Meeting held on Monday 27th March 2006 @ 20.00 hours

on the Clubship Folgefonn

  1. Present


Adrian Reeves


Vice Commodore

Paul Gladden


Rear Commodore

George Mees


Vice President

Fred Finck


Vice President

Robert Taylor


Hon Secretary

Val Torreggiani


Hon Treasurer

Iain Buckland


Sailing Secretary

Sarah Mees



Colin Twyford



Roger Lambell



Ann Finck



Sarah Taylor



Alan Cooper



Dudley Davies



John Edmonds


  1. Apologies                            Vic Mitchell                    VM

Alan Cooper



  1. Minutes Monday 27th February 2006

Minutes accepted and signed.

  1. Matters Arising

a)      Query raised as to whether a Member had replied to the request of the Committee. He had not yet done so.

b)      Query raised as to whether George Walker had received a full reply.  The matter was about to be expedited.  Information to be distributed through the Newsletter and Website.

  1. OOD and Cleaning Rota

For the second month, No Entries.  Members are reminded of the requirement of membership to carry out OOD and Cleaning duties.

6.      Membership

a)      Andrew Woollard was welcomed as a Full Member of Erith Yacht Club. He was proposed and seconded by Jim Freeman and Sheila Hamilton.

b)      New Youth Member, Emma Gosling aged one week and two days (born 18th March 2006) was welcomed to the Club. Her grandfather, Colin Twyford, was congratulated.

c)      Membership for those few Members who are now in arrears was discussed.  The Secretary was directed to write to these ex-Members and acquaint them with Club Rules and the means by which they might reinstate their Membership and Moorings.

d)      The month of March has seen too many valued Members pass away.  We remember Dave Bower (ex-Member), Brian Elliston, Mike Kenny and Derek Reeves who will no longer sail with us.

      7.  Secretary

a)      Footpath cleansing has been raised again with the Borough.  I am hoping this will be done on a more regular basis.

8. Treasurer

                 a)   The majority of fees are now paid.  Standing Orders are mainly running.

b)      PLA fees continue to dominate Club expenditure.

c)      Donations indicate a grant for the white board (totally free to the Club!)

d)      SM asked about the Finance Committee.  Was it a Committee did they continue to sit?

AR replied that the Committee continued and were currently working on implementation of SAGE.  Members were co-opted.  FF raised a query as to whether membership of the group and the Membership Committee, should be brought to the attention of Members at the AGM.

9. Wine Committee

     No report

10.  Sailing Committee

Sailing Notice Board has been revamped -       please look and use the board.

Information re sailing will come via this notice board, via the website and via minutes.

Still need Rescue Boat details from people.

I would like to introduce a rota system for Rescue Boats (Patrol boats) and race officials.

a)      (I.e. on the water starts with flag pullers etc.)  This is done in most other clubs.

Some training is required re Power Boat.  White board could be used to deliver training on     

Race management.

Race marks ordered and awaiting delivery date (will be before Easter)

National Race Officials Conference.

      25th and 26th March 2006, Lilleshall Sports Centre, Nr Telford, Shropshire.

I attended this course in my capacity as Regional Race Officer – it is an obligatory requirement to attend at least one such course within a 4-year appointment.

This was very interesting and very helpful in terms of race management ideas.  I also had the       opportunity to meet lots of people and talk about the type of racing they do and membership levels etc.

I would like to see the club running races (opens or not) at Championship standard.  Our numbers are not great but we have tidal water with quite taxing conditions.

We need more personnel who are qualified to run Patrol Boats and have VHF qualification.

We have the resources to deliver training on race management within the club.

We are a tiny club compared to many, but we have the potential to be just as good as the South Coast clubs at race management.

There is a new scheme for dealing with disputes during racing.  To run this we will need to identify suitable club members to act as “Advisors”.  These people will have a good knowledge of the rules and will be able to act as a mediator.  There are 2 stages to try (subject to agreement of both parties) before the protest option is reached.

The Olympics sounds fun – but I will have to get the experience to apply to be a National Race Officer (foreign regattas) and then I may have a chance to join in – in the mean time I am prepared to take the club along with me and reach great heights as a venue for terrific racing!

