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In order to facilitate the movement of building personnel in and out of the Club a second padlock has been attached to the Club gate. Contractors will be given a separate key for the second padlock which is not that held by Club Members and instructed to ensure the gate and barrier are locked, as are Members.

Please be aware that will be more non-members on station in the on-coming weeks. We will try to ensure they have identity badges if at all possible.


Cleaning of the toilet block is to be undertaken by three ladies, Linda, Melanie and Sandy each Friday morning. They will hold a barrier key and a Contractor's key for the Club gate. Please facilitate the cleaning by using the toilets on the ship if necessary during cleaning.

John Edmonds.

May 2009

AGM 2009

Documents for AGM

2007 Accounts-a
2007 Accounts-b
General Committee Nomination Form
Wine Committe Nomination Form



Subject: Project
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 17:37:52 +0000

Dear All

The moving of Folgefonn

There will be a lot of disturbance around the club when the contractors start to build

Stage 1 will be the new clubhouse and the fitting of the pontoon and the brow out to it

Stage 2 will be the replacement sheds and the works associated with them

Stage 3 is all the other bits and pieces

At the moment our project manager is talking of the new clubhouse being ready for us to move into in October next year
our ideal timing is to move out of the ship straight into the new building

Then Folgefonn will sail away with lots of tears ashore and the builders can carry on and place the pontoon in position and finish off the brow

There could be a bit of a fly in the ointment with the towing company not wanting to tow across the north sea with winter approaching fast, bearing in mind that they are going a thousand miles or more north, winter comes sooner up there

We are talking to the Norwegians and they will have to arrange transport and tie up all the loose ends for the moving of Folgefonn which will take sometime

It might come about that Folgefonn will have to go a few weeks before the building is completed, it can not go very long after the new building is ready for occupation because the pontoon and brow can't be worked on with Folgefonn in place

We have a very tight building schedule and the clubhouse and pontoon and all the other works have to be completed and signed off by the end of March 2010 which means we are looking for a completion date the end of February to allow for things that need to be put right

There is a possibility that we will be without a club bar for a few weeks at the end of the summer

We did look into alterative accommodation but found nothing suitable and we were told by the planners than planning permission would have to be sorted for temporary buildings

We would also have to apply for another bar licence at extra cost

I feel it will not kill us to forgo the luxury of a bar for a few weeks if it comes to it, we all seem fairly happy with Syds cafe and with the luxury of a wood burning stove as we watch the works going on around us

I am usually around the club on a Sunday if you want to have a chat about things or there is email and the telephone, I will try to answer your questions as you put them to me

Do remember the Christmas lunch and Pantomime on the 14th Ann has the tickets

Work Sunday next week 7th

That's enough from me now

John Edmonds
Commodore EYC


Dear Members a few EYC points:

Two new Trustees were agreed at the General Committee – Project – Meeting this evening. They are Sheila Hamilton and Guy Bates. The other applicants were thanked for kindly stepping forward at this time.

Brian Crickmore was affirmed as ‘Liason Officer – Build’, to liase between the Project Manager and the General Committee.

Paul Gladden was again confirmed as Project Chair. A very warm vote of thanks was given to Paul and Dudley and the rest of the Project Committee for all their hard and exacting work, over many years, in seeking funding to enable EYC to obtain a new Clubhouse.

An engineer from TYG (Pollution Testing) will be on site on Friday 12th September at 4.30. (apologies as my notes are not handy for his exact title but he will be visiting as stated)

The meeting concluded on a very pleasant note as we are all invited to a BIRTHDAY PARTY on SATURDAY 1st NOVEMBER 2008 – whose party you may ask? Folgefonn and the Commodore….a must be there affair I suggest!!!

Xxx V


Dear Members,

Following the SGM held today 11.00 hours to 15.10 hours! I have pleasure in attaching the results of the ballot for Proposals 2 – 4, the Minutes will follow!!

The meeting was very well attended with 90 voting members present, although only 88 votes were placed in the ballot boxes. There were 19 Family, Youth and Prospective Members present and apologies from 10 voting Members. We currently have 114 voting Members so 100 members doing their best to attend or be counted on the day is pretty good.

Whatever you thought of the results I hope you will join me in thanking those who have contributed so much hard work to get to this point and give a thought (or even a helping hand!) to those who will need to continue the effort in the future.

