Welcome to Erith Yacht club.


If you are new to sailing Yachts this is the place to start. We are a friendly club run totally by volunteers.

Would you like to have a go on a yacht with the intention of becoming a member. You do not need any experience or special equipment. We will be able to give you a go on one of our yachts with a skipper who will be happy to take you out for a sail.

Please contact

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I am the cruiser captain for EYC and its my job to help more people to go sailing Please email me with any questions you may have.                                                                     






Cassie & Fairtrade at EYC finish

 For upcoming sailing events please see the Sailing  program.

 More details about the Yacht sailing events will be  shown  here.

 If you are looking to buy or sell a yacht, look here                 Yachts for sale.








Updates on next "Cruiser Event" at EYC


 If you a club member and have a sail planed and want crew or other boats to join you please email me!!

and I will post it here.


Club night Thursday including Diamond series. Bar opens at 20.00 come and support your club.

Next diamond race 16th June 19.00

 Next Sundowner 1st July. Sailing from 1800  Bar open till late


 Foot Mitchell Race series.

This is a 4 race regatta run on Sundays and open to all EYC boats.

Dates are:- 10th and 24th July 7th and 14th August.   


Thurrock Yacht club open day August 6th

For those of you that came last year you will remember that a very good night was had by all. For those of you that can't remember, you had a very very good night.

More details to follow.



Cruise to Limehouse Marina

18 / 19 June 2016 Details on departure time to follow.

8 boats booked to come. Sorry no more space. Limehouse have asked for a deposit which I will pay. Please let me have £25 per boat when you see me next.

 I have good news that the price per meter will be £3.35

Cruiser trip Limehouse marina 18 / 19 June

Most of the boats left around 10.00 on an overcast Saturday morning with the wind in the north east there was a fair bit of tacking up the river. All the boats met up just before the Woolwich ferry and fell in to line to go through Foxtrot. Once though the barrier the water began to get choppier and when we arrived at Limehouse it was positively rough with the waves bouncing of the walls.

  Once entering the lock things began to calm down and with the first 4 boats in the others had to wait a bit longer. The first 4 boats were told to moor up in the furthest corner of the marina in a v shaped pontoon. After the first boat moored up it became easy to help all the others fit into a small space.

After the fun of tying all the boats up to my surprise bottles of G&T beer and wine appeared from all directions and a social afternoon was had by all. We were hoping to go into the CA for dinner but they had another large group in so could not cater for all of us, so we ended up eating in different places. After dinner and another small drink we all had a very peaceful night.

The next morning was sunny and warm we locked out 12.30 and 13.30 and sailed or motored back to the club.     

 May bank holiday long weekend. 

Saturday 28th. The tides are not good for getting down to Chatham and they are fully booked so need to new plan. Low water Southend 11.20 Need to start early or stop on the way down. Let me know and I will post it here.

I will be sailing down to either West Thurrock or Gravesend on Friday evening leaving the club at about 18.00 and staying the night. Then setting out for the Medway at about 0830 on Saturday morning. coming back on Sunday or Monday staring at about 12.00


LRTT Gravesend sailing club Saturday 14 May

LRTT Thurrock Yacht club Sunday 15 May

 Sail to Stangate creek 

Sunday 30 April till 1 May 

Leaving at 1000 Arrive back at EYC 1600




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