Date of Meeting Wednesday 21st July 8.00pm

1. Present

Chair Dudley Davies DD

Adrian Reeves AR

Ann Finck AF

Paul Gladden PG

Robert Taylor RT

Sara Taylor ST

Val Torreggiani VT

George Mees GM

Iain Buckland IB

Vic Mitchell VM

Colin Watson CW

Alan Cooper AC

2. Apologies Chris Westwood ChW

Patrick Shanahan PS

Colin Twyford CT

Mick Kemp MK

3. Minutes 30th June 2004

7d should read: Vic Mitchell asked what the situation was concerning the Accounts for 2002

7h should read: At this point it was suggested that there was clearly a misunderstanding.

9b should read: Foot Michell series has completed 2 races not 4.

Minutes were accepted and signed.

4. Matters Arising


5. Membership

Alan and Pamela Hunt have been welcomed back to the Club, after nearly 30 years, as Family Members. They have taken over Star 57.
After 31st March new Membership fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis. The Committee felt that fair practice would be that Moorings should also be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
c. Membership undertaken from October onwards incorporates the whole of the following year; thereby fees will be for the following 15 months at the current year rate.

New Members joining the Club after 31st March will have a proportion of their Moorings fee reimbursed. VT IB

6. Secretary


7. Treasurer

The Treasurer reminded the Committee that there had been considerable
expenditure during the year.

The account was in negative equity for June - £4,900 and that this might be the case by the end of the year. There is still income from Standing Orders and New Membership to come.
Total in held by the Club is currently £47,195 00.

d. Minutes of Meeting held 15.07.04 11am Sidcup

Attending: Dudley Davies

Iain Buckland

Jackie Daghini

Rachel Sheridan (Mins)

There was a general discussion relating to the accounts, in particular the 2002 accounts and methods o maintaining records with a view to helping and supporting the Treasurer in his role

Future Action Points
i. 2002 final accounts to be ready by mid August IB to provide RS and JD with final year’s figures.

ii. 2003 final accounts to be ready by mid-September IB to provide RS and JD with final year’s figures

iii. RS to organise SAGE accounting course to be held at Sidcup possibly on two Thursday mornings

iv. Practice SAGE accounts package on January 2004 accounts IB JD RS

v. To operate both ‘book-keeping’ and SAGE with effect 1st October 2004 IB JD RS

Meeting concluded 12.50pm

f. A discussion was held amongst the Members of the General Committee concerning the merits and difficulties encountered when a group of people keep accounts.

8. Wine Committee

The visit from Greenwich improved the Bar Account pleasingly. It was noted that other Clubs seem to appreciate the hospitality offered by EYC>

9. Sailing

The Diamond series on Thursday evenings is continuing well. Puffin continues to lead.
Travellers’ Trophy was won by Greenwich.
Cadet Day 17th July 2004 was excellent despite the thunderstorms. Many class of dinghy were on the lake and at least 18 EYC linked children attended as well as a good number of other youngsters. Many of the young people had their first opportunity to handle a boat alone. The Omega was much enjoyed.
Greenhythe Scouts have asked for RIB support on the 31st July for their raft race. Agreed. DD to liase with Robert Harle
Ann Finck to check if the RIB is still required on 24th July at Erith Pier.
Wash continues to be very dangerous. Damage to saltings is also incurred. Need to establish an ‘ease down’. Woolwich can be radioed if launching is taking place. Dudley Davies is to have discussion with PLA etc. during the week beginning 26.07.04 DD

10. Moorings

a. The barge is dismantled.

b. Hiab costly. Approx. £3,000

c. 1-ton 24V electric hoist to be investigated. DD

11. House

a. Equipment will be tested by the end of the month.

b. Knotweed is to be controlled. Advice has been obtained by the Environmental Agency. Steve Brown has the required qualification to eradicate the knotweed. This is a three-year project.

12. Social

a. Open Weekend Mayor’s visit on Saturday, time to be advised.

b. Evening activity, Fish and Chips, Bar and EYC music.

13. Youth

The two Ice Rink visits proved popular (at least with the Commodore!)

