Date of Meeting Monday 9th January 2006 @ 8.00 pm


1. Present    Chair         Adrian Reeves                        AR    

                                       Val Torreggiani                      VT

                                       Ann Finck                             AF     

                                       Fred Finck                            FF       

                                       Sarah Mees                          SM       

                                       Sarah Taylor                          ST        

                           Iain  Buckland                       IB         

                           Colin Twyford                       CT

               Vic Mitchell                           VM

                                       Paul Gladden             PG

                                       Jim Freeman                          JF

                                       Robert Taylor                        RT

                                       Dudley Davies                       DD

                                       George Mees                        GM

2. Apologies                  John Edmonds                       JE

                                       Alan Cooper                         AC

3. Minutes 28th November 2005

    Accepted and signed

4.  Matters Arising

     6. Membership   - PMP means Prospective Member Pack

     8. Fees approved at meeting on 31st October 2006 as below:




Full Member


Family Membership








Half-tide Moorings


Dinghy (each)


Moorings application


Membership application




Unused Trailer


Contingency Fund


5. Officer of the Day

   11th Dec.    Successful Christmas Party.                                                                     P. Bennett

   18th Dec.    Colours raised.  Temp. 1 degree.  15.20 all boats secure.  Sunset

15.47.                                                                                                                                                                                                        D. Stevens

Glasses on bar smashed probably due to excessive wash!                   F. Finck

    26th Dec.    Bar open 12pm to 3pm.  Good gathering, bright day.

      8th Jan.     NE wind 3 to 4.  Overcast, rain later.  First Work Sunday 2006.

                       Mooring party, pinrail, woodpile filled, dinghy park tidied etc.         D. Leigh                               Mooring and Sailing Committee meetings.

Officer of the Day duty has generally been completed during 2005.  Cleaning Duty has been more erratic.  It is hoped that now repairs to the ship are nearly complete Members will ensure that the facilities are kept clean and shipshape. 

6. Membership

a.            No new membership.

b.            Change of Membership requested as follows:

Full Membership to Upriver Membership

                        Eileen Page

                        John Norris

                        Rod Mead

                        Anne Twyford

                        Geoff Parsons

                     Full Membership to Family Voter

                        Malcolm Tuck

                     Youth Member

                        Douglas Stephenson (Carey Stephenson)

                     All above changes were agreed

c.            Dudley Davies proposed that Gordon Lowe received Life Membership in view of his service to the Club.

Seconded  Paul Gladden.

d.            Request to AC to forward Prospective Member Pack to all members of the General


e.            VM requested a breakdown of Membership 2006 to compare with 2005 Membership


7. Secretary

a.        Copy of bar licence has been received. 

b.        The Club now has a PO Box number 231.  Club address should include this box number.

c.        Bequest received from Alan Beckett of £1,000.  Alan’s family requested that the sum might be used for an item or project that could be connected with Alan Bennetts name. To be discussed.  Suggestions welcome from Club Members.

8. Treasurer         

a.         No printout this month due to computer problems (just resolved thanks to AC)

b.        High expenditure in 2005 including December 2005 when PLA bill had to be paid.  Balance in bank is currently approx. £1,600.  Membership fees for 2006 are fortunately being received currently.  Club has run at a slight deficit during 2005.

c.         DD will continue to make enquiries as to the possibility of moorings rebate from PLA.

d.        Now Club has CASC status donations to the Club can raise 28p in the £1 tax refund with the agreement of the donor.  Club Members to be lobbied for their views concerning donations and tax rebates.

9. Wine Committee

a.       For final figures Bank statements are required.  Sales in 2005 reached £16,000 and purchases £11,600.  A pleasing 26% profit margin has been reached this year.

b.      VM would like final views concerning guidelines for Members present during private functions,

10. Sailing

a.       Less sailing news during the winter.  New Year’s Day sailing was well supported the night before but foul weather diminished this enthusiasm.

b.      Sailing programme is almost complete thanks to two Sailing Committee meetings this week.

c.       No mark now available at Dartford (Tosca has been removed)

d.      Ron Watts noted only one entrant for the Henrietta Cup.  More publicity for this prize.

e.       DD/SM to look into possible entrant for Bexley Council Young Persons Sports Award.

f.        Cruising Association will run the Frostbite on 11th and 12th March.

g.       Baz Elmes and Graham Campbell have donated a trophy to be presented as a ladies’ prize.

h.       Hope RNLI funds can  be raised by race possibly on Open Day.

i.         Power required in the Race Office.

