Meeting held on Monday 4th September 2006 @ 20.00 hours

on the Clubship Folgefonn

  1. Present


Adrian Reeves


Vice Commodore

Paul Gladden


Rear Commodore

George Mees


Vice President

Fred Finck


Vice President

Robert Taylor


Hon Secretary

Val Torreggiani


Sailing Secretary

Sarah Mees



Roger Lambell



Ann Finck


                                                       Vic Mitchell                   VM

                                                        Colin Twyford               CT

                                                  Dudley Davies                 DD

                                                  Alan Cooper                   AC

                                                  Sarah Taylor                     ST

                                                  John Edmonds                  JE

      Apologies                           Iain Buckland                 IB

  1. Minutes Monday 4th September 2006


  1. Matters Arising

      Costings still being sought for Alan Bennett donation item.

  1. OOD and Cleaning Rota


Open Weekend continued.  Warm day, cruiser and dinghy racing. Prize Giving enjoyed. Potential Members sailing. OU group visited pre-historic forest.

Marie O’Connell


Flags raised but halyards left in disarray.  Training in OOD duties requested.  Club Gates left closed but unpadlocked again.       FF/RD

Dominic Gillett (PM) crewed for JE.  AF lowered flags.



Visitors from Thamesmead with Mirror dinghies. Graham Taylor Trophy held with 11 dinghies






Friday, ship’s alarm not set.



Saturday Camera 3 blurred.   22.45 - shed and cage found wide open.        RT






Two boys on site, ran off.  Sited twice.  Strimmer found lying by cruisers.











Cleaning Rota - The Cleaning Rota has not been carried out for at least the last three weeks.  Members are reminded that OOD and Cleaning Rota are requirements of Membership. 

5.      Membership

The following Youth Members are welcomed to Erith Yacht Club.

Connor Simpson


Miss Simpson

Dudley Davies

Levi Winchester


Mrs G. Winchester

Dudley Davies

Eleanor Crouch


Mrs F. Crouch

Dudley Davies

Linda Crouch


Mrs F. Crouch

Dudley Davies




Ms F. McDonald

Dudley Davies




Ms F. McDonald

Dudley Davies

Leah Butcher


Ms S. Beresford and Mr G. Butcher

Dudley Davies

  1. Secretary

a)  Tender offered by Alan Hunt for the cradle donated by Richard Everett has been accepted.

b)      Dr. Peter Allen thanked EYC for OU visit over Open Weekend.  He was most impressed with the friendly welcome.  He has requested a further visit 11.03.07 at 10am.  Agreed.

c)      Tory Harte (NMM) requested information concerning copyright of film held in NMM archive.  FF to investigate and communicate.

d)      DD has communicated with Andrew Bacon concerning water connection.  The following points were agreed:

·        DD and AB to discuss points of agreement

·        Agreement to be drawn up between EYC and Moorings

·        EYC to retain right to withdraw from agreement at any time.

·        Meter to be read and Moorings to be billed at same time as EYC receives water bill.

·        Pipe -  ½ inch with associated stopcocks and meters.

·        VT to check current water consumption and costs.

e)      Key to electric metre box still missing.

7.  Treasurer

     a) The following fees were agreed. 










Joining Fee


Contingency Fund (subject to Gift Aid)     

£25.00  (see item 7b)




Half Tide Mooring (to be offered by Mooring Committee)




Mooring Application


Unused Trailer


In 2006 outgoings have already exceeded income due to a number of unexpected expenses over and above estimates (slipway, afterdeck, galley etc.). Assuming no further surprises, the recommended figures should enable us to keep our heads above water for another year without drawing further on reserves.   Iain Buckland    Hon. Treasurer   14.10.06

Proposed  Iain Buckland                                 Seconded  Robert Taylor                            Accepted

b) Following a long discussion concerning the Contingency Fund the following points were made:

  • Members who pay income tax will be requested to make a gift to the Club as this will raise  income for the Club through tax rebate. 
  • Members will receive further, detailed information concerning Gift Aid.
  • Members may continue to pay Contingency Fund if they do not pay income tax.
  • Gift Aid is voluntary.  Through donation of Gift Aid the Club will be able to raise higher funds.   Should this not prove the case during 2007 then the decrease in income will need to be reflected in 2008 through considerably higher fee increases.

c)  DD requested that EYC take part in the Christmas Tree Festival in Christ Church, Victoria Road, Erith (15th to 17th December).  £25 is requested for purchase of tree, which is to be decorated by the organisation.  £100 was requested to go to Greenwich & Bexley Hospice and Christ Church.  Agreed

d)  OAP Membership Fees 

     ‘I propose that members with a continuing membership of 10 years and who are retired and receiving an old age pension should be offered a 50% discount on their membership subscription.’