When I listen to the ‘old’ Members such as Ann Finck, our oldest lady member……….sorry Ann, our First Lady Member, reminiscing about the good old days on Garson 2 and even Garson 1, it all sounds terrific; mud berths, rails tracks down to the river for the Stars and water delivered up from the river in barrels (and other things!), real Club history and in our time will be able to tell the ‘newcomers’ how it was on Folgefonn….but we also now have the opportunity to be part of the next phase of EYC history….could be fun!!!! Xxxx Val

Ballot Results



Dear Members,

Following the General Committee Meeting on Monday 18th August the following amendments and proposals to the Notice of Special General Meeting to be held on 31st August 2008 as issued by the General Committee of Erith Yacht Club, were discussed and Minuted:

RE: SGM 31St August 2008

Proposal 1

The Members of Erith Yacht Club agree that, for this meeting only, due to the importance of the decisions that have to be taken, proxy votes will be accepted.

Following lengthy discussion, the General Committee, although acting in good faith with a view to ensuring all Members who could not be present at the SGM would have a voice in the forthcoming proposals. It has been clarified that EYC Rules do not accommodate a temporary change of Rule as expressed in the Notice of SGM therefore it is proposed that the General Committee withdraw Proposal 1..

Proposed Mick Kemp Seconded Paul Gladden

Proposal 4

The Members of Erith Yacht Club give the Trustees authority to dispose of Folgefonn to the Norwegian Maritime Heritage Society.

On further examination of the five proposals Brian Crickmore proposed an amendment to Proposal 4 be put to the SGM.

Amendment to Proposal 4

To Give the General Committee of EYC permission to dispose of Folgefonn.

Proposed Brian Crickmore Seconded Val Torreggiani

Proposal 5 Therefore a further amendment will be proposed at the SGM, that Proposal 5 be withdrawn

Proposed Brian Crickmore Seconded Paul Gladden

The General Committee therefore have withdrawn Proposal 1 ‘The Members of EYC agree that, for this meeting only, due to the importance of the decisions that have to be taken, proxy votes will be accepted’.

If you have any queries concerning the above notification please contact me immediately. Many thanks, Val.



Please also note a date change from that shown in the Handbook. The Laying-Up/ Prize Giving Supper will be held on Saturday 22nd November not the previous week. Apologies for any inconvenience for those who have booked the original date. Val


Dear Val,

please divulge the following to members:

Our sailing secretary confirmed that we are going ahead with all dinghy sailing events in the programme, plus even three more issues that are not written in the programme (below highlighted in bold).
So please take a note of these dates in your diaries and please start all asking permissions to your partners and families.

Sun 31st Coronation Cup - Stars (immediately after SGM)
Sat 6th EYC Open
Sun 7th EYC Open (in addition first youth to finish wins the Frater cup)
Sun 14th Graham Taylor Trophy
Sun 21st Stars – downriver cruise (in addition there will be a race back for the Kelpie cup)
Sat 27th Upriver cruise to Galleons Reach for dinghies and cruisers

Sunday 5th Stars – downriver cruise

More information on the exact times will follow. Let us finish the year in style.

Is there anybody who wishes to crew and does have a boat? Please, speak up.

All my best

Hendrik Feddersen



Keys and Locks

The replacement locks are now in place. You will need to retain your ship’s key for the winch shed and your old gate key for locks on the ship.

If you haven’t yet been given a Club key please arrange to collect one from Ann Finck.

We do not yet have enough ship’s keys for all Members but they are ordered. Meanwhile there is a key with the diesel key. If you need a ship’s key urgently please collect from Ann.

Thank you all for your patience I am sure you all realize how difficult it is to organize the distribution of keys we are doing our best to get back to normal. Xxx V



Dear Members,

Please note that the new gate lock will be in place from Sunday evening, 17th August 2008.

Currently containers have a lock wihich can be opened with the diesel key held in the shed but it is intended that the container locks will be replaced with the next locks next Sunday, 24th August 2008.

If you do not yet have a new key please contact Ann Finck 01322 331020 to arrange to pick up a new key if you need to get into the club on any days except Thursday evening or Sunday.

Please pass this information to any Club members you know, especially those who may not be on email or be able to see the website.

Many thanks. Xxxx Val

..... and Dear Members for a little light relief, just to remind you that EYC is there for your pleasure and entertainment, a reminder that


is just around the month.

