Meeting held on Monday 26th June 2006 @ 20.00 hours

on the Clubship Folgefonn

  1. Present


Adrian Reeves


Vice Commodore

Paul Gladden


Rear Commodore

George Mees


Vice President

Fred Finck


Vice President

Robert Taylor


Hon Secretary

Val Torreggiani



Sarah Mees                             



Roger Lambell



Ann Finck



Sarah Taylor



Alan Cooper



John Edmonds


                                         Vic Mitchell                   VM

                        Hon Treasurer           Iain Buckland                  IB  8.30

                        Apologies                Colin Twyford               CT

                                                   Dudley Davies                 DD

  1. Minutes Monday 22nd May 2006

4b    ….. lifting rudder….

19a  David Ritchie

21b  Alan Beckett memorial

Minutes accepted and signed.

  1. Matters Arising


  1. OOD and Cleaning Rota

a)      28/06  Andy Woollard capsized dinghy leaving Ardvark.  Robbie George used to tow back.  Keys eventually found to start RG.

b)                  Serenhaf and Red Queen sailed to Greenhithe.  Lovely weather Snuggles, Loucha and Harmony raced back.  Summer has come! 

c)      04/06 Nothing to report.  Checked on cruise to Greenhithe by motorbike.  All present and safe. Keith Proctor.

d)      10/06 Otto Ersland visited EYC.  He presented the Club with two copies of his book ‘Dei Fine Ferjene’, Andy Woollard is obtaining a translation of the section concerning Folgefonn.  Fred Finck

e)      11/06  Very hot.  Two visitors. Little activity.   David Nunn

f)        18/06  Fine and dry.  Light wind.  GYC cruiser race ended at EYC.  Participants ferried ashore for refreshments in the bar.  Foot Mitchell 2 underway.  Geoff Hall fell from ladder, found to be OK.  Bikers on the fill, abusive to OOD and Members.  Private party on Folgefonn 19.30 - 22.30 hours.

g)      Cleaning rota R. Sivewright, J. Michell and A. Wrafter are thanked for their work.

h)       Sandi Charston is thanked for her work contacting Members.

  5. Membership

a)           VM requested breakdown of Membership for 2006.

b)          RL reported an incident with a member concerning a Membership query.

c)           James Chapman to be requested to indicate his intentions concerning membership and moorings.

d)          It was suggested that deferred payments (Standing Orders) should only be permitted with the agreement of the General Committee.

e) It was suggested that in the case of multiple ownership of vessels the responsible Member

should be named and take full responsibility for that vessel.

 7.  Secretary

a)      Damp proof storage boxes requested for archive materials.

b)      Request to copy archive material and replace with high quality copies. Agreed

c)      Request to purchase new Officer of the Day book.  Agreed

d)      Concern was expressed concerning use of tractor by an under 16 year old.  It was agreed that on this occasion this was appropriate as the child in question should not have been left unattended on the fill.

e)      Child Protection course to be attended by DD and PG on behalf of the Club.  Fees to be paid by Training.

f)        Barrier needs adjustment.

8.  Treasurer

a)      Lower income this year.

b)      Diesel figs. need upgrading

           9.  Wine Committee

a)      No report

b)      AF suggested that  the Bar open on Tuesday lunchtimes, 12pm to 2pm.  Darren Leigh to arrange the occasional lunchtime speaker.  To commence mid-July.

10. Sailing Committee

a)      Six boats in the Diamond series.

b)      Foot Mitchell going very well.

c)      Travellers Trophy was excellent.  30 boats sailing.  35 Members helped in a wide variety of activities and 15 Members raced.  EYC is able to run a really excellent Open Meeting with lots of attention to detail.  For a small Club we do very well!!  Sailing Secretary would like to thank all those involved.

d)      Catering and Entrance fees raised £119.

11. Moorings

a)      Close trots to be dealt with in the winter.

b)      Ship’s after spring parting.

c)      Sale of Bobbin to recover fees to be considered for safety reasons.

12. House Committee

a)      Rusty sill needs attention

b)      Social Committee would like to purchase catalytic heaters for function deck.  Agreed

c)      Also cork boards to be purchased for committee notices (Social Committee).  Agreed

d)      Lights in lower saloon need attention.  Lower entrance light needs replacing.

13. Social Committee

a)      Tuesday 11th July, tickets available for Lisa of Lambeth at Erith Playhouse

b)      Saturday lst July bar open for the Snipe Open.

c)      Saturday 15th July bar open for Bosun Open

14. Managing the Marshes

a)      Alex Laurie has completed a draft management plan.

b)      Bank Account still not opened need to organise with Barclays Bank.

15.  Project

a)      Design for pontoon going ahead (Bill Williamson)

b)      Nichola Elcott and Rachel McEwen assisting with Grant applications

c)      Need to update Universal Grant application plan

d)      Biffa flagship grant to be reopened.  Seeking grants will be a slow business and little movement will occur in the near future.

16. Youth Section

a)      Sports Fair at RC Girls School to represent EYC  George Reynolds (YMCA), Dudley Davies, Dawn Snape and Brendan.

b)      Three Youth members gained RYA first aid qualifications, Andrew Cooper, Sean Butcher and Sarah Mees.

17. Rules Committee

a)      To meet Wednesday 5th July, 8pm

18. Membership Committee

      a)  None

19. Training Committee

a)      First Aid course, Jim Ellis.  13 attendees.  Paul Gladden thanked for organisation.

b)      Grant for an Omega granted.

c)      Safety boat course to go ahead with DD.

d)      Stubbers indicated the need to ensure we have a number of policies in place for inspection next year.  Jim Ellis inspection complete 2006.

20. Security

a)      AC requested assistance with security cameras.  VT volunteered.

21. AOB (Emergency Matters only)

a)      12th July Erith Town Festival reception, GF, AF and AR to attend.

b)      Club logo to be considered at next GM.

c)      Need to consider where spare key for Robbie George is kept.  AF

Meeting finished     23.00 hours

Next meeting          24th July 2006

vmbt 26/06/06