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Graham Taylor Trophy 2004

The Graham Taylor Trophy for single-handed dinghies attracted an excellent turnout of 16 boats. The race was run on handicap but six different dinghy classes meant there were some good one-design tussels going on within the race. A fresh westerly breeze gave a hard beat up to the first mark above the club moorings then a broad reach against the tide across the river to the gybe mark. Laser 147823 (Gino Daghini) took an early lead and held it throughout the race with Hamble Star 115 (Richard Banner) and Topper 43772 (Peter Reeves) trailing a little way behind. The weather proved testing for the three Topaz's all of them becoming customers for the rescue boats. Further back Hamble Stars 106 (Nigel Field) and 111 (J Mitchell) exchanged places all the way round 106 eventually crossing the line 4 seconds in front. The two Optimists (Emma Compton and Dawn Snape) also exchanged places often Dawn having the advantage at the end, credit to them for completing the course that saw many bigger boats retire. Gino's Laser took line honors but on handicap was second to Hamble Star 115 by just 6 seconds. Full Results

Foot Mitchell Series 2004

Race No 4

The final race in the Foot Mitchell Cruiser Series Cup took place on Sunday 10th Oct in a strong Easterly wind. Bolero, C Harp and Nokomis all made good starts with Marlin, Harmony, The Act and Alvia a little further back. The course was upriver to the first yellow buoy off Thamesmead and back. All yachts held their positions on the run up river with almost all boats sailing at hull speed. C Harp was first round the mark closely followed by Nokomis and Bolero. Hard on the wind with regular gusts in the high 30knts was testing for the boats and crews. Small headsails showed their superiority over tightly wound down roller headsails and strong arms in the crew to get the sails in was a greater advantage than sailing skill. Alvia had a problem with her headsail reefing gear and had to retire but all the other yachts made it safely back to the finish Marlin taking line honors just ahead of C Harp. Second on handicap for Bolero however was enough to give her the series. Full Results of Series

Race 3 August 1st

Race officer Bas Elms set an upriver course, up with the tide to a yellow buoy of Thamesmead, the fleet arriving there at about high water returning on the ebb to Erith. Six boats entered the race in a light easterly breeze giving runs and broad reaches as the yachts followed the curves of the river towards London. Alvia (Twister 28) got the best start closely followed by Bolero (Rustler 31) and Marlin (Tarentelle 27). Bolero edged into a lead and these three pulled slightly ahead of the rest of the fleet. Marlin slipped past Alvia at the mark and the yachts came on the wind against the last of the flood. This allowed the rest of the fleet the to close up and there were some close tussells between Snuggles (Pegasus 700) and 'The Act' (Intro) Faultless sailing by Bolero meant she held the lead for most of the beat back until a tack forced on her by a coaster bound upriver allowed Marlin to slip past to take line honors. Bolero had however done more than enough to take the race on handicap adding to her victories in races 1 and 2 of the series. Next Foot Mitchell is September 12th, lets find someone to give Bolero some competition.

Bill Smart Trophy 3rd October 2004

The annual race to the Ovens Buoy and back was, as always well supported. The forecast had threatened wet and windy weather but a light breeze from the South East transpired. There was enough breeze to enable the yachts to stem the fast flowing ebb tide and most of the fleet were over the line together. Tranquility took an early lead down long reach with some lucky windshifts enabling Marlin to be close behind. In Fiddlers and Northfleet Hope reaches there was some commercial traffic, all the EYC yachts were well out of the channel on the North shore but over enthusiasm by the Harbormaster's launch cost the middle of the fleet some time. By the time the buoy had been rounded the fleet had split into a number of small groups eanh having their own private tussels. Fairtrade and Tranquility battled for the lead with Marlin shadowing them a little way behind. A little further behind Shulp, Aloah and Larceny sailed close together and managed to overhaul Marlin in Fiddlers Reach. Bolero, Nokomis and Eastern Promise making up the next group. Puffin, Loucha and the slower boats being not too far behind. Fairtradetook line honors from Tranquility. On handicap Puffin had sailed well enough to secure the Trophy with Bolero a close second. Full Results.

