colin Twyford



Roger Lambell



Ann Finck



Sarah Taylor



Alan Cooper



Dudley Davies



John Edmonds


  1. Apologies

Hon Treasurer

Iain Buckland



Alan Cooper


Co-option of Committee Members: 

Dudley Davies and John  Edmonds be co-opted on to the General Committee.

Proposed       Bob Taylor                             Seconded  Sarah Mees           Unanimously agreed.

  1. Minutes Monday 6th February 2006

a)      10a:     replace tided with tidied.

b)      8h :     yearly honorarium

c)      12h:    Members to be encouraged to take waste home in Newsletter. Oil and batteries to your OWN dump.

d)      Remind Members items considered as useful for the Club should not be brought to the Club without Committee agreement.  Contact the Secretary or Flag Officers.

e)      16g:    16th/17th March

  1. Matters Arising

a)      Committee requested to consider project for Alan Beckett donation.

b)      £545 requested for two radios, mounting kits and aerials.  Danson Marine proved to offer the best price. 

            Proposed Bob Taylor                          Seconded  Sarah Mees

c)      Reply to George Walker is currently being researched by AR and PG.  The reply will also be the subject of a presentation to the Club and/or entry in the Newsletter George Walker is thanked for bringing this interesting query to the Committee and for his patience in awaiting a reply.

  1. OOD and Cleaning Rota

No Entries.  Members are reminded of the requirement of membership to carry out OOD and Cleaning duties.

6.      Membership

a)      David Nunn was welcomed as Full Member

b)      John Eastaugh was welcomed as Full Member.

c)      Teri Butcher, Alfie Arrowsmith, Jack Murphy, Thomas Murphy, Jamie Murphy, Douglas Soutar, Rhiannon Soutar and Alex Soutar were proposed by their Sponsor, Dudley Davies.  They were welcomed to the Club as Youth Members.

      7.  Secretary

    Members aiming to sell their vessels will pay full moorings fee at the beginning of the year

           but on sale fees will be returned on sale of vessel on a pro-rata basis.

8. Treasurer

a)  £28,000 approx. in Community account.

b)  Alan Hunt recommends that SAGE needs updating and has two person access.  This will

      require a £200 upgrade.

      Proposed     Adrian Reeves                     Seconded    Colin Twyford                 Agreed

d)      £914 held in the Training Account, an increase of £110 on last year’s balance.   DD

e)      Radio licences need investigation.                                                                         DD/VT

9. Wine Committee

a)  VM reported an excellent year.  Total sales increased by 30%. The Social Committee were thanked for their part in organising events which contributed to this increase.  Members were also thanked for their efforts!!  Profits over the year showed a 40% increase on 2004.  The profit margin was 26%.

b)  The aim for the profit margin for 2006 should be 25%.

      Proposed      Vic Mitchell                         Seconded   Adrian Reeves                  Agreed

  1. Sailing Committee

a)      SM thanked Members for re-electing her as Sailing Secretary for 2006 - she thought 3 years would be enough.

b)       Richard Banner (but may be forced to stand again)  and Michael Chapman (for results) will stand down from the Sailing Committee and were thanked for their work last year.  2 or 3 volunteers for the Committee will be very welcome.

c)      John Edmonds and Graham Campbell are thanked for their on-going work on Harvester and the Race Office.  Joe Taylor is thanked for contribution of halyard rope.

d)      JE thanked for the beautiful trophy bases.  Plenty of room for plaques for the next 50 years!

e)      Information concerning trophy winners pre 2004 is trickling in, all further information to Sarah Mees please.

f)        Two race buoys have been ordered, however chain and anchors are also required.  Prices to be obtained for new and existing buoys.

g)      Sailing Programme to be published imminently.  Watch the Website and boards.

h)      Four Open Meetings are planned for 2006.

i)         SM noted that the fees for dinghy owners were comparatively high for the club resources used by them.  It was her view that it would be worth considering allocating more space for these type of boats, because the revenue was good value.

j)        Frostbite Race 11th/12th March.  2 to 3 EYC cruisers may enter.

k)      Piper Cup first race of the season on 14th April. (Contact Stubbers)

l)        Guidance for use of Safety Boats is to be found on the last page of the Handbook.

m)    SM was delighted that we are becoming an active and successful Racing Club.  Amongst other advantages to Members this will attract money (grants etc) and new members to the Club.  Club Members are thanked for their enthusiasm during 2005.

