Date of Meeting Wednesday 30th June 2004 8.00pm


1. Present                  

                   Chair          Dudley Davies             DD
                                      Chris Westwood                    ChW
                                      Adrian Reeves                        AR
                                      Ann Finck                              AF
                                      Patrick Shanahan                    PS
                                      Paul Gladden                          PG
                                      Robert Taylor             RT
                                      Sara Taylor                            ST
                                      Val Torreggiani                       VT
                                      George Mees                         GM
                                      Colin Twyford                        CT
                                      Iain Buckland             IB
                                      Vic Mitchell                            VM
                                      Mike Kemp                            MK

2. Apologies                Colin Watson
                                      Alan Cooper


3. Minutes 26th May 2004

    Minutes were accepted and signed.

4. Matters Arising


5. Membership

    The view was expressed that ex-members of the Club should re-join the Club
     without the formalities followed for new members. 

6.  Secretary

a.       The Committee was informed of insurance claims against the Club for theft from members’ vessels.  The matter has been referred to the Club insurers.

b.       £97.05 was received from the Cruising Association from the collection held for ‘the excellent and helpful people who manned the trot boats’ on the occasion of the Frostbite Race in March.

c.       The Mayor of Bexley is to visit the Club on Saturday 18th September during Open Weekend. 


7. Treasurer

a.       A request was made that George Reynolds should receive, on behalf of the YMCA,  £200 in lieu of use of boats and fuel for Cadet Day to be held on 17th July 2004.

      This was agreed.

b.       The Treasurer presented the Accounts for May and indicated that the situation was healthy for this point of the year.

c.       £2000 has been swept from the Bar Account

d.       Vic Mitchell asked what the current situation was concerning Accounts for 2002.  He asked when they were to be audited: he was concerned there were no basic accounts; he felt vulnerable as a representative of the Club in that accounts were not audited; Flag Officers had a duty to the Club to ensure accounts were audited; he felt he could not serve on the Committee unless there was movement concerning the auditing of Accounts.

e.       The Treasurer replied that:  Mrs Sheridan was still working on the Accounts for 2002 following the problems incurred by the Auditor; the accounts for 2003 were ready for checking prior to Audit when Mrs Sheridan was ready to receive them; that Mrs Sheridan had requested the accounts for January 2004 as she felt she could suggest an improved method of accounting for 2004.

f.         VM was concerned by the slippage in dates agreed for presentation of accounts but was aware that the Auditor of the 2002 Accounts had caused considerable problems.

g.       PG expressed his concern that Officers were vulnerable and suggested they attended a Finance Sub-committee Meeting at which the Flag Officers and Finance Committee members would be present in order to acquaint themselves of the current position.

h.       It was suggested that Mrs Sheridan had attempted to contact the Treasurer through emails, letters and  recorded delivery letters concerning the outstanding accounts.  The Treasurer replied that he had not received any such correspondence.  At this point it was suggested that there was some misunderstandings.

i.         It was proposed that a meeting be held within ten days to be organised by Dudley Davies                                                                          DD

      Proposed   Paul Gladden               Seconded  Colin Twyford

j.         PG reported that £339 was held in the Training Account

k.       VT reported that £2040 is currently held in the Social Account.

l.         DD brought the information to the Committee that PLA charges had been increased by 50% at Gravesend and should this occur at EYC this would mean a considerable rise in moorings’ fees next year.

m.    RT reported that only £7.90 was expended during the Travellers’ Trophy at Gravesend.  He felt this was excellent compared with the use of the RIB. 


8. Wine Committee

a.       VM reported that due to excellent bar activity during the Birthday Weekend, Frostbite and visits from Greenwich the bar had grossed £2050 with a 24% profit.

b.      A further visit is anticipated from Greenwich on 11th July 2004.


9. Sailing

a.       The Diamond series on Thursday evenings is continuing well

b.       Foot Mitchell series has completed four races.

c.       Gravesend leg of Travellers’ Trophy may incur some discussion concerning outcome of races.

d.       EYC and all concerned were congratulated on the ‘professional approach’ to organising sailing events.

e.       It was proposed and agreed that radios etc. be held in a location other than the Ship.

f.         Future events include EYC  Open Weekend and Opie Weekend at Chipstead.

g.       Concern was expressed over excessive swell from passing ships and restriction of passage along Long Reach.  It was agreed that DD should contact the PLA to discuss these matters.                                               DD

h.       Permission was requested to use the RIB to provide safety cover on 24th July alongside Morrison’s Pier during a Jazz event, between 11.00hrs and 15.00hrs.  This was agreed.

i.         Approx. half a dozen Toppers will attend Bough Beech regatta on 23rd October.