Sarah Mees, Sailing Secretary.  27th March 2006

j)    Reliant has installed radio.  Need for training in use of this.  Query as to whether an isolator switch should be added.

k)   Request that visitors at Open Meetings should be instructed to park in the Car Park.       


l)        DD requested that Members should be reminded that the RIB and other Club vessels should be refilled with petrol immediately after use.  A log-book for petrol and repairs was requested for the RIB container.                                                     VT

    11. Moorings

a)   All trots are now overhauled.  Huge job helped enormously by the improvements      to Thistledo.  Particular thanks to all those involved in the renovation of Thistledo, Harry Carpenter, and most importantly, Ann Finck for the hot tea and biscuits!!!

b)   Whole trot now takes only 4 ½ hours.

c)   Thanks to those who took out barge.

d)   Moorings allocation about to occur. Sunday 2nd April.

                  e)    Discussion concerning arrival of AtlantaCT and AR to make enquiries of Robert          Bushell and Greenhithe Sea Scouts.  Original request to Commodore was to launch from EYC.  This was agreed.  Further requirements need to be discussed with Officers.

12. House Committee

a)    Scaffolding to be hired for Paint Weekend for one week.

b)   Replacement toilet block ongoing.  Sheila Hamilton is thanked for introducing a  possible source of funding through Henkel who fund projects involving Youth activities.  (£5,000)

c)    Awards for all (Community initiative)  E10,000 (£7,500) has been approached for          

d)   Total anticipated cost of block is £15,768 + VAT if the grants come in then Club will be asked to contribute £3,000.

e)    Power is requested for the Race Office.

f)     Reminder that Bonfires are now strictly forbidden on the fill.

g)    Skips will be obtained for all rubbish (Paint Weekend)

h)    Members are reminded that ONLY DOMESTIC WASTE should be placed in the Biffa bins.

i)      Tap and Timer to be considered for the water hose.  Members should be made aware of the water shortage in GB.

13. Social Committee

a)      Frostbite was enjoyed by all who took place.  Chronic shortage of help.  Next event must have more help.  Help must be organised and confirmed if events to take place.

b)     Request to G.C. to look into replacing the noticeboards with drawing pin friendly materials.

c)      Agreed that Frostbite Trot-boat donations are given to the RNLI in memory of     Brian Elliston.

d)     FF will renovate the ship fairy lights.

e)      Jim Freeman has confirmed that the rear deck is strong enough for dancing (Barn Dance request).

14. Youth Section

a)      Visit to Chapman Sands SC - catamaran sailing.

b)     Mystery outing on Sunday 2nd April.

c)      Dudley Davies was congratulated on receiving Civic Recognition Award for his

      services to Young People in the field of Sailing.

15. Rules Committee

a)      Sub-committee to meet soon and present draft to General Committee.

b)     Sub-committees will be asked to look into bye-laws ‘rights and responsibilities of  


c)      Confirmation that Upriver Members during their infrequent visits may sail with a full

      Member but may not use the Club sailing facilities (launching etc.)

d)     It is anticipated that a SGM be held to discuss/confirm Rules by October 2006.

  16. Membership Committee

                  Printed Prospective Member Pack is now to be found behind the bar. 

  17. Training Committee

a)      PG suggested that in future Log Book assessment would be ongoing and specific courses would not be run. (Charge for assessment will continue to be £3.00)

b)      Licence for training radios has been obtained.  Insurance still required.

c)      MRST to request a grant for an Omega.  This will be on permanent loan to EYC and insured by the Club.

        18.Project/Club Development

a)      DD clarified that the Managing the Marsh plan appears to be far more formulated that it really is.  In order to apply for yearly funding from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) a very detailed suggested plan has to be submitted.  All parties are aware this is a consultation plan.  All interested parties have individual further suggestions and objections to this plan, not just EYC.

b)      DD and PG will be meeting with Planning in the next week.

c)      DD has requested a SGM (ASAP) in order to request a further £1,000 for Project implementation.  Pontoon plans required (£500) Defra River Licences etc (£500) notice of meeting to be sent out with next Newsletter.             VT/DD/FF

       19. Security


       20. AOB (Emergency Matters only)

            Request for the ashes of Reg Dawkin to be scattered (date to be confirmed) Agreed.

Meeting finished     23.00 hours

Next meeting           24th April 2006

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