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Henriette Cup

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Henriette Cup

The Henriette Cup is awarded each year for the 'Best Log'. This year the Cup will be judged by a small group, awarding marks independantly, the total to decide the winner.

We have the following guidance notes, for both the judges and the entrants on the main points we are looking for in a good log and the rough breakdown of marks that will be attributed to each one.

Navigational Information - This is a log so it should be based on the yachts deck log and all the usual
information should be in there, tides, weather, courses etc. The important point is it should be clear to the reader
exactly where the yacht went and when. (20marks)

Descriptional additions - Extra information that was not essential to navigation, descriptions of
harbours, anecdotes on events that happened aboard or ashore. (15 marks)

Advice and Lessons - We should all be trying to improve our sailing abilities and part of the
value in reading other peoples logs is what can be learned from them. Any advice in the log that
would be useful to others cruising the same area or any discussions in the log on things that
happened, how they should have been done and what was learned from them. (20 Marks)

Challenge of Cruise - The log is being judged not the cruise but probably more marks would be awarded for the log of a single-handed circumnavigation than a cruise to the Purfleet Tavern (5 Marks)

Presentation - (5 Marks)

Enjoyability - Purely subjective on how much the reviewer enjoyed reading the log (15 Marks)

All logs submitted will (with the agreement of the entrant) be published in the Members section of the Club Website for all members to review and enjoy.

Sailing Committee


Boat Name
Jeremy Michell
Not Awarded
Not Awarded
Brian Elliston
Nokomis of Kent
Pedro Agostino
B Elliston
Nokomis of Kent
D Davies
Maid Marion
F. Finck
R Andrews
B Elliston