14. Rules

PG has passed the Comparison of Rules document to members of the Committee.
All comments etc. to be forwarded to PG and VT by 1st September. Should there prove to be sufficient queries then a meeting will be arranged specifically to discuss Club Rules. February meeting should allow Rules to be brought to the whole Club.
15. Training

£514 is currently in the Account
Area Coach visited the Club and was impressed with the level of equipment.
Photos are required of the new buoyance aids to be passed to the MRT.
Southmere Centre request to visit the Club for Tidal Endorsement, mid-August. Approx. 12 persons. Contribution from each person being approx. £15. Agreed.
16. Project


Tuesday 13th July 2004 at 10 00am @ EYC.

Present Dudley Davies EYC

Paul Gladden EYC

Mr S Pope Club Architect

Mr Watling LA Senior Planning Officer

Mr Bolton LA Traffic Engineer

Ms Cheatley EA Planning Liaison Officers

Mr Wehalle

Ms Escarr

Ms Heisee

Mr Davis EA Flood Defence Ops & Enforcement Officer

Mr Watling stated that the LA planning consent for developments on the riverside of the flood defences was directly linked to the considerations and agreement of the EA.

The EA will oppose any encroachment into the river whereby it is detrimental to the food chain, i.e. where the invertebrates are likely to destroyed. The positioning of any proposed future structure would therefore have to be constructed on the hard standing. Any landing pontoon would, preferably, have to be afloat at all times with a walk way built for access. Even though the Clubship has been historical situated in its present position concern was expressed as to its ecological effect. Consequently the EA would consider the merits of building the clubhouse on the hard standing.

As the proposed development lies within an area liable to flood an evacuation plan should be in existence and the construction of any sleeping accommodation is not acceptable as it would be below the flood level (below the top of the flood defence bank).

The proposed reclamation of land was explained that as a result of a proposal by the EA to protect the saltings, EYC would place faggots, supplied by the EA, on the edge of the camp shedding so that the saltings could regenerate. This dispelled the objections the EA had, as those present did not have the historical information of their colleagues.

It was agreed that the planning application should be withdrawn.

The way forward was agreed as follows: -

To build the proposed Clubhouse on the hard standing
To remove the sleeping accommodation from the plans
To consider location of a landing pontoon
Ecological report
Demonstrate the need for partitioning within the clubhouse,
Show compliance with the various planning policy guidelines.
To achieve the above both the LA and EA have offered to assist with any queries we may have.
As agreed by the Local Authority and Environment Agency, re submit the planning application (at no cost).

Mr Watling, LA Planning Control Officer, went on to state that he had representations, at his office, from two club members who opposed the development.

It is my view that, yes they do have a right to object to the LA, but as club members and in particular members of the general committee, these objections should be raised within the club and acceptance of the democratic principal observed, it was after all the decision of the membership that we should go for planning and seek possible funding sources so that the membership could decide, when all the necessary information was to hand, whether or not the proposed development was viable and satisfied the needs of the club as a whole. None of us should attempt to usurp the decision of the membership

The General Committee unanimously passed the motion deploring the action of the two members concerned in acting contrary to the democratic wishes of the members.


The Q.S. costs have been received and total £1.8m. These costs include a full upgrade of the site including the building of one storage/workshop in lieu of the present random scattering of the various work sheds and storage units. The site upgrade includes tarmac to car park access road, new entrance gates etc. that amount to £500k

The main costs are substructure i.e. piling and concrete base £409,500

Building £326,200

The remainder of the cost is for internal fittings such as internal doors, finishes to the floors walls, electrical installations, heating etc.

The disabled element of building cost is included @ £84,000.

The cost of the completed building is estimated at £1.3m. A contingency has been built in.

17. Security

Infrared bulbs have been replaced at a cost of £20 (x4).
Notices on Gate, Containers and Sheds for closure after 18.00hours. VT GM
Improvements to the system are being pursued . AC RT
Box to be relocated.

18. Officer of the Day

Fred and Ann Finck noted that on Sunday 18th July the Gates were locked at 17.50hours but were opened and not locked again by at least seven members of the Club. Thanks to Ann and Fred who returned from home (Ann having avoided a glass of in case she had to drive again) the gate was finally at approximately 20.00 hours. Was it not for Fred and Ann’s ‘Broadband’ vigilance the Club may well have been left unsecured all night, again! Members must keep the Gates secured after 18.00 hours on all days except Thursday when the Gate is open for Club night.

19. AOB

A Trash Pump (£350) with 2in pipe (which will require washing out) to be purchased

GM Meeting Closed: 10.45pm

Next Meeting: 15th September 2004.