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As members will be aware there has for some time been an initiative to look at options for possible replacement of the Folgefonn, generally referred to as 'The Project". This page contains copies of information that has been made available to members to enable them to review at their leisure and assist in making any decisions that may prove necessary.

Notice to members of General Committee's acceptance of grant and conditions imposed

Minutes of General Committee Meeting 12-12-08 To discuss project updates

Room Data Sheets - 01-Dec-2008

Documents added 18-Nov-08

Proposed Clubhouse North Elevation

Proposed Clubhouse West Elevation

Proposed Clubhouse GF Layout

Proposed Clubhouse FF Layout

Documents added 29-Sep-08

Background explanation to the Schedule 4 Outputs

Comparative Study of Projected Running Costs of the Proposed New Building

Comparison of Schedule 4 Outputs and E.Y.C. Calendar

Research Source for Schedule 4 Comparative Figures

Schedule 4 Comparative Figures


Draft Copy of Development Agreement Document

Covering Letter

Bexley Planning Conditions Page 1
Bexley Planning Conditions Page 2
Bexley Planning Conditions Page 3
Bexley Planning Conditions Page 4



Work Sunday 02-Mar-2008 - Project Update report


Hi Val,

On behalf of the Project Committee please circulate the following: -

Next week, 3rd March, contractors will be on site at EYC so that a contamination assessment of “the fill” can be undertaken, they will identify the areas where samples need be obtained. On 17th March they will bring onto the site all the necessary machinery and plant to carry out this work. This assessment is necessary as it is one of our planning conditions – no construction can take place until this assessment is completed (at this time, rightly or wrongly, we have to assume that the club agrees to the new clubhouse).

At the same time a geotechnical investigation will take place where the tenders are stored. We therefore ask members if they would kindly store their dinghies next to their cruisers.

There will be machinery and plant on site and the contractors will be fully briefed so that they comply with EYC Safety and Security policies.

We ask members to be aware of the possible dangers associated with the above work.

Separate funding for his work has been obtained so that our “Building Fund” remains intact.

Many thanks



Work Sunday 03-Feb-2008 - Project Update report



From: []
Sent: 10 January 2008 10:14
To: Val Torreggiani
Subject: Folgefonn

Hi Val,

The Norwegians have secured the funding for the transportation of “Folgefonn” to Norway .

The Project Committee has informed them that we are not prepared to transfer ownership or release “Folgefonn” to them, prior to us reaching a satisfactory agreement of the grant conditions has been agreed between the Local Authority and the membership and suitable temporary accommodation for our members has been arranged.




Work Sunday 06-Jan-2008 - Project Update report


From: Keith []
Sent: 18 December 2007 23:29
Subject: The Grant conditions and associated discussion.

The Grant conditions and associated discussion.

Double the membership of the club ? The present cramped conditions for parking boats on the fill are already outrageously unacceptable. How are we going to provide enough space for club expansion for the future? The proposal is unacceptable.

Providing access to schools and others?

This is a private club not a public leisure centre. The local authority can want what it likes but we are private and not a philanthropic charity. Not to mention the public liability aspects of persons being on the premises, the idea of schools and others using our slipway as they would a public facility is not acceptable as the club then slips into the public domain. An area to steer clear of as public opinion might then be attracted and drawn to discuss the club in ways that may not be welcomed by our membership. This route is too risky and therefore unacceptable. Although there may be accolades awarded if that day were to come we are not a facility to be part of an Erith Leisure Centre program. “Yes the use of schools and others would get in the way of our members using this facility. “

Staying discrete. We should not attract too much attention to ourselves over this issue if we wish to remain

private. The risk of going bankrupt or being subject to compulsory purchase orders as a result of default is

increased by accepting this grant.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch and vultures fly here along these riverside properties in this ripe

development area.

Available Ships. Perhaps another ship should not be dismissed too quickly or even the idea of refurbishing the hull

of ours in some way might be considered.

Trinity house might be approached for something like this :-

Independence. We should be aware that we may well be sacrificing our independence for the future and taking the first step towards people other than ourselves to be calling the shots when that day comes. I like to see the club the way it is and I believe others may yet have even more valid issues than I have detailed here. I may therefore give serious thought to opposing acceptance of the grant now that I have had more time to consider the implications.


Keith Hughes

INCISOR (Galion 22)


Work Sunday 02-Dec-2007 - Project Update report


From: Valerie Torreggiani []
Sent: 06 December 2007 21:26
Subject: FW: Folgefonn

I received this email last week via various routes and hope you will enjoy
reading about the feelings of the Norwegians concerning Folgefonn. This is
from a small newspaper in Norway and as you can see the facts aren't
absolutely correct but I am sure the sentiments are. Xxxx V -----Original
From: Svein Olav Langåker []
Sent: 03 December 2007 11:32
Subject: RE: Folgefonn

Dear Mrs. Torreggiani

This is a translation of our editorial article in Sunnhordland:

Folgefonn on it's way home?
It seems like "Folgefonn" is on her way back to her home waters. Today it is
a clubship for a sailing club nearby London. But the ship has to be moved
from the place where it is today. The owners can either sell it or scrap it.

The museum Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter has taken interest in getting the
ferry home. They has already been inspecting the boat in London together
with representatives from Riksantikvaren, Hordaland Fylkeskommune (county),
Kvam herad (municipality) and Hardanger Musem. Representatives from
Ferjelaget Skånevik has also been there. Eide Marine Services has made some
examinations on how to get the ship over the North Sea. We are sure that
they will find the best solution.

It's no doubt that it's exciting to get good old "Folgefonn" home again. The
ferry was special, and as far as we know the first car ferry in our
district. This makes it even more interesting to get it back into home
fjords. If the ferry is in good shape, it will be a good project for the
museum. "Folgefonn" is not the least worthfull to be preserved as cultural
heritage. If it succeeds to get the ferry back home, the future will tell if
the ferry will lie alongside the museum's quay, or going on trips around in
the fjords. We still remember "Folgefonn" on full speed.

We still have the opinion that responsible officials have to discuss the
future use of the old boats that have been restored or are being restored.
It is a limit for how many boats that can be taken care of. But in our view
"Folgefonn" has to be preserved because it represents a historical step in
the transportation of cars in our fjords.

With regards,
Svein Olav Langåker

-----Original Message-----
From: Sæther Aksel []
Sent: 3. desember 2007 11:38
To: Svein Olav Langåker
Subject: VS: Folgefonn

-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: Valerie Torreggiani []
Sendt: 3. desember 2007 11:23
Emne: Folgefonn

Dear Sirs,

Your weblink has been passed to us by an English lady living in Norway.

I am the Hon. Secretary of Erith Yacht Club where Folgefonn is moored.
Currently Folgefonn is our much loved Clubship but as you are aware there
are negotiations to return Folgefonn to its home waters in Norway. I wonder
if it would be possible for you to translate your article on the ship for
circulation amongst our Members.

Many thanks, Val Torreggiani


Minutes of Special General Meeting 23 September 2007



Minutes of Special General Meeting 03 May 2007