Date of Meeting Monday 29th November 2004 8.00pm

1. Present
Chair Dudley Davies DD
` Chris Westwood ChW
Adrian Reeves AR
Ann Finck AF
Patrick Shanahan PS
George Mees GM
Val Torreggiani VT
Paul Gladden PG
Bob Taylor RT
Sarah Taylor ST
Iain Buckland IB 8.25
Colin Twyford CT

2. Apologies Mike Kemp MK
Colin Watson CW
Alan Cooper AC

3. Minutes 1st November 2004
Moorings 11a Date should read 2004 not 2005
Minutes accepted and signed

Minutes 15th September 2004
Youth 13 para.3 Should read: Dudley Davies suggested that on behalf of the
YMCA, George Reynolds should be offered a contribution towards
the cost of the tractor. NOT George has requested some contribution
to help with the purchase of the tractor (see AOB)

4. Matters Arising

5. Officer of the Day

6. Membership

7. Secretary
a. Through Juliet Smith the Club now has a contact with a Marine Solicitor, Martin Penny, should the Club have need of such services.
b. Peter Minch pointed out to the Committee that during Work Sunday, 7th November, children appeared to be without due supervision and were observed to be taking items from the dinghy shed and private boxes. Furthermore they appeared to be unsupervised after dark whilst sitting around a bonfire. It was requested that parents and sponsors be made aware of their responsibilities concerning the overseeing of Youth members and visiting children.
DD to bring this to the attention of parents and sponsors.
8. Treasurer (at 9.20)
a. IB informed the Committee that approximately £3,000 was left of the receipts for 2004 and it was likely that the Club would be calling on financial reserves this year. It was also noted that the Club has undertaken a number of expensive but long term projects this year.
b. The Committee was informed that further costs for diesel and sewage need to be considered.
c. The emergency pump has now been received.
d. IB informed the Committee that a meeting had been held with Neal Haslam, Alan Hunt and Rachel Sheridan concerning the auditing of accounts. Neal Haslam was willing to undertake the audit for 2002 and 2003 and would aim to do this before the AGM in 2005. Alan Hunt volunteered to do three monthly audits in future. Iain Buckland proposed that Neal Haslam and Alan Hunt be requested to undertake the role of Auditors of EYC Accounts. Seconded Robert Taylor Agreed

9. Wine Committee

10. Sailing
a. Next year's programme has been agreed and follows the programme of 2004. An extra
feature may be an activity which will celebrate the 200 anniversary of Trafalgar Day.
b. Graham Campbell is refurbishing the race line markers.
c. Oven's Buoy Race. The PLA have expressed concerns over skippers' knowledge of collision regulations etc. It was felt that whilst this is the responsibility of each individual skipper sailing on the river not that of Erith Yacht Club, nevertheless in the interests of the Club, skippers could be reminded of the need to be aware of the rules of the river. It was suggested that Richard Banner be requested to post the PLA bye-laws on the Club website and skippers be made aware of this. Training sessions on Thursday evenings also incorporate training in rules and regulations. Navigation requirements might also be brought to Members' attention through the Club newsletter. Race officers will also remind skippers of the need know Navigation Regulations.
d. The Sailing Committee is to publish a list of Helmsmen and Crew for the Safety Boat.
11. Moorings
a. DD reported that the moorings barge was sandblasted and had received a coat of primer at a cost £2,000, well under budget.
b. DD requested that bitumen paint, hoses, sealant, small header tank, fuel tank and oxy-acetylene hoses be purchased and a pump (£480). Agreed
c. At a meeting of NKYA the cost of moorings was discussed. On behalf of Greenwich, Erith, Thurrock and Gravesend YC's this matter is to be taken up by NKYA together with the RYA in the hopes that some reduction in fees might be negotiated.
d. DD hopes the barge will be ready by the New Year.
12. House
a. First Work Sunday was very well attended. It is hoped this will continue throughout the season. All participants are thanked.
b. Skips for scrap metal etc. are to be obtained.
c. Work on the gantry is to proceed.
d. Loads of bitumen to be obtained. George Walker to be requested to roll.
e. Slipway work is to begin. Timber edging is requested. 15m of 3 by 2 + VAT £280 requested. Agreed
f. Paul Mullen is thanked for his help concerning works at Erith.
g. New Rabies sign is required. (Port Health - VT)
h. Team required to clear and tidy ship for Christmas Lunch at the December Work Sunday.
i. First Aid boxes to be distributed and notices placed during December work Sunday.
j. Alan Cooper requested purchase of ladder for maintenance of security equipment. CT to discuss with AC. Purchase agreed.
13. Social
a. The Annual Dinner was held at the Leather Bottle on 13th November and Ladies evening 12th November at Al Dente in Bexleyheath, both evenings were well attended and enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the organisers. Chauffeurs are also thanked especially those braving Bexleyheath Broadway on a Saturday night.
b. The Laying-up Supper proved yet another pleasant evening and entertainers and providers of the feast are thanked for all their efforts.
c. The children's party was enjoyed by all, many thanks Jean.
d. The Christmas Lunch, 12th December, is a 'sell-out'.
14. Youth
15. Rules
Dudley Davies proposed that Paul Gladden chair the Membership Committee seconded Val Torreggiani. Agreed Paul will approach Members to form a Committee next February.
16. Training
a. Thursday evenings have been well attended by Members of all ages. All Members are welcome on any Thursday evening for one or all evenings.
17. Project
a. The draft plan has been returned to the Architects by the Planning Department with one or two queries concerning the deployment of spaces within the building.
b. The PLA have expressed that they are agreeable to make a variation to the Club licence if the Project goes ahead.
18. Security
a. Purchase of infra-red bulbs agreed. It was agreed that AC should hold sufficient lamps to replace each lamp. (Currently 6) and replace broken lamps without recourse to the Committee. Cost approx. £120 Agreed
19. AOB
a. Tractor. Robert Taylor (see appendix B) suggested that the Star Class mini-tractor used
by members of the Club was unsafe.
b. After discussion it was agreed that the Star Class be requested that the tractor be taken to
Doe's at Sutton at Hone and assessed as to the feasibility of repair. Once this assessment has been carried out then discussion will take place as to the need to replace this tractor. DD to take the tractor to Sutton at Hone.
c. The Club is in the fortunate position of having been offered the use of the mini-tractor purchased for use with the YMCA Rib. The YMCA, through George Reynolds, is thanked for permitting the Club to use the tractor whilst the Club tractor is out of use.
d. Important Reminder Members are reminded that all Members using Club plant should have received instruction or training from a designated member of the Club. George Walker has agreed to offer instruction on use of tractors and Ron Dott on all other plant as well as tractors.

Meeting Closed: 9.48
Next Meeting: Mon 10th January 2004.
vmbt 30.11.04