Your jovial Chair of EYC Social Committee, Darren Leigh , has requested that I forward the attached notice for the weekend. I have left it as an attachment as some of you without broadband find such documents can take a while to download. Val

More importantly please read, digest and act upon the following:

Calling all entertainers

ERITH HAS TALENT (apparently!!!)

Despite whatever vote has been taken whilst I have been on my summer pilgrimage to Butlins Bognor our Annual Open Weekend is almost upon us and I am looking for turns.

Can you play an instrument? Sing? Tell jokes? Fold yourself into a ball and whistle

Yankee Doodle Dandy through your ... erm? Well you get the idea.

Please let me know if you are willing to join in on Sat 6th of September and I will put you on the bill.

Don’t all rush now!




TO: All EYC Hands (as expressed by Fred Finck)

KEYS Fred has asked me to point out to Members that KEYS MUST NOT BE LEFT IN CARS WHEN GOING SAILING. I am sure you are all aware now of the problems caused by the loss of keys from Members’ cars.

LOCKS New locks have been obtained and keys are currently being distributed. Ann Finck is doing this as she is in and around the Club more than most, please contact her if you need a key but can’t get to EYC, if necessary we can arrange a pick up point for you. We will notify you when locks are changed.

NEWSLETTER All contributions to the Autumn Newsletter must reach Fred Finck by 30th September. Chairs of Sub-Committees are requested to submit reports for the Newsletter. Commodores Corner is also appreciated!!

COMPUTER SECURITY Recently some members have suffered a computer or hard drive failure resulting in the loss of all data. I have mentioned these problems before in the newsletter and suggested members purchase an external hard drive to backup data, it is your data which is most valuable.

I can write some simple procedures to help users back up. In the meantime please purchase ….

Alan Cooper


Dear Members,

Thanks to the wonderful Alan Cooper my new computer has now been rebuilt, apparently even the best of us have ‘glitches’ so I have been without a computer for the last week. There are a number of items to communicate to you, if you have a friend who is not on email perhaps you could pass on the information to them too.


Unfortunately four young men broke into EYC last Wednesday, this has resulted in the need to change locks and keys. On a temporary basis please note the following: 1. A key for the diesel and the outboard container can be found together with a new (blue) diesel book. This is in the usual place.

2. The barrier key is as usual.

3. The Club gate Ingersoll lock may be in place, if it is then your usual key will be Ok. At other times you may find a combination lock, the number for this is 3330 – please ensure you set this when you leave the Club and obviously spin the numbers.

4. The ship’s key can be obtained from Ron Dott, Ann Finck, Jean Crompton, Paul Gladden, Val Torreggiani and there are plans to leave a key with the diesel keys.

These are temp. measures. Please await further developments. I will inform you asap we have decided which security measure we will employ and when new keys are available for Members.

If you are leaving your vehicle at EYC whilst sailing, please avoid leaving any keys in your car!


You will shortly be receiving notice of SGM concerning the acceptance of the Development Agreement. Further information and proxy form will be enclosed. The meeting will be held on 31st August 2008 at 11am

Dinghy Shed

Very little of real value was lost from the tool cage section in the recent break in. Mostly nuisance value. However the tool cage was left open as usual. Can I urge members to close the padlock, and most importantly spin the tumblers after closing it, when they leave unless they are sure someone else is going to do it after them. It would even be sensible to spin the tumblers when it is opened so that the code number is not on view.

I know that it is not high security but at least it may put off the casual thief. Peter Minch


I have been asked about the Minutes taken at the meeting with the Solicitor on Tuesday 22nd July. Adrian gave me his notes today and I will try and get these typed during the next couple of days. The Solicitor has asked that he checks these before publishing them, if this creates much delay I will send out DRAFT minutes which may well be amended once the Solicitor has checked them.

Xxx Val

Dear Members,

Please note that there will be a discussion meeting together with our Solicitor and possibly the Borough Solicitor on Tuesday, 22nd July at 20.00hours on Clubship Folgefonn.

You should have received your documentation by now, if you have not received anything by Wednesday morning please contact Ann Finck.

If at all possible it would be very useful if you could send any questions to the Committee before the meeting in order that if further information needs to be sought this will give the Solicitor, Project Committee Members and General Committee Members the opportunity to answer your question as fully and accurately as possible. This does not, of course, mean that questions cannot be asked on the evening, the asking of questions is the whole purpose of the evening.

