Meeting held on Monday 22nd May 2006 @ 20.00 hours

on the Clubship Folgefonn

  1. Present


Adrian Reeves


Vice Commodore

Paul Gladden


Rear Commodore

George Mees


Vice President

Fred Finck


Vice President

Robert Taylor


Hon Secretary

Val Torreggiani



Colin Twyford



Roger Lambell



Ann Finck



Sarah Taylor



Alan Cooper



John Edmonds

JE   8.15

                                         Vic Mitchell                  VM

                        Hon Treasurer           Iain Buckland                  IB  8.30


                  Sailing Secretary      Sarah Mees                       SM

                                                    Dudley Davies                DD

                                                    Vic Mitchell

  1. Minutes Monday 22nd May 2006

Minutes accepted and signed.

  1. Matters Arising

RL asked why the Club Treasurer was not a signatory to the Managing the Marshes account.  AR said he would give a greater explanation of the current profile of the Financial Committee at the next meeting. 

  1. OOD and Cleaning Rota

a)      01.05  Anthony Sullivan (aged 12?) received assistance to flush out an object in his eye. 

b)      01.05  Richard Szczepankiewicz fell off Emma on to lifting keel of RockinSara Taylor took him to A & E.  (Arm seriously broken but gradually recovering 22.05)

c)      13.05  A goodly gathering for the Committal of Brian Elliston’s ashes.  Sandi Charston was accompanied by close friends on Robbie George to Brian’s mooring site.  Rev. Dan Batley-Gladden was delayed but conducted a quiet and thoughtful Service of Commital on the deck of Folgefonn.  Brian will be missed.

d)      14.05  Jon Haile Prospective Member, signed in by Patrick Shanahan

e)      Cleaning Rota and OOD the new lists are now in place for June 2006 to 2007 thanks to Geoff and Jan Hall.  Sandi Charston together with Jean Crompton, has undertaken to organise cleaning materials and ensure Members know what needs to be done and when.  Members should check the rota for duty dates.  Rota has been sent to Members together with the Handbook.



6.  Membership

a)      It was with much regret that the Committee received the news of the Vice President’s,

     Jim Gater, passing away.

b)      Peter Dench has requested a second mooring for Pranzo as he will retain Sian on station.

c)      Ken Truss has tendered his resignation which was received with regret.

d)      Joe Taylor has tendered his resignation and will lift out Pearl Fischer in June.

e)      Richard Everett is arranging to have his vessel taken off station by Jim Brett - details to

            be received.

f)        A member is suspended until such time a meeting can be arranged with the Flag Officers

            to resolve the current situation.  RYA legal department to be consulted.

g)      Four Prospective Members have received Prospective Members Packs.  Please make them feel welcome.

                 Jon Haile,  Ian Howatson and his son Alex, Patricia, and Phil Wick and Camilla and                                                                                  their son, Alastair.

  7.  Secretary

a)      Greenhithe Scouts to be contacted and reminded that they need to launch the Atalanta

b)      Tony Davis (EA) is to investigate damage to sea wall and ensure Knotweed is sprayed along the access road.

c)      No reports of gates left unlocked.

d)      Gate to be locked on Gen. Committee evenings. Open between 7.45 and 8.15 then locked.

   8.  Treasurer

a)      Little to report. SAGE input is going well and should be in place for the next financial year. It is a good system for cross-checking.

      b)  Treasurer reminded Committee payments could only be made on receipt of invoices.

c) Budgets for 2007 would need to be set by early September to facilitate fee setting.

               9.  Wine Committee

a)      VM currently enjoying a holiday in Greece.  No report.                                                       

    10. Sailing Committee

a)      No report

b)      Good turn out at Gravesend for LRTT.  New members Duncan and Jayne taking part.

c)      Committee members were reminded to check dates when arranging meetings as the SGM clashed with a race.