10. Moorings

a.       The barge is out of the water for refurbishment.

b.      Cost of Hiab to be investigated. DD Costs to be brought to October meeting.                                                                                       DD

c.       Trots are to be spread in future, as they are a little close.

d.      Mooring allocation is strictly based on order of receipt of applications and there is a waiting period for allocated moorings.   However moorings are generally available for all Members requiring use of such.


11. House

a.       The House Committee requested figures for last year’s expenditure from the Treasurer to assist in setting a budget for next year.   IB and AR

b.      Mullens are to be asked to quote for work on slip edge.                  DD

c.       Mooring rings need checking and replacing.

d.      George Mees affirmed the cost of a saltwater Bilge pump @ £250

 Purchase proposed   Dudley Davies     Seconded Chris Westwood


12. Social

       It has been suggested that the Club might hold an informal Dinner and Dance

       In the new year (2005) The Committee agreed this could be pursued.


13. Youth

  1. Youth members are sailing most weeks.
  2. Proposed new Youth members who have attended most of year will be offered membership of the Club.
  3. Botley week will be 16th August.  Approximately 20 persons will attend

14. Rules

  1. PG has passed the Comparison of Rules document to members of the Sub-Committee and if agreed will be distributed amongst the Committee at the next meeting.
  2. PG is willing to conduct a similar exercise on the By-laws.


15. Training

  1. More volunteers to help with training would be appreciated.
  2. Radio, Powerboat courses are popular and earn money for the Club but they take up a lot of the Trainer’s time.
  3. Buoyancy Aids, Henkle have been ordered and will cost approximately £500.
  4. Theory courses are projected for the winter months with practical courses in the spring


16. Project

Planning is going ahead.


Local Authority and Environment Agency have written to us with objections to the plan.


The Local Authority basically states that we should comply with the various Policy Planning Guidelines and their Unitary Development Plan. We are of the opinion that we comply with their observations. The main thrust being “to preserve the openness of the Green Belt”.


The Environment Agency has five objections

  1. Encroachment on area of inter-tidal foreshore, which would be detrimental to the estuarine ecology.
  2. Development lies within area of land liable to flood and will increase risk of flooding elsewhere.
  3. The proposal encroaches into the River Thames - that will increase water levels upstream and downstream of the site.
  4. Proposal includes reclamation of land that will alter the flow of the river.
  5. The development lies within an area of land liable to flood as shown on maps held by the Environment Agency.


The reclamation (4) was agreed by the Environment Agency to protect the salt marshes – they were going to supply the club with the faggots to prevent the erosion.


After listing the objections they (LA & EA) go on to list the various policies, which will form the guidelines for our response. They include Tidal Thames Encroachment Policy, Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, EU Habitat Directive. Blue ribbon principles these include, a better city to live in, opportunity for sport and leisure, this is supported by the Mayor’s Biodiversity Strategy etc.


It lists various surveys that may have to be carried out – I have seen James Field, (Ground Work who have a responsible for the marshes locally) he is going to advise us accordingly as to what surveys we may require and any cost involved in carrying out the surveys. I will hopefully be in a position to report his findings before next committee meeting. (The results will be posted on the website)


I have had discussions with the LA and EA, a joint meeting is being arranged so that the various points raised in the letters can, I am sure, be amicably overcome.


Sport England


It is now known as the Community Investing Fund, London Region Sport England. All applications that have not received funding to date have to re-register. Dennis (King) has carried out this task on our behalf.


b.       James Field is to be approached to discuss surveys and costs involved in answering the concerns of the Environment Agency.

c.       Quantity Surveyor costing proposal should be ready by mid-July and may be brought to the next Committee meeting.

d.       Concerns were expressed over the apparent new positioning of the Club House on plans displayed at the Planning Office, the positioning being somewhat different to that displayed in the original plans shown to the Club by the Architects.  It was explained that the original plans shown were not actually finally agreed plans any more than the current plans are. Plans submitted to the Planning Office are only in outline.  Further concerns were then expressed that the positioning of the Club House in the river would involve further agencies such as the PLA which would not have been the case with the original plans. 

e.       Victor Mitchell suggested that the Project Committee should keep the General Committee up to date with any new information.  Not all of the Committee have yet seen the current plans.


17. Security

a.       The recorder box may need relocation.

b.        Infrared bulbs have been replaced.

c.       BT to be contacted for line repair.          VT

d.       Club to be reminded that the gate and all containers should be locked after 6pm on Sundays.  Members should check on all other days.


18. Officer of the Day

No particular items.


 19. AOB



Meeting Closed: 10.00pm

Next Meeting: 21st July 2004.