Adventures of Tingle Grommet

Guy Topinlift came ashore after a race in a state of panic. It seems that he took Tingle out racing in his go very fast 7 metre Tarantular FrogSpawn when in lengthy reach he was just crossing the fairway where upon he was confronted by a big ship blowing his hooter. 'How many times did he blow it?' said Lord Curmudgeon-Shed Dweller.

'Oh lots' said Tingle and She nervously shook in her Dubary Boots. 'It wasn't lots said Guy but about five times.

Old Lord Curmudgeon (who sailed with Nelson when he was a boy) said 'If the vessel blew 5 blasts then he was telling that you were not taking the right action to avoid a collision'

Guy Topinlift said 'I don't think he was telling us that, although there was a man on the bridge in a white cap with very red cheeks waving at us' 'He wasn't waving he was shaking his fist at us' mouthed Tingle

Tingle whispered quietly that She told Guy that he should not cross in front of ships but Guy ignored her but simply said that the first four blasts were warning ships that he was about to turn right around to face down river the other way and the fifth blast was to tell shipping that he intended to turn to starboard!

Tingle knew she was right as the ship sounded five rapid blasts (THE WAKE UP SIGNAL) and not four short blasts followed by one short blast which would have make Guy Topinlift's assessment correct. (Rule 34)

At her Day Skipper Course and the EYC Thursday evening talks Tingle learned the sound signals by heart and she resolved never to let Guy any nearer to her heart or any where else.

Lord Curmudgeon's Tip
'Good seamen and seawomen make bold alterations in course in plenty of time so that other vessels know your intentions. Rule 8.'

'Flashy Fid the Fast' says:-
Show him your boat's side and he will know where you intend to go.