"Luff, I was talking to Vang Kevlar over there and he says boat tune is most important, what do you think?" asked Tingle.

"Well yes, a well tuned boat will sail quickest, Vang Kevlar's very good at that. If you want to learn about boat tune he's your man . I think I'd just try to buy a boat that used to belong to him, then you'd have a good well sorted boat." "But is it most important?" repeated Tingle "It depends where you are sailing and against who. If you are in an Olympic regatta and all the helmsmen are very good with little to chose between them then if your boat is not as well tuned as the rest you are going to be well behind. In the sort of sailing we do here at EYC it's not the most important, in a race round the buoys a slightly better tuned boat might be 10 lengths ahead. You've only got to miss a windshift or two or fluff a mark rounding and you will lose a lot more than that. That's not to say you shouldn't get the boat sorted out as well as you can. Most important is to make sure everything works correctly. If everytime you tack the jib sheet gets caught around a cleat or whenever you want to raise the centreplate you have to heave using both hands with your feet on the centre thwart you will not do well.That having been said the most important thing is practice, set your boat as similar to Vang's, or anyone else who does well and go out and learn to sail it If you are not careful you will fall into the "Tuning Trap" and find yorself coming ashore and blaming the boat for your poor results, it's far better if you come ashore thinking you lost because you didn't sail as well as you could and start working on that..