j.        4th race mark required.  Money already agreed.

k.      Rescue boat drivers still required.

l.        Weather Station needs to be repaired/serviced.  Graham Campbell to be approached.


a.       Two trots checked, one to go.

b.      Harry Carpenter thanked for his work in organising Moorings ‘gangs’.

c.       Steel and welding going well.  Hard steel chain is paying off.

d.      Ground chain a little tired but holding up well.

e.       Barge a joy to use.

f.        More chain, swivels and shackles now required.

g.       Ron Dott drilling holes with his own equipment.  Many thanks.

h.       Gas for welding to be obtained.

i.         All moorings crews to be thanked.  Base of knowledge concerning laying the moorings is growing with the greater involvement of Club Members.  All involved are thanked.

j.        Soft buoys fitted on request to Mooring Committee.

k.      Request to bring on station 42ft Beneteau (Fin keel) granted for 12 months with situation to be reviewed at the end of the 12 months.

l.         Half-tide moorings.  First laid on temporary basis in  early 2003 for Travellers Trophy but decision made to make these permanent in July 2003.  No charge was made for these until 2005 when fee of £290 decided.  A 3% increase has been made for 2006.  Half-tide moorings are used for suitable cruisers at the suggestion of the Moorings Committee (or on request from Members) or on a temporary basis for Star dinghies.

12. House

a.         Excellent Work Sunday attendance (January) despite poor weather.  Good work done.

b.        AR looking into replacement toilet block.  Cost approx. £8,000, funding being sought.

c.         Suitable containers have a 20year design life.

d.        Jobs for Work Sunday requested from Members.  ST will supply tidying suggestions.

e.         Knot weed treated.  To be removed and burned when ready.

f.          Jim Freeman and Sheila Hamilton thanked again for their hard work and leadership in work on the function deck, galley and earlier on the lower saloon.  Most of the ship is once again watertight.

g.         Query concerning safety issues when Members use electric power on their boats and leave appliances unattended.  Byelaws concerning such matters require updating.

13. Social

  1. Darren Leigh and Eve Peyto joint chair of Social from Feb 2006.
  2. Jan –  Burns Night
  3. Feb – Organised large screen of CD’s & Videos re EYC, Alan Hunt.
  4. March – Steve from Natural History Museum.

14. Youth

a.         Three new Youth members together with their parents are current prospective members of EYC.

b.        DD requested permission to visit local schools as EYC representative to develop sailing training with Yr6 pupils from local schools.  Agreed

15. Rules

Nothing to report.

16. Training

a.         Peter Minch has organised Yachtmaster training for two members and another.  He requests that a fee of £132 should be charged for this 20 week course.  (It may be held over ten half days Saturdays 10 – 2 pm)  This was agreed and Peter thanked for his work on behalf of the Club.

b.        Money for the interactive whiteboard etc. will be received for the local authority soon.  This will not be stored on Club premises for security reasons.

c.         Winter classes have been well attended.

d.        Training funds stand at £730.

e.         DD sought agreement for the purchase of two training radios @ approx £400.  Training funds will sustain these costs.  Agreed

f.          Instructors insurance has risen drastically.  Request to assist Instructors with the cost of their insurance.  These costs to be raised through training fees.  Agreed

g.         Request to purchase frames for RYA certificates.  Agreed

h.         RYA diesel course to be held at N.W.Kent College cost £20.  See Members Board.

17. Project

CT reported that the Bexley Environment Focus Group held a meeting at which plans were displayed showing great detail.  These plans have no basis as yet and there will be a two year consultation period.  It was indicated to the Consultants that they might have approached the project in a too detailed manner at this point.

18. Security

a.         Bulbs now all fixed.  Six-month guarantees.

b.        LED Camera working well. Hope to have more of these in future.

c.         Alarm is not working.  John Edmonds to be requested to investigate.                     AR

19. AOB

The Chair of the Group informally pointed out to Colin Twyford that complaints had been brought to him concerning noxious fumes emitting from EYC on the November work Sunday. CT requested that it was not minuted at the National Environment Focus Group December meeting and that he would take steps to prevent further lapses.  The Chair informed CT that further reports would be minuted and that this could have a disastrous effect on financial assistance for EYC.   Members are reminded that bonfires should be carefully monitored and tended to avoid environmentally unfriendly fumes, which will be caused by burning rubber, plastic, fibreglass and anything containing oil etc.

Meeting Closed: 22.45 hours

Next Meeting: 6th February 2006

AC   02/12/2005