      Proposed  Colin Twyford                                     Seconded    Fred Finck

A lengthy discussion was held on the above proposal and the following points were made:

  • Members are often on fixed pensions.
  • Full Membership keeps the elderly sailing and involved in the Club.
  • Investigations should be made for grants for +50 year olds.
  • 104 full fee paying Members are very necessary for all the work that due to recent legislation MUST be carried out eg. Galley, deck, lower deck, fire regulations, Port Health requirements…
  • A Member in genuine difficulties should always feel they can approach the Flag Officers or Secretary to discuss their situation.  EYC always looks favourably on those with genuine problems.
  • We don’t have enough information to know if our books will balance if we were to adopt reduction at this stage.

It was agreed that this proposal would be seriously considered for 2008 when a tighter analysis of finances can be made due to the implementation of SAGE.

8. Wine Committee

    a)  Bar profits doing well.  VM hopes that the projected 25% profit will be met by the end of the year.

    b)  VM circulated ‘Use of Bar for Private Functions’ document for consideration at the next meeting.

    c)  VT to investigate insurance considerations.

9. Sailing Committee

a)  Yacht

Last two Diamonds have been raced for – good turnouts, well-established series.

Last two Foot Mitchell also raced for – some interesting and pleasing results.

Thanks to Baz for running the cruiser races.

Race back from Medway over Bank Holiday was popular but thwarted by weather conditions.

b)  Plenty of activity on the cruising front.  A fleet of boats set off for the East Coast – some interesting tales one hopes and maybe some more entries for the Henrietta Cup log book prize.

c)  Dinghy

Cadet Day went very well by all accounts

The Star Coronation Cup was cancelled due to lack of enough participants – a trip to Greenhithe took place instead.

Unfortunately no dinghy racing was able to be arranged over bank holiday.

Individual activity continues.

d)  Open weekend

Still need plenty of volunteers – not sure of numbers.  Greenwich Yacht club unlikely to attend.

Interest from out outside Bosun helm – needs a crew.

Thamesmead rescue boat will assist and Stubbers have their rescue boat and dinghies here ready.

I race for yachts each day, 1 dinghy race Saturday and 2 back to back on Sunday.

Yachts will be used each day for Committee boat start and Baz will start cruisers on the ship.

e)  Other

Dudley is taking 2 EYC youth for the SE RYA Championships in Oppies.

Dudley took Reliant for service.

f)  Stubbers EYC was well represented by youth at Stubbers for an award ceremony and sailing.

Stubbers invite EYC to their drum for a bash on 17th September.

This is a good inter-club relationship.

g)  Mirrors  Dudley is arranging for a number of Mirrors to be at EYC on 24th September for a race.

This is the same day as the Graham Taylor Trophy Race.

h)  St Kats trip to be organized 7th and 8th October.

       Report :     Sarah Mees, Sailing Secretary. 4th September 2006

10. Moorings

a)      Moorings on middle trot too close and need attention

b)      Moorings barge to be serviced during September

c)      Ship’s mooring lines to be repaired, discussion with Ron Dott as to possible improvements.

d)      Jon Haile dinghy (catamaran) now on station but awaiting Committee permission.

e)      Terry Evans awaiting Committee permission to bring Ardvark on station.

11. House Committee

a)      Peter Minchs proposals concerning the organisation and tidiness of the dinghy shed will be discussed further by the House Committee.  Ron Dott and Peter Minch will be requested to lead a team to implement the changes at the next work Sunday as set out in Peter’s document.

·        Label it or lose it.

·        Outboards and petrol totally removed from dinghy shed

·        Tractor shed reorganised

·        Plant eg. Bilge pump, paint sprayer etc. to be removed to tractor shed

·        Paint and solvents removed to safe location.  (Not Bosun’s locker however)

·        Members instructed to clean their mess and leave surfaces clear for other Members.

(Clearing and cleaning training courses to be run by Training and/or Peter Minch. £100 each session if you renege on clearing up your mess.  Sorry Hon. Sec’s thoughts only, not official - yet! )

·        Complete work on Harvester quickly as positioning is very restrictive for all Members

b)      House meeting Tuesday 5th September when budget for 2007 will be set.

c)      Graham Moore engaged in completing electrical work, including running hot water system.

d)      Fire Certificate gained

e)      Electrical Emergency certificate gained

f)        Need for a Fire Risk Assessment to be carried out by October - Regulatory Reform Order Oct. 06.  Mono quote £345.00 + VAT

g)      Certificates for lifting gear awaited.

h)      Visit from Port Health, Bryan Shaw led to a report instructing us to comply with certain regulations and procedures as laid down in the Food Hygiene (England) Regulation 2006.  These regulations apply to all premises, private and public where food and drink are served.  All items are in hand.  VT will clarify time factor involved with Port Health.

i)        Jim Freeman and Sheila Hamilton are engaged on renovating walls, shelving and surfaces and flooring in the galley.  All offers of help to Sheila (she is on email).  The Committee offer their special thanks for the extensive work they have undertaken.

j)        Jim is lifting and cementing flooring in lower saloon.

k)      John Edmonds and Graham are working on finishing Harvester asap.  They are thanked for their work.    

