BRASS MONKEY 2 - Saturday 22 February

Despite the weather and rain, I am hopeful of a break in the storms for us to run the race.  We had a good laugh the last time so come along. Details below:

Briefing time - 1pm

Race start - 2pm (hope to do 2 races)

Don't be late for the briefing.

Also, I would be grateful for a race officer & assistant, and a fully qualified safety boat driver.  Let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hope to see you on the water....


Christmas Panto


This years Panto, Goldilocks and the Enchanted Forest, complete with the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Piggies, is now available in a very limited distribution on the EYC website.

Simply Log In, click on the Members Area, then on Video Links, where you will find "Panto 2013".

For a limited period you can simply click on  PANTO

Tip- to view Full Screen, click the top right hand corner.

Just a quick note to remind members that they should tie their boats down this winter. 

By doing so you are protecting your own boat and preventing damage to it and others from boats blowing over.  If you have not been down for a while, please check them ASAP as more high winds are forecast.  Check your insurance too...many insist on boats being tied down.

Latest news for the members

Log on to the Members Section to see all the latest news from the Commodore, House and Fill, and the Treasurer!

The Last (really!) Dinghy Cup Races of the Season

Due to the weather on the last attempt I am giving it another go - the day of the Club Laying-Up Supper and Prize Giving.  Details below, and a request for volunteers to help - please!
Graham Taylor Single-hander cup - for single-handed dinghy racing (even if it is meant to be a two-man boat)
Bryan Waite Cup - open to all dinghies
The final dinghy race of the season is on the cards.  The details are below.  It would be great if you can come along and compete for these two trophies.  We plan to be running them either as one race or as two back-to-back, depending on time and personnel resources to run the races. We may give you some time to swap boats from single to double handers but that depends on prepared to stay in the same boat if you plan to race both Cups.
DATE: Saturday 16 November
TIME: Briefing at 9am - early but lets us have 2 hours to get two races in and possibly some free sail time too.
RACE: Start at 10am, second race about 11am (hopefully on the water start but depends on volunteer numbers and availability of a boat).
COURSE: to be decided on the day.
TIDE: High Water is 1215 (EYC/GMT time)
For this to work I really need some help from people who do not plan or wish to go racing.  The roles I am looking for cover on are:
Race Officer & Assistant
Safety Skipper x 2
Safety Crew x 2 - great experience if you want to do your PB Level 2 or Safety qualification on 23 & 24 November or 7 & 8 November



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