Many thanks, Val

(I wonder if you would also take a minute to read the email below sent by Harry Carpenter re: the Breast Cancer website, I have just done as asked and it took 10 seconds!!)


From: harry carpenter

Subject: Fw: 1 minute for breast cancer - Please do this!!!! It doesn't cost you ...

I have favour to ask, it only takes a minute....! The Breast Cancer site is
having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their
quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged
woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on
'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle).
This doesn't cost you a thing. >> Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.>





If you can possibly spare a few hours to help the environment please note the following dates:

Wednesday 27th February 2008 from 10 am

Saturday 1st March 2008 from 10 am

Any volunteers very welcome. Breakfast will be served on the Clubship (drinks and croissant!!)

(Please be quite clear that your help would be purely voluntary and has absolutely nothing to do with any conditions required for the EYC Project; just to help the marsh, the river and the pleasure of a rubbish free environment

xxxx Val (Hon Sec) )



Just to remind you all that Work Sunday approaches - Sunday 3rd February. Paul and the Project Group will be on station after lunch to give the usual update concerning the Project. Questions are gratefully received. The Project Group are anxious that you ask as many questions as you need. Ideas are also very much welcomed. Please try to be there. xxxx Val

Please ensure your fees are paid by 31st January at the very latest (or on Work Sunday 3rd February if that is more convenient) to ensure you receive details of the AGM in time and do not forfeit your eligibility to vote.

xxx Val



Hi Members,

Just to encourage you all to rush out and get involved, following the Gen. Committee meeting tonight it was agreed that Members who wished to take part in the training sent to you yesterday would have their fees of £44 paid by the Club. Alan Cooper has already volunteered, so you won't be alone!! Please contact Hendrick for further details. xxx Val





Regional Race Officer Course

A Regional Race Officer Course will be held at Herne Bay Sailing Club over the weekend of the 26-27/01/08. Martin Bedford and David Arnold who are both very experienced International Race Officers are instructing the course. The course covers two days and runs from 10.00 to dinner on Saturday and from 10.00 to 15.30-16.00 on Sunday. No previous race officer experience is required to participate to the course. Cost is £44 per person and includes tea/coffee/lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

I recommend participation to this course to anybody involved in dinghy or cruiser sail racing (including rescue boat people): The presenters are very friendly and funny. The course cost is limited. This year's location Herne Bay is not too far away. On the final day there will be a short examination and people passing the exam become qualified Club Race Officer Plus, like myself. The course is a real eye opener for anybody interested in serious sail racing.

Regional Race Management Conference

On 1/03/08 the Regional Race Management Conference will take place in Soreign Harbour Yacht Club in Eastbourne Harbour. Martin Bedford and David Arnold are instructing the conference. Participation to a regional or national race officer conference is a requirement for all RRO/NRO in order to renew their qualification. Conference will start at 9.30 and finish at 15.30. Participation is open also to non-qualified Race Officers. Cost is £20 per person and includes tea/coffee/lunch.

It would be nice if Erith Yacht Club had one or more representatives to each of the two events.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the above events or if you require more information. Alternatively you can also e-mail directly.


Hendrik Feddersen




Dear Members,

Please note below a number of IMPORTANT messages from your lovely Hon. Sec.!!

1. A very happy, healthy and prosperous 2008 to you all!

2. WORK SUNDAY is on 6th January 2008, looking forward to seeing you all.

Please remember that the Project Team will update and answer questions concerning the Project at lunchtime.

2. Fees - Thanks to all those who have been so prompt (1st January is the date but there is a LITTLE leeway!) and accurate with their fees, best year ever, so far!

3. Gift Aid - thank you so much for joining the scheme, almost all Members have done this, I will let you know how much we receive from the Inland
Revenue in the next few weeks when I have made the return for 2007. Please join if you haven't, forms from the Hon. Sec. (If you do not wish to join Gift Aid, Contingency Fund is a requirement)

4. Tool Fund - Peter Minch is waiting eagerly for your contributions, he will be available on Sunday in the shed.

5. Burn's Night 19th January 2008 - Haggis ordered from the Gold Medal
winner from Dingwall on the Black Isle and other delights.

Chef Iain Cameron Buckland in the Galley.

Get your tickets from the bar on Sunday - (£6.50 and £3.00 for children I think - proper notice to follow)

6. SNOW - you may miss this so I will send this out separately too - Ann will not open the bar on Thursday evenings if there is a heavy snowfall or conditions are icy.