RYA Level 2 - Basic Skills Course

Aimed at sailors who have previous sailing experience, our Level 2 course is the perfect way to develop your sailing skills, teaching you to rig and prepare your own boat, launch and get underway whilst performing tacks and gybes. The theory of the Five Essentials will also be applied throughout the course. 

Held over the weekend, sailors may wish to continue their training using the same boats as in their Level 1 or may wish to progress to a keel boat if they would like to move onto yacht sailing. Qualified Level 2 club members are able to skipper their own dinghy when taking part in a recreational sailing, cruising or racing event!

Course Dates

13th & 14th April     27th and 28th April

25th and 26th May    22nd and 23rd June

27th and 28th July    24th and 25th August

21st and 22nd September    19th and 20th October

Course Costs


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