Adventures of Tingle Grommet - Tingle explains the rise in Club fees

Old Lord Curmudgeon was pacing up and down outside the shed door, cursing the General Committee.

"What's the matter Curmudg" said Tingle, sweetly
"Bally Committee are trying to make me 'swallow the Anchor' and "pack up sailing altogether"

"What do you mean?" said Tingle cautiously and sweetly.

"They have put up the mooring fees and I fear that I will have to get rid of my yacht".

His Lordship's boat, "Nailsyck II" an Arrison-Fford 9 tonner, was built in wrought iron simulated clinker, every member said that they admired the design because it was one of the last Admiralty sailing pinnaces built at the old Woolwich Dockyard and was only good for the scrap heap!.

"They have done it on purpose to get rid of me" said Curmudgeon.
"I don't think you are right" said Tingle, giggling.
Tingle knew better as I am sure that you all do.
She has a best friend, Lady de Burrd-Geezer who's uncle is on the Committee who knew that the prices have gone up because of the PLA trying to run the river on a more commercial basis with realistic prices and in fact the Hon. Treasurer has wisely decided not to pass on all of the increase to the members!!
"Thank you very much" said Curmudgeon, I still can't afford it though, I am down to my last groat, I might even have to sell my castle. "I say Tingle, would you like to come down below on Nailesyck and see some fine riveting and have a cup of tea and toasted crumpets" He said.
"Ere ere no thanks" said Tingle "perhaps some other time"
Tingle got away as fast as her shapely legs would carry her!