12. Social Committee

a)      Jean Crompton has been requested to undertake Food Safety Training.

b)      Port Health has required that Health Hazard procedures are in place in the galley.

c)      It is recommended that volunteers should have knowledge of Hygiene Procedures.

d)      It is recommended that a Cleansing Schedule be put in place and prominently displayed in the Galley.

e)      Main freezer still awaiting replacement.

f)        Calor gas fires ordered from Social Funds - c.£400

g)      Four Notice Boards (cork) have been bought - £416, to replace current notice boards.  Installation next Work Sunday.

h)      Eve Peyto will provide Chilli and Baked Potatoes for Open Weekend.  Tea to be provided after the Sunday Prize Giving.  Some refreshments may be available during the day.  Soup, hot dogs etc.

i)        Budget 2007 request of £2000 for materials for Galley refurbishment. (Flooring, paint, steel and worktops etc.)

13. Managing the Marshes

a)      We have attended several meetings with the Local Authority, Environment Agency Ground Work Wildlife Trusts and other interested bodies who have an input into the Managing the Marshes Project. Resulting from these meetings we were required to submit a Project Implementation Plan for the Saltings (copy attached).

b)      The plan required details of land ownership and area, project type, strategic objectives such as – green space deficiency, reduce flood risk, improve the areas biodiversity, and provide better recreation, leisure and education facilities focused on the biodiversity and local heritage. Engage local communities and align with open space strategy.

c)      Project description including design/delivery phase, project feasibility assessment, budget status and delivery capacity,

d)      A total of 37 projects were presented for examination. All were discussed with LDA Design Advisors at the meeting. Managing the Saltings was one of the 10 projects prioritised, described as – ready to go, small, visible, unique ecology and self-contained.

e)      If LDA funding becomes available it will probably fund items such as detailed erosion control feasibility study (£10,000), remove selected rubbish (£4,000) – early discussions with Thames 21 to select suitable dates to clear rubbish from Saltings. Produce interpretative and educational materials for the wildlife and history of saltings, surveys of the various species. The total estimated cost of the entire proposal amounts to £43,000. The only club funding will be that WHICH HAS ALREADY BEEN AGREED i.e. £2,000.

f)        The saga of the MtM account has been resolved after a visit to Barclays at Dartford and several phone calls. We are now able at long last to pay Ground Work for the Site Appraisal and Methodology work that has been carried out.                             Report   -     Paul Gladden

14.  Project

a)      The Local Authority is most helpful and has produced a template for our guidance in submitting applications. They have a dedicated team that seeks funding for projects within the borough; EYC funding applications fall within their remit.

b)      We have spent hours if not days researching and preparing documentation that will be scrutinised by the LA Team when we have our next meeting, which will be held on Wednesday 6th September. Depending on their advice further research and modification of our proposals may well be required. The LA team will assist and advise on the Funding Bodies that fit our criteria.

c)      Details of the proposed pontoon design should be available within the next week or so. This is the last action within the planning application conditions that required attention at this stage.

                                                                                                           Report   -     Paul Gladden

15. Youth Section

a)      Many of the young people have been helping George (Reynolds) at Southmere Lake. They gain lots of life skills from this involvement in addition to improving their sailing.

b)      Those who attended the usual summer outing to YMCA Activity Centre at Botley had a great time – many thanks to the parents who attended helping to make the week most enjoyable.

c)      If the weather is OK it is hoped that on Sunday 24th some 20 or more will take part in a “Mirror Day”. George has agreed to lend us the YMCA Mirrors (10) for the event and has also supplied the shields so that all participants can have a memento of the day.

d)      I have had a request from Slade Green Triforum for information to be included in their newsletter.                                                                                     Report   -     Paul Gladden

16. Rules Committee

      SGM called for General Committee for Monday 18th September to consider recommended Rule 

      changes to be put before the Membership.

17. Membership Committee

      DD to obtain a further 50 coloured Membership Packs and investigate the cost of 500.

18. Training Committee

a)      Agreements between EYC and MRT for Omega etc. to drawn up.

a)      It has been a quiet period at the Club with most of the instructors being involved at Southmere Lake with the YMCA where approx 180 children attended.

b)      Radio Courses I have many requests and will fit them as soon as possible, the same applies to Level 2 and Safety Boat Courses. The club now has sailboards (thanks to Bob Saunders and John Freestone) and a promise of a kayak that will enable us to carry out the safety boat courses.

c)      Starting in next month or so will be a Dinghy Course that will be run on Sunday mornings. The cost will be £3 per session. We will also be arranging assistant instructor’s courses.

                                                                                                                Report   -     Paul Gladden

19. Security

a)      Some queries concerning locking ship etc.  To be investigated by AF

b)      Alan Cooper reports that the Cameras are back on line and are faster due to new system.  Well done Alan.

20. AOB (Emergency Matters only)

a)      Suggestion IB to spend Alan Beckett £1000 on bench/benches with plaque.

b)      Newsletter items must be to Fred Finck by 21st September 2006         

Meeting finished     23.10 hours

Next meeting          SGM 18th September 2006

vmbt 06/09/06