Oryx finishing an evening race

Erith Yacht Club

The finest sailing water on the tidal Thames

Club Ship 'Folgefonn'

Anchor Bay,

Erith, Kent, DA8 2AD

Tel 01322 332943

Secretary Tel 0208 310 2686

email - secretary@erithyachtclub.org.uk

EYC Racing and Sailing Tips with Tingle Grommet.

We have been planning tor some time to publish some Racing and Sailing tips on the EYC website. The problem has been finding someone in the Club who believes they know anything. Tingle Grommet is a up and coming helmswoman, she has learnt to sail and been through the RYA courses but wants to improve her skills. She has offered use her wiles to talk to some of the experienced members and share any information gained with the Website. In the Clubship bar she starts up a conversation with Luff Cranseiron, he is a bit of an old waffler but now and again he does well in the Club races so she is sure she will be able to extract some valuable tips from him. She has also offered to share any other adventures which give useful sailing advice with us.

Tingle's Aventure with the hooting ship

"So Luff, if I want to start doing well in Club races what's the most important thing to work on first?" asked Tingle.

"Ok Luff, got that what's the next most important thing?" asked Tingle.

"Luff, I was talking to Vang Kevlar over there and he says boat tune is most important, what do you think?" asked Tingle.

"Garboard Strakes says I must always be in the best tide, how do I tell where it is?" asked Tingle.