Sundowner - Friday 22nd June - 6pm

This Friday, the next Sundowner is taking place from 6pm.  Come on down and rig a boat to enjoy a much needed after work and end of the week sail!  Food is available after sailing!

The last BM race is taking place on Sun 12th March.
As this is the last race, there will be a prize giving awards with spot prizes for everyone and tea and cakes!
If you have not yet been out for a sail in 2017, this is the perfect time to get out on the water!
Supporting your club and the volunteers who make the racing happen is the best way to get the most out of EYC and your membership fees!
Hope to see you all on the water!
EYC Prize Giving, 19 November 2016

Congratulations to all those who won trophies over this year in their cruisers and dinghies.


We should also remember those who have given up their time to support the sailing events at the Club: getting fuel, helping with launch/cover dinghies, providing safety cover, and spending time as race officers.  The members who work in the bar and galley are also thanked for the time they give.

The London Nautical School supported the Club this year.  They joined in with the Brass Monkey series, general sailing events and the youth cup in November.  Hopefully this relationship will continue to develop as it will help the kids gain experience on tidal waters and boost their confidence, as well as give our own kids some conpetition.

Trophy winners (in no order):
Trophy Name Winner
Brass Monkey (series) James Vick (Laser)
Bryan Waite James Vick (Laser)
Piper Cup Ed Sumner & Paul Gately (Laser 2000)
Saunders (Lady Helm) Jan Thomas (Laser 2000)
Kelpie Phil Richardson (Laser)
Graham Taylor (Single handed) Phil Richardson (Laser)
Frater Cup (Youth) Megan Gately (Laser)
Ron Aslet (Improved Youth) George Lewington

Open Weekend

Sunday’s trophies had been given out on the day
Mixed Fleet (Saturday) 3rd - Rosie (Laser)
2nd - Angus Gunn & Thabit (Dart 16)
1st - William Wilding (Laser)
Safety boat trophy Colin Golding
London Bridge trophy (1st EYC boat in Gravesham) Sara Taylor (Bolero)
Bill Smart (Ovens) Alan Thomas (Valencia)
Foote Mitchell (series) John Edmonds (Ruby)
Wheeled Keel Julian Smith (Marlin) – aground at the start of the Trafalgar Race, second day.

A new trophy was instigated by the Michael Robinson Sailing Trust Trustees in the name of Mary Robinson. This trophy is awarded to the youth member who has done the most to support the Club’s aims and self-help attitude, whether this through JYS, training or helping out at other sailing events.  The trophy is a spectacular silver model of Hamble Star 113, the last one owned by Robbie (Michael Robinson), mounted on a wooden base.  Robbie had been an important instigator and supporter of youth sailing at EYC using the Hamble Star as the training boat – both at Erith and also on trips in the inland seas of Holland.

This year three youth members were nominated and the overall winner was Rosie Arrowsmith.  Congratulations Rosie, you have done a lot to help us out this year and it has been much appreciated.  Similarly, the runners up have done much to support us and they deserved the nominations: well done Megan Gately and Angus Gunn.

Brass Monkey, Sunday 15 January 2017

It started wet and cold with poor visibility and very light winds.  So, why would anyone want to emerge from the under the duvet to be at EYC to rig a boat, change into some kit and then race for 2 hours?  I can tell you why...

Firstly, there was bacon rolls from the galley to spur you on and give you a second breakfast :-)  Then, we all have enough suitable kit to get appropriately dressed, so no excuse really!!  And finally, we owe it to all those who give up their free time to organise the racing in advance and then run it on the day.  And the bonsus afterwards was hot soup and bread to warm you up.

The light winds were variable, starting off south/southwest and then becoming southwest/westerly before backing again.  Still, it made for an interesting race with 16 boats on the water - lots of shouting on the start line as nearly everyone went for line bias rather than clear water and air.  The race across the river reminded everyone why they needed to pay attention to the tide.  Most boats got stuck in the incoming tide, although a few old-timers sailed down wind past the moorings and then went across. It was pretty cold and miserable but we all stuck it out for a second race.  Both races were close-run, especially for the lasers and the asymmetric/symmetric spinnaker debate can continue as the course favoured one and then the other.

Thank you to Paul and Sarah for being our bedraggled race officers, and to Ed, Colin, Aaron and their crews for providing safety cover.  Also, a bog thank you to Thabit's mum for the soup afterwards and to Paul G for the bacon rolls before. 

Results will be delayed as they need to retrieved and processed!  A small selection of photos are on the Club Facebook page for people to see what we did and what others missed.

NEXT RACE: Sunday 29 January: Briefing at 10am and Race start at 11am, so get there for 9ish and get your boat rigged in time.

Third Annual Thames Trafalgar Race – 3 & 4 October 2015

What a weekend.... Not just a challenge for the racers but also for the race organisers.

For some of the boats, the weekend started on Friday when they joined others at St. Kats, but for others it was a case of getting up early on Saturday to beat the tide to Greenwich YC.  It was a beautiful journey up with the moon and stars shining, fighting the light pollution along the Thames.  This was a contrast to the weather at 7am when the mist descended and the wind remained very light to non-existent.

After a delayed start to give the yachts trapped at St. Kats a chance to get to the start line, Class A was off.  Using the tide and what little wind there was we were off.  Passing the barrier, which loomed through the mist, we arrived off Woolwich slightly disorientated as familiar landmarks were not visible.

The larger yachts with their higher rigs captured what little breeze there was and soon vanished in the mist while the rest of us drifted long keeping out the way of the dredger that passed us along Barking Reach.  The race became one of looking for the strongest part of the ebb tide as well as the pockets of wind.

By the time Class A passed Erith YC on its way to the shortened course mark at Stoneness, spinnakers were hoisted but hung limply for a long while until finally the mist cleared, the sun appeared and we could do some proper sailing – hurrah!

The Trafalgar Night Dinner was an excellent evening event.  130 people enjoyed a good meal and an entertaining Trafalgar Address from Richard Keene, a previous Commodore of the Little Ship Club.  With the meal finished the second half of the rugby was watched…but let’s drop a veil over that episode.

Sunday morning proved to be a beautiful day…the sun shone strongly, the boats looked elegant as their reflections were mirrored in the river, but sadly there was no wind. 

Class A set off at 1130 and promptly sail/drifted down to Stoneness again and in 2.5 hrs arrived back off Erith YC and continued on to the finish at Blackwall Reach.  The wind began to pick up at Erith and then dropped but picked up again Barking Reach where we had to skirt the back-eddy into Gallions Reach.  The finish was a mixture of happy achievement and sheer relief for having finally finished.

Thanks must go to the Race Organisers from Erith Yacht Club and Little Ship Club, who have spent the last year planning and liaising with the PLA.  The Race Officers and supporting volunteers on and off the water did a remarkable job keeping everything going and working well.  I believe that the planning will be starting for next year’s race!!!!

Photos will be found on the EYC Facebook Page.... You will get an sense of the conditions we had!!!

Prize-giving will be this Friday at the Little Ship Club, so be there to find out whether you won a trophy or not, or just meet up with friends new and old to reminisce over the race.


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