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The Leaving of Liverpool

Fare thee well the Princes Landing Stage
River Mersey fare thee well
For I'm bound for California
A place I know right well

So fare thee well my own true love
When I return united we shall be
It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me
But my darling when I think of thee

I am bound for California
By wa of stormy Cape Horn
I will write to you a letter my love
When I am
homeward bound

I have shipped on a Yankee Clipper ship
Davy Crockett is her name
Her Captains name it is Burgess
And they say she's a floating shame

It's my second time with Burgess in the Crockett
And I reecon I know him well
If a man's a sailor, he'll get along
If he's not then he's sure in hell

So Farewell to Lower Fredrick Street
Anson Terrace fare the well
Fo I know it's going to be a lon long time
Before I see you again.



Midi Sequence Credit - Barry Taylor

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