Meeting held on Monday 24th July 2006 @ 20.00 hours

on the Clubship Folgefonn

  1. Present


Adrian Reeves


Vice Commodore

Paul Gladden


Rear Commodore

George Mees


Vice President

Fred Finck


Vice President

Robert Taylor


Hon Secretary

Val Torreggiani



Roger Lambell



Ann Finck



Sarah Taylor



Alan Cooper


                                         Vic Mitchell                   VM

                                                        Colin Twyford               CT

                                                  Dudley Davies                  DD



                                                 Iain Buckland                    IB

                                                 Sarah Mees                       SM

                                                 John Edmonds                   JE

  1. Minutes Monday 26th June 2006

15b      correction:  Rachel McKeown

19d      clarification:  Another RYC Training Centre has been inspected.  They were asked for documentation for procedures which we do not yet have in place. 

  1. Matters Arising

 7f        Barrier adjusted by Council.  They now hold a barrier key.

  1. OOD and Cleaning Rota

02.07.06    Snipe Open.  Many visitors.  Weather sunny and breezy.                    Nigel Borrett

09.07.06    Wind 4-5, rain.  Boats returned from Limehouse 15.15.  Visitors looking at boats for

                  sale in Club.                                                                                             Mike Downs

16.07.06        Bosun Open.  Erith Rowing Club, Thurrock and four dinghies from Westminster

also visited.                                                                                              John Eastaugh

22.07.06      Duncan Thompson returned to EYC in Fairtrade, and joins the exclusive EYC Club of those who have sailed the world’s seas.                                   

23.07.06    George Earle - Did not undertake Officer of the Day Duty.

  5. Membership

a)      Jon Haile was welcomed to the Club as a Full Member.  Darren Leigh and Eve Peyto proposed his membership.

b)      DD indicated that in order to facilitate grant applications in the future the Club should consider Youth Membership to include 16 to 25 year olds.

 6.  Secretary

a)      Sale of Bobbin was agreed.

b)      OOD notebook and badge for use of Officer of the Day.  To be kept on bookcase in bar.

c)      The need for a daily logbook was discussed.  It was suggested this should be held in the dinghy shed. 

d)      PG indicated the need for an Incident Book.  He will compile a list of requirements and procedures as laid down by the RYA.

7.  Treasurer

a)      No report due to Treasurer’s absence.

b)      2005 Accounts with external Auditor.

c)      Internal audit as suggested has yet to be implemented.

d)      Managing the Marshes account has not yet been set up due to difficulties contacting Barclays.

8. Wine Committee

a)      Receipts are down by £1000. Stock value currently is high.

b)      Prices have risen slightly to cover increases imposed by the brewery.

9. Sailing Committee

a)      Racing 3 major Open events run in last 4 weeks.

i.   25th June – LRTT.

28 dinghies entered.  There was massive support from within the club– 50 members involved in racing and organisation – including many new and prospective members.

Very successful day – lots of good feed back from visiting sailors, and promotion of good inter-club relations with local clubs.  Good team building within the club. Thamesmead YMCA provided essential rescue cover.  Excellent “on the water” race management team led by Graham Campbell.

Results include good place for junior entry Peter Reeves who won the Junior prize.

Thanks to all those who entered the whole series, or travelled to any of the venues – it takes a lot of effort and time to show the EYC flag at other venues.

ii.  1/2nd July 2006 - International Snipe Open meeting

9 entries.  A 2-day event with good support from club members and good feed back from visitors.

1st Snipe Open EYC has run for 10 years – Snipe Class requested that we do it again next year.

A 2-day event requires lots of time and energy from club members – thanks to all those who helped.

Race management team led by Campbell, who is also official measurer for the Snipe Class.

Results: 3 EYC entered (Blue Bayou, Ice Dancer and Chilli Pepper).

iii. 16th July 2006 – Thames Bosun Open –EYC and GYC annually alternate venue.

12 entries, Greenwich YC – 7 out of 9.  Entries from Erith 5 out of 6.

Successful day with help again from members including new and prospective members

EYC members felt Bosuns were a good class of dinghy to have at the club and thanks should be given to Thamesmead YMCA and other owner groups who loaned the boats for this event.

Thanks to Thamesmead YMCA for staying to provide rescue cover – youth section involved.

The possibility of racing over the winter was discussed and practise for the next Bosun Open would be essential to keep up with Greenwich! Race management team led by Graham Campbell.  Large number of EYC Race Officers involved in the race.

Results: very good 4th overall by Peter Reeves (youth) and Jeremy Michell.  Julian Bates (youth member) raced – his first time in a dinghy, let alone a race.

iv.  A note about rescue cover: For racing this includes laying and retrieving marks, launching Reliant and cleaning it and putting it away, ferrying sailors to boats on the moorings, liaising with race control, and watching the race for sailors in need (amongst other trifles such as administering 1st aid etc..).  It is a huge commitment in time and effort – thanks to all those who volunteer.

v) Race management seems to be going very well –we have good equipment and personnel.  Expertise is being passed on to other members by existing EYC Race Officers (principally through GC).  Increasing the knowledge base within the club is a very positive move forward.

vi)  Diamond evening series

Races as scheduled in programme.  Interest is keen and talk of one design cruiser racing is growing since the Tarantelle Owners group may be growing!  New members and owners all racing and gaining experience.  This series has become well established in club culture.

