Date of Meeting Wednesday 1st November 2004 8.00pm
1. Present
Chair Dudley Davies DD
` Chris Westwood ChW
Adrian Reeves AR
Ann Finck AF
Patrick Shanahan PS
George Mees GM
Alan Cooper AC
Val Torreggiani VT
Paul Gladden PG
Bob Taylor RT
Sarah Taylor ST
Iain Buckland IB 8.30
Colin Twyford CT 8.20
2. Apologies Mike Kemp MK
Colin Watson CW
3. Minutes 15th September 2004
Accepted and signed
4. Matters Arising
5. Officer of the Day
6. Membership
Russell Stevens son of Denzil Stevens was welcomed to the Club as a full member.
Proposed Dudley Davies Seconded Denzil Stevens
David Newbery was welcomed as a full member and his son, Oliver was welcomed
as a Youth Member of the Club.
Proposed Denzil Stevens Seconded Dudley Davies
7. Secretary
a. On behalf of the Star Association Sidney Gascoyne asked for an endorsement from
the General Committee to support their application for a grant of £5000 from Awards for All for suits of sails for the Stars. This endorsement was unanimously agreed. The Commodore will write a letter to support this application.
b. Richard Everett requested that his vessel Pandora come on station in December.
c. Alan Hunt requested that Pranzo (class Pandora) come on station on 8th November 2004.
d. Don Palmer requested that the Club could be used as a venue for his wedding to Maggie Knipe on 30th April 2005, which was agreed should the date not clash with sailing or painting needs of the Club. AR to check the requested date.
e. Mast Crane and winch are now tested. Further testing in April 2005. Adrian Reeves to be thanked for organising this matter to the financial benefit of the Club.
8. Treasurer
September figures were given and accepted. Key money to be investigated.
The Committee were informed that the PLA assessment for fees until 2009 would be £18,700 + VAT which would necessitate a considerable increase in Members fees.
DD requested that the sum held in the Contingency Fund should be shown separately from the funds of the Club. The Treasurer agreed this. IB
PS suggested that the Fund should be used as part of an ongoing programme to replace aging Club equipment.
The Treasurer was concerned that the Club would run at a loss during the next financial year due to the increased PLA fees and large sums that were requested without forward planning. Fees suggested reflected these concerns. (Appendix A)
After due discussion and voting the following fees were agreed for the forthcoming year 2005.
Fees agreed for 2005
Full Membership £140
Family Membership £210
OAP £70
Up-River Member £30
Youth £35
Cruiser on Station £320
Moorings (Half-Tide) £290
(Members will be notified by the Moorings Committee before January fees are due if they are to be allocated a half-tide mooring.
Dinghy on Station £85
Joining Fee £50
Moorings Application £175
Contingency Fund £25
Trailer Unused £150
9. Wine Committee
a. VM reported that the profit margin in the bar was 27%, 2% above the set mark of 25%. Members are thanked for their support of the Club bar.
b. £2000 has been swept into Club funds from the Bar Account.
10. Sailing
a. RT reported a very successful sailing season. All cups were raced for and won.
b. Many thanks to Baz Elmes who was instrumental in the success of the season.
c. Ovens Buoy produced 15 entrants.
d. Final Foot-Mitchell was held in winds of up to 40knots. Some entrants opened their eyes, others did not!
e. Approximately 17 entrants turned out for the Graham Taylor single-handed race.
f. The Sailing Committee was congratulated on its professional approach to the Travellers Trophy.
g. Further inter-Club events may include a Bosun event together with Greenwich YC.
h. Gravesend, Greenwich and Erith are soon to meet to discuss the future of the Travellers Trophy.
i. Events have been held at nil cost to the Club.
j. Robert Taylor has notified the Committee that he does not intend to continue as temporary Sailing Secretary next year and a Secretary is urgently needed. Please volunteer.
k. Steve Davies has requested the presence of the Sailing Secretary at the next NKSC meeting.
l. Paul Gladden proposed a vote of thanks for the Sailing Committee, which was carried unanimously.
11. Moorings
a. DD requested further funding of £5000 above the figure estimated for moorings for 2004 to sand blast the interior of the moorings barge. This was agreed.
b. The pump is ordered and delivery is awaited.
c. Club moorings are currently over subscribed prospective members may need to be made aware of this situation.
d. Members should be made aware of the need to use Club equipment economically and considerately and replace consumable items after use.
12. House
a. Gantries, mast crane and winch will be re-tested in April 2005
b. Mullens will commence slipway within the next two or three weeks (cost approx. £12,000)
c. Work Sunday equipment is in hand
d. Jobs for Work Sundays are to be listed and posted about the Club. House Committee would welcome suggestions for activities.
Contact Adrian Reeves or the Secretary.
e. PS expressed the need for Members with specific skills to offer their services to the Club.
f. Some jobs are carried out during the week and volunteers for these teams would be useful.
g. Jobs and Team Leaders could be listed about the Club and volunteers join these teams.
h. List of jobs for the season 2004 -2005 are listed. (Appendix B)
13. Social
a. Annual Dinner to be held at the Leather Bottle on 13th November. Please contact DD.
b. Ladies evening 12th November at Al Dente in Bexleyheath. Contact Sheila Hamilton
c. Laying up Supper 20th November. Richard Andrews is organising the musical entertainment. Please contact him if you would like to join in with a contribution.
d. Children's Christmas Party list is open. Date: 27th November.
e. Book for the Christmas Lunch with Ann Finck as numbers are limited. 12th December.
f. Social Secretary is required for 2005, volunteers please contact the Hon. Secretary.
14. Youth
a. EYC Youth Member, Shane Butcher did well at Bough Beech and became overall winner of the regatta. Weather conditions were appalling.
15. Rules
a. All comments concerning the Rules to be sent in writing to the Secretary by 12th November.
b. Rules Committee to meet to discuss comments on 15th/16th November.
c. General Committee Meeting to discuss Club Rules at on 22nd November at 8pm on Club ship Folgefonn.
16. Training
a. It was proposed that adults would be offered theory training on Thursday evenings for approximately an hour (7.30 - 8.30?) following a loose programme to be devised by Paul Gladden with further suggestions from participants. It was suggested that the sessions would carry a small fee (approx. £2 - £3.00 per session) and participants could attend all or some of these evenings, which might extend over approx. 8 weeks.
b. The Committee welcomed and agreed to this suggestion.
17. Project
a. A draft plan has been resubmitted to the Planning Department for their perusal and
b. Costs incurred to date by the Project Committee are shown on Appendix C.
18. Security
a. Further adjustments to security system to be carried out on Work Sunday 7th Nov.
b. ST requested that the Committee might consider the purchase of a second Base Station (£3,000) should funds become available. AC, who agreed that Harbour Guard would alert Members to the presence of undesirables, endorsed this.
c. Members with HG are reminded that silent alarms need attention in order that they do not trigger the base station unnecessarily.
19. AOB
Vic Mitchell reminded the Committee that many factors rested upon the need for
audited accounts eg: Amateur Sports Club status to reduce the rates etc. He was
requested to contact an auditor for an estimate of cost.
Meeting Closed: 11.05pm
Next Meeting: Mon 29th November 2004.
Please Note: DD has pointed out that only one person is licensed to use weed killer for the Japanese Knotweed, Steve Brown.