 11. Moorings

a)      Some trots will need adjusting

b)      Good meeting with the PLA on Wed. 10th May.  Contacts made with John Nobel and James Trimmer. Burden of increased costs on Members fees was made clear.  PLA representatives were most interested to hear of Youth and Training projects as these matters effect levels of fees.  AR to meet and discuss.

c)      James Trimmer deeply involved with pontoons, saltings etc and has influence with EA.

12. House Committee

a)      Paint weekend successful.  Far more people required on Saturdays.  Perhaps volunteers could elect for Saturday or Sunday and work on their boats on the other day.

b)      Tasks could be clarified prior to PW. So Members could work on specific tasks.

c)      Members should endeavour to avoid spoiling work done by others earlier.

d)      Paint spray made job infinitely quicker - to be hired again.

e)      Electric gates to be investigated.  Possibility of camera on barrier.

      13. Social Committee

a)      Very successful Curry evening, all workers to be congratulated.

b)      Quiz Night arranged for 17th June.

c)      Dates for Dinners, Prize Giving and Christmas Dinner not published.  To be established and publicised.

      14. Managing the Marshes

a)      This initiative although brought to the Club’s notice through the Project is not to be linked to the Project as it is of ongoing concern to the Club to preserve the marshes.

b)      Alex Laurie is beginning his surveys (Groundwork).  He has club and barrier keys.

     15.  Project

a)      Proposal to spend £1000 on pontoon design, plans and title and River Licence for same was agreed at the SGM on 21st May 2006.  46 agreed  5 abstentions.

b)      Connection with PLA’s James Trimmer may prove a useful link.

      16. Youth Section

a)      PG to respond to St. Catherine’s and make an appearance at their sports fair.

b)      Meeting with Bexley Youth Services on 24th May on George Reynolds instigation.

17. Rules Committee

a)      Sub-committee to meet soon and present draft to General Committee.

              b)  It is anticipated that a SGM be held to discuss/confirm Rules by October 2006.

       18. Membership Committee

a)      Prospective Member Pack (PMP) should be handed to those visitors who have shown a real interest in the Club.  Visitors can give their details to Secretary if they want initial information which can be emailed or sent to them.

b)      Keys for barrier should not be leased (£25) to Prospective Member (PM) until strong interest shown in joining the Club.  Key acquisition can be indicated in the PMP.

c)      Steps to be taken to gain membership of EYC:

·        When PMP form is complete a Proposer and Seconder should be agreed.

·        The Proposer or Seconder should approach the Secretary who will send the PM a  request for Membership Form together with a set of Rules and Byelaws.

·        On receipt of fees the PM’s details should be posted on the Committee noticeboard for 28 days prior to a Gen. Committee meeting.

·        The Proposer/Seconder will introduce the PM to the Committee for election to Membership. 


 19. Training Committee

a)      George Reynolds noticed in Wavelength that voluntary work with inner city kids was being praised by David Richie, National Sailing Coach.  GR believed that YMCA and EYC do as much if not more and requested of Jackie Bennett RYC Dev. Officer, that YMCA and EYC work was profiled on their website for one month.  The Committee agreed this would be excellent.

b)      Saturday training £10 adults, £5 children for First Aid.  10 - 3pm with Jim Ellis.  Please contact PG.  Date to be issued soon.

c)      Need for training in proper use of Safety Boat was seen to be vital.  Safety Boat Course, with awareness of the tideway effect is urgently required.  Applicants must have Level 2 power boat qualification.  All Sen. Instructors should already have this qualification.  Training to be arranged.

       20. Security

a)      AC said cameras needed adjustment but he needed volunteers to assist him.  Work to be done after dark.

b)      Camera on outer gate to be investigated.

c)      Ann and Fred hold base station.

       21. AOB (Emergency Matters only)

a)      Logo/Letter headings to be discussed at next meeting.

b)      ST suggested that chairs for the bar area with memorial plaque might be purchased with Alan Bennett donation. Prices to be investigated.

c)      Table with Club insignia also suggested.

d)      GF pointed out that chairs would not be a permanent memorial.


Meeting finished     23.00 hours

Next meeting          26th June 2006

vmbt 24/05/06