Diamond Evening Series 2004

Yacht Skipper PY Race 1 Points Race 2 Points Race 3 Points DNS Points Race 5 Points Race 6 Points Race 7 Points Race 8 Points Race 9 Points Final Position Total Points
Puffin Richard Andrews 1325 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 1 18
Marlin Richard Banner 1075 DNS 12 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 DNF 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 2 34
Mystic Guy Bates 1147 DNS 12 DNS 12 6 6 DNS 12 5 5 3 3 DNF 12 3 3 2 2 3 43
Fairtrade Duncan Thompson 995 2 2 3 3 3 3 DNS 12 3 3 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 4 47
Nokomis of Kent Brian Elliston 1025 DNS 12 4 4 4 4 DNS 12 4 4 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 1 1 5 49
Blue Movee James Chapman 996 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 1 1 DNS 12 DNS 12 6= 73
Gigi Tim Bailey 1122 DNS 12


12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 1 12 DNS 12 6= 73
Larceny John Eveling 1020 DNS 12


12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 2 12 DNS 12 8 74
Bolero Bob & Sara Taylor 1105 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 3 3 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 9 75
Harmony Godwin Grimmer 1000 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 4 4 DNF 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 10 76
Oryx George Mees 1010 DNS 12


12 5 5 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 DNS 12 11 77


Race 7

The final race was held on Thursday 26th August. Two boats made it Nokomis and Mystic, Nokomis took the race. Failing light in the evenings means this is the end of the series. A good turnout of 11 boats entered the series and 9 races were run. Puffin's (Richard Andrews) supremacy in the early races meant she won the series overall. Credit as well to Mystic (Guy Bates) which sailed in the most races showing the value of perseverance taking third in the series. Results Table

Diamond Series Race 6 29th July

Four boats started the race in a light breeze from the South. With series leader Puffin taking a holiday from her continual success the competitors looked forward to a new race winner this evening. Blue Moove (Bolero 25.5, James Chapman), just relaunched after a spell ashore for drying out and a repaint was first across the start line closely followed by Marlin (Tarentelle 27, Richard Banner). Harmony (Jenneau Symphonie, Godwin) was not far behind with Mystic (Mystere, Guy Bates) close behind her. Blue Moove carried her spinnaker up Erith reach and was first round the Jenningtree. Hard on the wind against the tide she was the only just able to make over the tide. All of the yachts crept close inshore to find the slack water but had to come out in to the tide to round the Cleanaway building off Coldharbour point. Only Blue Movee had enough speed to creep round the point and took line honors and the race. After much tacking back and forth failing light meant the other boats eventually had to admit defeat, retire and motor back to the Club

Race Result Series Results so far

Diamond Series Race 5 15th July


Diamond Series Race 4Thursday 1st July

Five yachts started an upriver course in a fresh breeze, Fairtrade was round the mark closely followed by Nokomis and Marlin, arriving at the mark together. Bas (Black Course) Elms had set the next mark close in on the Kent shore which meant a challenge to the competitors windward ability to round the next inshore mark. Fairtrade took line honors, followed by Nokomis, but yet again Puffin was close enough behind to take the race on handicap.

Diamond Series Race 3Thursday 17th June

With the maximum hours of daylight available for this race, Race Officer Bas 'Black Course' Elms set a longer than usual course down to the first green navigation buoy off Greenhithe and back. Three boats started in 20kn of north westerly breeze. Bolero (Rustler 31) and Marlin (Tarentelle 26) had set smaller headsails in preparation for the beat back. Current series leader Puffin (Snapdragon 24) made good use of her roller headsail to lead for much of the way on the run down Long Reach. If not for some aggressive direction of her wind shadow by Marlin to gain an overlap just before the mark Puffin would have been first to round the mark. The last of the ebb tide was still running when the mark was rounded which made for a challengening beat back. Tactical decisions on when to come about were further complicated by the the arrival and departure of two DART container ships from the Kent shore and one Colfret ship from the Essex shore as we made our way up long reach. The tide had turned as the yachts reached the top of long reach. The two fin keeled yachts pulled away on the wind and Marlin took line honors with Bolero close behind but Puffin had done enough on the downwind leg to take the race on handicap.

Full Results

Diamond Series Race 2Thursday 10th June

Six boats entered in perfect sailing conditions. A course was set up to the Jenningtree buoy off of Fords then round the first buoy in top of long reach. The wind angle made for close or broad reaches on all legs. The race was held close to high water so the slack tide meant there was little advantage in deviating from the direct course between the buoys. The four fastest yachts all reached the top mark together and traded places on the way down to the lower buoy. Fairtrade took line honors but Puffin was not far behind and took the race on handicap.

Foot Mitchell Cup Series Race 16th June

The race was held in very light winds on a rising tide. Six yachts started, first mark was a short way down Long Reach positions were traded as the yachts fought against the tide. Slightly shallower draft Marlin (Tarentelle 27) was able to keep close inshore and crept round the mark first closely followed by Oryx (Nicholson 30) and Nokomis (Legend 29). Uptide and on the wind Oryx powered away towards the Jenningtree buoy only for the wind to die again and all the yachts had to creep back out of the tide along the Essex shore. Oryx took line honors closely followed by Nokomis then Marlin with Bolero (Rustler 31) very close behind and easily taking the Race on Handicap. Congratulations to Loucha (Meridian 9.5) on completing the course an hour later in conditions not at all suiting the boat.

Coronation Cup

Piper Cup