THE STAR. Number 18

March 2003.

First I must make an apology for the delay in sending out our, " gossip " sheet there is not a feasible excuse I can use so please just accept the apology.

It is a delight to be able start this years report off with GOOD news, that being we are now up to 11 Stars in a sailing situation, ALL have a new launch trolley, compliments of Mary Robinson all have a good boat cover albeit some are still waiting on being prepared and returned to Sara who will refurbish if necessary, Sara also has a supply of fixing straps to fit to the covers BUT please don't expect her to dry, clean and remove them from your boat... most of the Stars have been recaulked, or waiting for recaulking with the new sixaflex which we have proved will keep most of the Thames OUT of the boat where it should be, the purest amongst us will be disappointed at not having to bail at all times but as the average of the current Star owners is a little above 21 I am sure we can get used to being a bit dry. ! !

Boat-by-Boat report is also a pleasure this year the STAR that came from Mary Field; Star 54 must take first prize for condition. Nigel Field and Bob Saunders (with a bit of help from others) have totally re-timbered, recaulked, refitted most of the fittings with brass rebuilt the weak spots and to date put on 10 coats of varnish, even the bottom boards have been renewed, all that is missing now are new sweeps... we have lots of very favourable comment, s from members who see the boat, they had no Idea what a Star in this refurbished condition looked like, we all wait with baited breath for the launching in a couple of weeks time. Can't wait for Mary to see her Pegasus, Star 54 I am sure she will be delighted.

Stars 29, Val and lain, 84,Dennis King, 112 Joe Simms have all been given a new lease of life and looking very smart, my Star 106 has also been given a lick of varnish and recaulked, Star 98 awaits final caulking and some repair, Rachel Sheridan is biting at the bit to get this back in the water. Our two new members Guy Bates 97 and Robert Wiltshire 57 have get their Stars either watertight or in the shed waiting on caulking, The Younger members Emma Crompton leading her team have sailed Stars for the last two weeks so we have gotten off to an early start this year. Richard Banner and Peter Minch of course just wait till the conditions re right although Peter has been sailing his Star 100 regularly last year so things are looking good. DON'T FORGET we are hoping to launch ALL the Stars on Sunday 6th April (or Saturday 5th if it is easier) high water at Erith is16oohrs which should make recovery a lot easier and give us lots of time to gill around off the club ship or depending on the wind have a short cruise. Our Star Captain Bob will no doubt make this decision on the day. Alan Cooper has agreed to come along in the" away "

Rescue boat, Peter Dornan has yet to be bribed to come along as official rescue boat so if you see him in the bar please work on him. I understand other boats will also be gilling around with us so heres hoping we do get ALL the Stars in the water - if you can’t make it then will you consider arranging for some other reliable member to shake the boat out for you? DON'T FORGET SUNDAY 6th April 2003 get to the club as early as possible and get you boat launched...


All the boats are insured, I have advised the Club Secretary of the Account and insurer, there is no need for you to advise anyone. If you need any equipment please let me know as soon as possible, Bob Saunders is holding all the Sixaflex, he will tell me when it is running short so we can order more. We have a new supply of nails., roves warps and the like, I will be supplying Varnish as soon as the requests come in if we are to get the boats completed by the 6th please let us know as soon as possible--- you may of course shake your Star out BEFORE this date, The cadets are very keen to try them out for you, Emma Crompton, Dawn Snape and crews have already taken out and checked 106 and 112 please don't leave it till the last day before you launch when we have to run around looking for missing gear, see Emma Dawn, or Gareth if you would like your boat sail tested...

The new 2003 sailing programme is soon to be published giving us some dates for the coming season - one date we are waiting on is the dedication in Hamble Church of the window which depicts Stars, I have received a message from the Church organist who hopes to see some of us there, as you know we hope to take 54-Pegasus to this service`and she will be rigged inside the church. This lady tells me she thinks the service is sometime in May, I will let you have details as soon as I have confirmation.

We have received an enquiry from someone who has found a Star for sale in

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