Date of Meeting Wednesday 26th May 2004 8.00pm


1. Present                  

                   Chair          Dudley Davies             DD

`                                     Chris Westwood                    ChW

                                      Adrian Reeves                        AR

                                      Ann Finck                              AF

  Patrick Shanahan                    PS

                                      Paul Gladden                          PG

                                      Robert Taylor             RT

                                      Sara Taylor                            ST

                                      Val Torreggiani                       VT

                          George Mees                         GM                             

                                      Colin Watson             CW

  Alan Cooper                          AC

                                      Iain Buckland             IB


  Prospective Members     Godwin Grima

                                            Tasim Persaud

                                            Danny Pearce


2. Apologies                  Colin Twyford

                                      Vic Mitchell

                                      Mick Kemp


3. Minutes 28th April 2004

4.      Should read:  A donation of £200 was made to the YMCA for use of equipment etc. at Southmere Lake during Youth Day. Not: £200 to George Reynolds for 2003 is to be paid.

5b Should read:  ….at the next meeting.

7d   Should read:  Steve Hollingshurst not Steve Hollingsworth. 

            7f    Should read: for the Moorings barge, not bag.


     Minutes were accepted and signed.


4. Matters Arising



5. Membership

  1. Godwin Grima and his wife Pauline Grima were welcomed as family members.  They hope to bring their cruiser, which is currently in France, to the Club in the very near future.  Request to bring their boat on station agreed.
  2. Danny Pearce and his partner Tasim Persaud were also welcomed as family members and they too hope to bring their cruiser, an East  Anglian, to the Club from Heybridge Basin in the near future.  Request to bring their boat on station agreed.
  3. David Pearce was granted a change of status from Up River Member to Full Member.
  4. Bob Howard due to ill health is no longer a Member but is to be thanked for his gift to the Club of his dinghy Two Bob that will be used for Training.

6. Secretary

      Officers Indemnity will be discussed during the July meeting.  DD and

       PG are to investigate cheaper insurance than that currently offered by the

       Club insurers, Heath Lambert.                                     


7. Treasurer

a.        No outstanding expenses in April main expenses have been during May.

b.        DD requested £387.75 for wording Erith Safety to be enscribed on the RIB.   Agreed

c.        Resurfacing cost £1,500.  Mullens are to be thanked for their assistance.

d.        Training Account stands at £365.00.

e.        Alan Cooper requested the cost of insurance for a new printer £59.00

Proposed  Val Torreggiani          Seconded   Sara Taylor        Agreed


8. Wine Committee

      No report


9. Sailing

  1. RT thanked the team involved in organising the first Travellers Trophy meeting of 2004. This was felt to have gone very successfully and smoothly.  Sara Mees was thanked for her efforts as Race Officer.

     Jean Crompton was thanked for refreshments.

  1. 28 dinghies took part and £84 was raised.  £51 was paid out for trophies, hooter and fuel.
  2. Travellers Trophy:  20th June   Gravesend

 4th July    Greenwich

  1. Car parking was a problem but those offering to assist were unable to

attend.  This will be addressed in future.


10. Moorings

       a.  No work undertaken in the last month but work is scheduled for two trots.

Work will commence at 6am so the work can be completed in one day.

b.      RT and ST requested that Moorings would review their position due      

to incompatible movement of Littorina and Bolero.

       c.   Aft mooring chain of Folgefonn requires attention.


11. House

a.       A successful Paint Weekend.  All concerned were thanked.

b.      Spray donated by John Gibbons was very successful on hull, less so with topside painting.

c.       AR requested that extra brackets and scaffolding might be considered so that the whole ship could be accessed throughout the weekend and thereby the whole ship be painted.

d.      The ship will be closed for week beginning 7th June for Asbestos removal.

e.       Gantries will be available for use and certificated by the end of July.

f.        Cost of pump for the ship to be investigated.    GM to investigate.


12. Social





13. Youth

DD indicated that a number of those sailing in this group would become members within the next few weeks.


14. Rules

Preparation of comparison between Rules etc. is a lengthy process and PG

Hopes they will be ready for the next meeting.


15. Training

  1. 6th June   Tidal endorsement course for adults from Southmere Lake.
  2. 8th June    Power Boat course.


16.  Project

  1. Planning permission awaited.  The delay was due to the need for datum    points.
  2. Planning application was posted on 19th May 2004.
  3. If Planning permission is granted then the Project Committee can actively seek funding as agreed.
  4. The Committee is working upon planning application and costings.
  5. Currently applications are being prepared for any bodies that may be prepared to offer funding to the Club.
  6. Bexley has offered £50,000.00, which can be quoted.
  7. When applications are made it takes between 6 and 9 months before any decisions are made.

17. Security

a.       Telephone line has been causing problems due to crossed wires at the

exchange.  Trevor Cambridge has suggested that the Club investigate in Total Care policy that enables engineer call out within 4hrs. 

Agreed Unanimously                                                                AC

b.      Gates to Club were left unlocked overnight on 23rd May.  Gates to be

Locked after 6pm.



18. Officer of the Day

     a.   25th April 2004    Reliant named

     b.   7th – 10th May      Paint weekend

c.       It was suggested that the Officer of the Day be informed prior to the event when specific events are being organised at Erith.  Officer of the Day to be asked to check that the main gates are locked at 6pm,


 19. AOB

 Phil Snape has agreed to organise First Aid.  He hopes to run courses in the autumn for Members.  He is also updating First Aid provision.      


Meeting Closed: 9.40pm

Next Meeting: 30th June 2004.