November 2012

Dear star stewards and friends,

November has seen most of the sailing finish apart from the hardy few.
It has also given us a chance to get to grips with handling Malcolm S as a mother boat.

A session was held 18th whereby 4 – 5 of us were put through our paces by Sid and Dave.

We also held another session last Sunday whereby we only had one taker who did remarkably well considering the wind and tide conditions, so if anyone would like to practice boat handling with Malcolm S please could you contact me if you want to have a go at the weekends or Sid for during the week as I am not around. Only go out if you feel competent to handle all situations as it’s unlikely that a rescue/safety boat will be running to come and rescue you.

Please let me know the situation regarding fuel if you do use Malcolm S as we operate a full tank policy whereby the tanks will be topped up ready for the next outing. Bit annoying if I am not told and the tanks are empty next time we come to use it. Trips could be cancelled at the last minute if we do not have an escort boat due to lack of fuel.

Please remember that the boat must come out the water after each trip and the engines washed through with clean water. Damage to the engines will occur if this doesn’t happen.

For those of you who have read the recent EYC newsletter there is a trip organised for the Saturday 22nd December down to the pub at Greenhithe for Christmas lunch.
Please see club newsletter for details

If you would like to come but feel you do not want to sail but want to travel by boat please let me know by Sunday 16th December as I will then take Malcolm S instead of sailing my Star 113. Malcolm S can take up to 8 + 2 crew so it will be first come first served.

Please email Ed at EYC training to let him know you will be coming as he needs to know numbers for safety reasons, especially if you want to sail your star. Remember it will be cold so please dress appropriately.

Happy Sailing



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