  1. Moorings

a)      Three moorings trots to do.  5 buoys out of 8 replaced, if any mooring in doubt it gets

replaced. Request to add eighth buoy to inner trot.  Agreed

b)      Harry Carpenter spends half day organising (people/equipment) for weekend work.

c)      Moorings Barge fantastic.  Even in bad weather trot complete in 4 ½ hours.  Ann thanked for tea and biscuits!

d)      All Members will get on the water this season.

e)      AR/DD/PG continue to pursue reduction in PLA fees.

f)        Barge will come out, ideally by April, for equipment testing and overall checking.

g)      Vessels with un-paid fees on 31st March will not be allocated a mooring. Re-instatement will include a fee of half the Joining Fee (EYC Rules).

  1. House Committee

a)      Last Work Sunday - Car Park, access road and clearance of cradles etc.

b)      Shed door replacement

c)      Hot water supply nearly in place

d)      Deck nearly complete.  ST requested security light and sand in deck paint.

e)      Funnel needs new plates.  £200 requested.

Proposed           Adrian Reeves              Seconded      Colin Twyford                      Agreed

f)        Floor in lower saloon needs attention  ST

g)      Bonfires except for Japanese Knotweed (legal requirement to burn) should be totally banned and skips provided for all rubbish.

Proposed     Sara Taylor                     Seconded     Adrian Reeves                      Agreed

h)      Toilet Block funding being pursued. AR has been advised to apply for Awards fpr All

Grant of £5,000 by April 2006.                                                                               Agreed

  1. Social Committee

a)      Eve Peyto and Darren Leigh to set date for sub-committee meeting

b)      EP compiling Social Calendar for 2006 activities.

  1. Youth Section

a)      Thanks to Swanley Sub-Aqua Club for diving session.   AR being the oldest youth.

b)      Youth members very enthusiastic, much disappointment if no sailing, despite the weather.

c)      Alexandra Palace outing Dinghy Exhibition 5th March.

14. Rules Committee

a)      Sub-committee to meet and finalise recent Rule queries.

b)      Main document almost ready for presentation to Gen. Committee  (SGCM)

c)      Aim for SGM in June/July for Members.

d)      CT asked that there should be a Rule ‘no untended vessel to receive live supply of electricity’. Approved as excellent but agreed that this should be a Bye-law.  Bye-laws should be reviewed by the Sub-committees for publication.

 15. Membership Committee

       a) Committee to meet imminently to review Prospective Members Pack.

       b) DD has a contact that would be willing to produce a printed booklet at minimal cost.

       17. Training Committee

       a)  Training continues Saturdays and Sundays. 

       b)  2 Radios purchased (£330) Licences required £50                                                 DD/VT

       c)  Interactive whiteboard (IW) proving excellent and popular! 

     d)   Training in its application and use can be arranged for a group of 12.

            Software can be loaded on to any computer should Member wish to use the IW.                                                  

e)      Applications to use the IW to Dudley Davies.

f)        Insurance required for radios and IW.                                                                     DD/VT

     18. Project/Club Development

      a)  DD and PG represented the Club at a meeting to launch, ‘Managing the Marshes’ led         

           by Laurence Pinturault, Regeneration Projects Manager, Bexley.  (22nd February 2006)

b)EYC is part of a group consisting of marsh landowners along the Thames. All groups have their own and different, agendas!

c)      Monies to fund the plan for the Marshes have been acquired from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister; this money is to be placed in a separate account.  £2000 EYC and £6000 ODPM.  Groundwork invoices can be paid through this account.

d)      Bexley will continue to manage the plan. 

e)      The outline plan proposals depend on the landowners’ support in implementing them. DD and PG have pamphlets etc. which they can distribute.

f)        Groundwork is currently working on a desktop survey of the marshes; e.g.: natural history.

g)      Work has begun on improving the conditions of the drainage ditches and pathways particularly in Erith Marsh.  Planning sought to place seating in various locations.

h)      Pontoon

i)        To calculate fairly accurate Clubhouse costs, pontoon and brow-head drawings by a marine engineer are necessary.  Agreement to do this work has been obtained and the drawings would remain the property of EYC.   Cost: £500

ii)       CT recalled that no more finance should be spent on the Project without the approval of Members. To be researched.                                                                    CT/VT/AR


      19. Security


      20. AOB (Emergency Matters only)

       a)   Queries from the AGM were considered to have been answered at the AGM.

       b)   The conduct of two Members was discussed.  It was agreed that the Commodore would

              write to the two members concerned to request an explanation of their conduct.


Meeting finished     23.04 hours

Next meeting           27th March 2006

vmbt  28/02/06