There are some reports of cruisers inappropriately crossing the path of commercial shipping.  The sailing committee hope to discuss methods of discouraging such activity its next meeting.

Thanks to Baz who is always there to start and finish races.

vii)  Foot Mitchell series

All going well as above – always room for more competitors.  Results for all races and reports are on the website – sometimes within hours, usually within a day.

    b) Sailing

Several trips to Greenhithe and up-river for Stars, foureens and the like.

            Cruise to Limehouse for yachts – full attendance by those who said they would go (8 boats I           think).  Good restaurant was found and it was another weekend for good team building between club members and for the passing on of guidance and advice in seamanship.

            More yachts have been launched now.  Several changes of ownership have taken place.                             

    c) Publicity

   LRTT: A report appeared on the website, in the local press and in the national yachting press, all with photos supplied by club members.

SNIPE OPEN: Report on website, local press, national yachting press and National and International Snipe press. Photos supplied by EYC members.

BOSUN OPEN: Report on website, local and national press and report to Bosun website.  Photos EYC member.

SAILING: Report appeared in local press about a Foot Mitchell race and Diamond series.

d) Other activity

i)  New anchor and chain has been fitted to all race marks.  These are much more user friendly –                      particularly if Reliant is used for laying marks.  Robbie George is the recommended vessel for this task but is not always possible – time and people needed.

ii) Work by John Edmonds and Graham Campbell on Harvester continues and going well.

      iii) Visitors from other clubs, sailing by youth in conjunction with Thamesmead YMCA and in    

           new training dinghy on station.

            iv)  Several members have spent some time on Fairtrade with Duncan Thomson.

            News of his and their trip would be most welcome.

            An article for the local press might be interesting.  Don’t forget the Henriette Cup for best log.

            v) Accounts for the recent events have been prepared. 

     The LRTT account held by Gravesend has been closed and EYC have been given their share,

            which should perhaps be kept for running the LRTT event?

            vi) Cadet Day.  20 adults and 20 cadets attended.  Good weather and good fun had by all.

       Sarah Mees, Sailing Secretary. 19th July 2006

10. Moorings

a)      Continued concern over vessels clashing.  It is suggested that zigzag (staggered) mooring should be employed for the time being.  Problems occur mainly when easterlies are blowing.  Consult George Mees for advice.

b)      Robbie George to be brought out for repairs.  Radio to be fitted.

c)      Ship’s moorings are slipping.  There may be a danger of water supply being cut.

d)      It was noted a buoy is missing.

11. House Committee

a)      Burning gear is mainly for Club maintenance.  Members should request permission to use and ensure oxygen is obtained and replaced. 

b)      Members are reminded that no building refuse should be placed in the creek as this is illegal and we are monitored.

c)      ST investigating purchase of new chairs.  Les Land was thanked for his offer of second hand chairs but his offer was declined.

d)      Strimmers to be used and returned.  Sid Gascoyne to be encouraged to submit bills for petrol.  He is thanked for his ‘gifts’ of petrol in the past.

12. Social Committee

a)      Social Committee continue to seek volunteers for catering assistance.

b)      Bar Games evening would have benefited from more participants.

13. Managing the Marshes

a)      Alex Laurie awaiting payment.

14.  Project

a)      Bexley are assisting with template for filling grant application forms.

b)      A draft ‘Vision Statement’ for the Club in 30 year time is being drawn up.  Contributions to this will be gratefully received.  Contact Paul Gladden or Dudley Davies.

c)      Meeting with architect and pontoon designer to take place in two weeks.

15. Youth Section

a)      MRT thanked for the loan of the Omega.  This is insured by the Club. 

b)      A number of Youth members are helping Thamesmead YMCA as Assistant Instructors.

c)      16th August will see EYC at Bexleyheath Shopping Mall as part of Project Erith.

d)      YMCA RIB is to be replaced.  Petrol still not being replaced.

16. Rules Committee

a)      Suggested Rule changes to be emailed to Committee Members to be read before next meeting.

b)      SGM to be arranged.  PG suggested a power point presentation.

c)      Bye-laws to be considered/circulated with the Rules

17. Membership Committee

a)      After some discussion it would appear that steps involved in gaining Membership are in need of clarification.  

18. Training Committee

      a)  4 persons halfway through Power Boat level 2.

b)      Reminder that a Safety Boat course would be very useful.  DD said this was very rigorous and required considerable work.

c)      Agreements between EYC and MRT for Omega etc. to drawn up.

d)      Training boats need more space in order that their covers are not worn unnecessarily.

19. Security

a)      AC requested assistance with security cameras.  VT volunteered.

b)      Bulbs holding out well.

c)      Discussion concerning more cameras.  Four more are possible.  For future consideration.

20. AOB (Emergency Matters only)

a)      Club logo to be considered at next GM.

b)      RT (Chair Effluent Committee) requested that the effluent levels be checked whilst he is cruising up the East Coast enjoying the sea breezes etc.  Instructions for this task are posted in the winch shed.      

Meeting finished     22.20 hours

Next meeting          4th September 2006

vmbt 27/07/06